Android Market 10 billion promotion

Two days left, folks, in what's become Google's 10 days of top premium apps for 90 percent off. Here are the apps that are discounted on the penultimate day:

One more round to go, folks!

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Day 9 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration


It really is disappointing to see 8 games, 1 application and a repeat is all that makes up this list.

That makes 23 non-game apps out of 90 (4 of which are wallpapers). I guess Google has decided that "smart" phones are really just "game" phones...

I agree that it's disappointing to see mostly games and not alot of productivity apps but it makes sense from Google's point of view. A vast majority of market downloads are games so giving games for ten cents makes business sense.

I know its a long shot but i was hoping LogMeIn Ignition would be a ten cent app.

lol... why did someone mark the above comment as spam? i agree, it is disappointing that there were not more productivity apps available for this promotion. however, f111nghthawk make perfectly valid points. the studies show that games are the most popular downloads, which could arguably infer that the majority of people are interested in games.

another point is that just a year ago, one of the bigger knocks on android was the lack of quality games. now we have several, makes sense to promote them.

I agree. I kept thinking one of the days would be a big blow out of productivity apps but it doesnt look like thats going to happen. The promo is still a great promo even if the apps haven't suited my tastes.

Agreed, though for the first time in this promotion there are actually a couple of games I'd consider buying for $0.10: Deer Hunter 3D and Icebreaker Hockey. All previous games in the promotion have been of absolutely no interest to me.

I also agree. How dare Google give away stuff for 10 cents that isn't exactly what you wanted. HOW DARE THEY!!

Some people are just going to complain no matter what.

Google: We're slashing the price of 10 different apps for 10 straight days to the point where the apps are so cheap they're basically free!

THUNDERBOLTinmypocket: What a disappointment! You didn't choose the apps I wanted!!!

I guess they should have just not made any apps discounted so then you wouldn't have been so upset at them.

It's funny that when I downloaded and installed the ezPDF Reader it starts up and there's a folder/pdf document that says thanks for installing the free ezPDF reader. So did I just "pay" for a "free" app? lol

I believe that is for the free PDF conversion software that you can download after purchasing the app. When you open it there is a link that you can press that will open up the web browser, you then have to answer a few questions and then it will try and save to you SD Card. I decided not to download.

Can someone help me please. I want to buy and take advantage of these deals but I don't have an android device. Hopefully I'll be getting my prime next week but I want to take advantage of these prices. Is there a way I can buy these with out an android device? Thank you

Other than SwiftkeyX all of these at least should be free apps. Like Zenonia when Zenonia 3 is free.

The banner on the market page hasn't been updating until around 10:30 EST during this entire launch. 3 days would be Tuesday (as it hasn't been updated), Wednesday, and Thursday.

As I understand it the Free Version only allows 1 month of use after the 1 month period has expired you will then be prompted to purchase the pro version. At 10 cents I would hop on it.

I believe the free version only enables the dynamic prediction for one month. After that you need to purchase the full version to take advantage of that feature. So if you keep the free version you will essentially have a pretty keyboard that doesn't learn from what you type.

This is better than the last 4-5 days we had...

Still nothing worth downloading today but hey at least most of them are new apps! Still no good. But hey we got one more day for Google to make up for it! Maybe day 10 will have just TEN great apps. I hope so.

Other than Swiftkey X thats the only one worth downloading right now. But Amazon gave it to me for free. Oh well.

I hope the rest of you enjoy this list.

I do concur with most of you that it would be nice to have more variety, but I have still purchased a great many apps through this daily special (about 45 so far). That number is as low as it is due to the fact that about 1/5 of the apps I have already purchased prior to this deal. I have also purchased 3 games that EA (Popcap Games) just put out (Plants vs Zombies, Peggle, and Monopoly). I had already got both the Plants vs Zombies and Peggle from the Amazon Market when they were free, but I prefer to have my Android Market filled with apps rather than purchasing through a 3rd party that locks their apps to their market having to be on the device.

Am I the only one that got adw ex for ten cents? I didn't see it here but I got it on day 2, I think.

Wow, anyone old enough to remember the Sega Saturn game "NiGHTS: Into Dreams"?

Looks like the makers behind Cordy just remade NiGHTs as "Sleepy Jack" lol.

I love Swiftkey X on my phone I was not too big of a fan of it on my tablet. In my opinion it is the best phone keyboard.

i was using several other keyboards before swiftkeyX. i bought swiftkeyX for 1.5eur few weeks ago. almost perfect keyboard. i can type pretty fast with it(not fast enough tho - if you type k - o or c - h too fast it will register only one key). auto correction is nearly perfect. even for slovak language. it allows user to use 3 dictionaries at the same time. i also bought slideIt, but i like SKX much more.
only downside is that it cannot turn off diacritic. but this is not a problem if you are english native speaker.

anyway, it was worth even more than 1.5eur. i wouldnt think twice if the price is 0.10$. just buy it and try it out.

it is sad to see only 5-7 good applications in this promo. maybe tomorrow we will get some more.
still, i bought 25-30 apps/games in last 9 days. it wont cost me more than 4eur(incl bank fees). that is pretty good, considering cost of bluray movies/pc games and apps etc.

Geez - Why sooo ssssssseriooooossssah?

I said I was disappointed - I didn't say F*** Google. I also didn't whine that some specific app wasn't $0.10...

The points made about games being more popular than productivity apps are fair.

I use my phone so effectively for my business - IT sales - that I rarely use my laptop anymore - and consequently, I do buy a lot of apps.

I didn't know you guys were so touchy!

Paper camera and heart rate pro were about all that appealed to me. Games on such a small screen and the lack of a physical keyboard don't cut the mustard for me.

Lastly, being newer to android, I wonder why all these apps wnt to be able to read our contact numbers, SMS messages, phone numbers called, location , users shoe size etc. I am beginning to think I made a mistake taking android over apple. Am I wrong here with my thoughts about the lack of privacy? Google needs to take control of this problem and only grant those rights to apps that absolutely need them to properly function.