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Sometimes a video is just the best way to explain exactly what you can be looking forward to when purchasing a new game. That is exactly the case with Hero Princess, a fast-paced game in which you continually fight off a rather large collection of potential intruders in attempts to keep the castle safe. There are tons and tons of extra powers, and abilities that can be unlocked and used, and the graphics are nothing short of spectacular.

Hero Princess is only available in the Amazon Market currently, so that means most AT&T users, and International users are left out on this one, but if you have the ability to purchase this game, it is 99 cents well spent.

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Reader comments

Defend the castle from invasion with Hero Princess


he's not cheap. like me, he just spends his money at the google market.

I only download the free app from amazon now and then as well.

Bought it. Thanks a lot Android Central for taking away more of my free time and spending more of my money!

It is a fun game. Needs OpenFeint support though.

I thought it looked like an old atari game. There is another one that is opposite where the bombs are dropped down and you have to catch them. Two similar games just one goes up the other down.