Demolition Inc.

Demolition Inc. is somewhat of a favorite of mine at the moment. Its blend of excellent graphics, simple addictive gameplay, and most importantly, blowing things up, makes for a fantastic mobile game. The only downer for many was it's reliance on a Tegra processor, meaning only a select few could enjoy it. Not so anymore, as the developers, Zeroscale Games, have released a version in the Google Play Store that is fully optimized for non-Tegra devices. Originally we'd heard it was due on April 26, but this is definitely a case of better late than never. 

The blowing things up aspect of the game is made ever better by a truly impressive physics engine. The developers say that nothing is pre-determined, and nothing is pre-animated. The actions taken by the player truly determine the chain of events. 

There is a kind of story behind all the destruction though. You play as Mike an alien demolition worker, who flies a UFO all over Earth causing destruction and havoc wherever he goes. Using various different 'tools' such as oil slicks, super glue, and even exploding cows, Mike guides the traffic into doing his bidding and causing the series of high-rise buildings to collapse.

It's a great game, and can only be helped by now becoming available to a wider audience. Demolition Inc. HD is available now for a price of $1.99/£1.59. The THD Tegra optimized version is available at the same price. You'll also find the trailer for the game after the break.

via Droid Gamers

Download Demolition Inc. HD 

Download Demolition Inc. THD


Reader comments

Demolition Inc. escapes the Tegrazone and is available for non-Tegra devices


that's what I'm wondering.. is the THD version noticeably better so I would want it on my Xoom and then need to buy the HD version for my EVO4GLTE? or will I be able to dl both if I buy one?

You will have to buy both. It happened to me. I purchased the first one because it said it was compatible with my Touchpad. It wasn't. It has never worked with my touchpad. It was too late to refund by the time I actually saw that it was crashing so I couldn't return it. I asked the developer if they would refund that game so I could buy the non tegra and they told me that no they wouldn't switch it for me and that I need to buy the game a second time. There is not a game they make that I would buy now.

since my post I noticed that on Google play for the THD version it says under what's new, "Added support for HTC One X".. (and that doesn't show up on the HD version) which in theory means it should work on the EVO LTE.. if so, I could buy one version, the better version (THD) with the extra levels, etc.
I sent the author an email to check first though...