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Like horror movies, zombies, puzzle games and first-person shooters? They're all rolled into "In Darkness" on Android. For $1 you're set loose in a dungeon sort of place, with a handgun, a submachine gun and a shotgun. First task: Find your way out of the first room. Only problem is that's when the zombies show up.

The graphics for In Darkness aren't the best in the world. The gameplay is pretty rudimentary, and I'm still not a fan of joystick controls. But for just a buck, In Darkness lets you simultaneously use your brain while relieving zombies of what's left of theirs. And who doesn't love that?


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In Darkness: A poor-man's Resident Evil for just $1


Resident Evil isn't a first person shooter so you probably should've picked another game to compare it to.

Resident evil (before 4, which kinda split fans into two camps) wasn't about killing zombies, it was surviving them. More often than not, you wouldn't have sufficient ammo to kill all of them, let alone most. Resources of all kinds were limited and somewhat hard to find, and even if you could find them your inventory was limited anyway. This set a tension because your health was in the red, you only had three bullets left in your pistol and you knew a baddie could come out of nowhere at any moment.

Looking at that trailer, I dont see a poor man's Resi. I see a Dead Trigger clone.

Those graphics are reminiscent of Half Life when it first came out. I wonder if valve will ever make Half Life for mobile platforms? When/If that day comes, I'll scream like a little girl at a Bieber concert. This looks good!

hahahaha I was thinking the same thing. The game doesn't look that bad. I mean, i've seen worse.

It's sorta like cell shading for the graphics which is a nice touch. I just think the trailer could use an update!

Yeah, the video of the gameplay makes the graphics look a lot better than the still picture would have you believe. That said, even for a mindless game about killing zombies, this one looks like it would have nothing for a plot.