Dell Streak

Finally, The Dell Streak has been unleashed to those who had the foresight to register for pre-order.  For those who didn't pre-order, well y'all have to wait until Friday August 13 -- tomorrow. The Streak is $299.99 on a two year AT&T contract, $549.99 when bought outright.  Oddly, even the off contract phones will not be carrier unlocked -- but that's something a few dollars more can fix for you. 

Enough listening to me prattle on, head over and order your Streak, and be sure to tell us your impressions in the forums!


Reader comments

Dell Streak now available (if you pre-ordered)


What do you mean a few dollars more to unlock it?? I thought th $599 was already the "few dollars" to have it unlocked.

I just ordered the $299 option. Didn't make sense to pay $549 for it when it's locked to at&t anyway. Also I have used unlocked phones with at&t for the past four years and i'm happy with them so far. I kept my rate plan the same, unlimited data. I got the ear piece, leather pouch, car dock. Was gonna get next day delivery but the rep explained that it is " business day" shipping and streaks wont ship til tomorrow. No weekend del. Anyway I can't wait to hook my slingbox up to this thing. I plan on rooting also. Anyone in the Los Angeles area interested in buying a white experia X10i let me know. Fyi, X10i is the international version. Edge with at&t and 3g t-mo. Very nice phone but I want to go bigger.

Wow, Just noticed that.. 550 and it's still carrier locked?
What's up with that? 550 isn't enough? Little greedy don't you think Dell?