Dell Streak using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard

In another display of Android awesomeness, the Dell Streak shows off it's skills by using a full size Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  Not just any keyboard and mouse though, this time around we're seeing it drive an Apple wireless keyboard and a Magic Mouse.  I'll bet someone in Cupertino isn't very happy about this, but here at Android Central we're loving it.

Even better, it's doing this out of the box -- no hacking or wizardry needed.  Combine with the Streak's 5-inch screen with a real keyboard and mouse and it looks like a tiny little desktop computer.  Should be awfully nice to reply to all your e-mail with this rig though.  Check out the rest of the pics and see a video in action after the break. [Streak Smart via [Engadget]


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The Dell Streak shows off its bluetooth support in style


I understand that some like them, but I think apple makes ugly products. And to see them next to such a beautiful phone is an insult. IMO. :-)

Why wouldn't the Apple drones be happy about this? As if they even recognize a shiny mobile device that isn't an iPhone anyway. They are still selling you the keyboard and mouse, Apple hasn't (yet) worked in an exclusive EULA saying you can only form words and sentences with the keyboard when used with an official Apple OS...