It's time for all you carrier-locked Dell Streak owners to celebrate -- you're getting Froyo. As was announced on the Dell community blogs today, you all should start seeing Froyo on your next reboot if you are using either Rogers or AT&T. Once alerted, you can simply follow the on-screen instructions and you will be well on your way to some Froyo goodness. Rather interesting what Dell chose as highlights of the update:

  • Flash support: Sure, down the road, HTML 5 will play a heavier role in mobile browsing, but the fact is that many sites on the web still use Flash.
  •  Twitter: Simply put, the recently-updated version 2.0 of the native Twitter client rocks.
  • Skype: Video calling may not be an option yet, but if you use the app on your desktop or notebook it's a no-brainer to use it on Android. Plus, it's a useful option for cost-effective global calls. 
  • All kinds of browser options: Dolphin HD is great if you like to browse with several tabs open. Skyfire 3.2 is a great option if you like to share a lot of content. Mozilla's Firefox for Android which is in beta now also look to be a promising option. Most of these higher-end browser options require Android 2.0 or later.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and give your device a reboot to see if it's ready for you. You can check out the source link for further details and instructions of you need to. [Dell] Thanks, Brodie!


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Dell now rolling out Froyo to AT&T and Rogers Streak devices


I dont see why video calling doesnt work. I had a Razr V3x on the Three network in the UK in about 2006 and I could video call.

I guess its about that time that everyone Drops Froyo. It's like an Avalanche.


WHY! Is there a Windows Phone 7 AD pop up when I come to the SITE!. Please FIX THAT. thanks.

Well, that took long enough. Since Dell has had Froyo ready for a while, all the blame...all 100% of it, is on at&t for this debacle.

I can't believe ATT took this long to release. All other carriers of the Streak have had Froyo for a while. In fact, most of us Streak owners just used alternative methods and DJ_Steve to upgrade to Froyo a long time ago. Who needs ATT when you have DJ_Steve?

everything you said made sense except for

Twitter: Simply put, the recently-updated version 2.0 of the native Twitter client rocks.

then i lost respect and forgot what you were writing about

I don't think it was the carrier only here. Dell Canada has been selling no contract (but locked to Rogers) Streaks with 1.6 until now. Now they should be smart and sell it unlocked to any carrier. If Apple Canada does it why not Dell?