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Last night Steve Kondik (Cyanogen) and Jef Oliver from the CyanogenMod team broke the news that the popular custom firmware has reached 1 million unique installs. CM, which is by far the leading multi-device custom ROM for Android phones, is officially supported on 56 Android devices, with many more available via unofficial or nightly builds.

Interestingly, almost half of the CM installations are of unofficial or "KANGed" builds, although that's likely skewed by official-unofficial self-KANG builds by developers maintaining not-yet-supported phones like the HTC Sensation and EVO 3D. Top devices include the HTC Desire and Motorola DEFY, with over 80,000 and 58,000 installs respectively.

Congrats to the CM team in reaching this huge milestone. With more than a few Android owners eagerly awaiting the ICS-based CM9 in the months ahead, that number is sure to increase in 2012.

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CyanogenMod hits 1 million unique installs


i installed cm7.1 on my desire hd just the other day, but reverted back to android revolution hd because cm couldnt set up my email account. however i did enjoy the freshness of it and am very excited for cm9

just curious when u say "couldn't set up my email account." did you happen to flash both the cm7 rom and the current version? without the you won't find a way to set up an email account ...

Hoping they will support the Rezound. I prefer original to Kanged.

I am however enjoying ScottsRoms right now, he is good!

Its too bad that I never have a phone that gets a stable build. I've always wanted to try Cyanogen but have never had the chance. But hey, I'm only on my 4th Android device. Maybe 5 is the charm?

Congrats to the CM team! I'm only surprised that it took this long. One of the things I research before buying a new phone is if it's rootable and if CM is available for it. While I had to wait a little while for it on my Epic Touch, it's so nice not having all the bloat and crap that is Touchwiz on this beast of a phone anymore. Can't wait for some CM9.

Does anyone know where this places versus carrier or manufacturer skinned ROMs?

Running CM7.1 here, love it.

It's 1 million out of 200 million total Android devices. Probably not topping any major manufacturers, but it's enough to notice in the stats.

Isn't it 1 million unique downloads...because I downloaded it, but never installed it. I just want to know if I helped out.

How exactly do they know how many "unique installs" there are, unless there is phone-home code that is tracking the users?

if they get info such as "imei" then it would be easy to track how many unique installs ... as there is an anonymous statistics option for the rom ...

As an owner of two LG Optimus V's, ( one for me and one for my husband ) I am proud to see these stats. Our OV's are living a great life on IHO CM7.1 To everybody who works so very hard to develop for
for the "smaller" phones I say, Bravo!! Thanks to all your hard work we now have really great phones. Not just mediocre phones that the network allows, but real "I can do what I need/want to do" phones. Keep up the great work!

Great to hear. I just rooted and installed CM7.1 on my Inspire about 11 days ago in prep for CM9. Love CM. These guys know what they are doing.

Million installs...small in the scheme of things, but it should be an indicator that folks like the stock interface.

CyanogenMod is how stock Android is achieved on overly skinned UI's.

Manufacturers need to pay attention to us.
The Galaxy Nexus is the phone to have because its pure Google (Android).

Way to go guys. Just started running CM 7.1 a couple of weeks ago on my Inspire 4G. I love it. I am looking forward to CM 9 comming out soon. ICS here I come!