HTC Magic and T-Mobile G1

Popular AOSP-based custom ROM CyanogenMod will discontinue support for the T-Mobile G1 and its keyboardless sibling, the HTC Magic (aka myTouch 3G) after the current version 6.1. This means that there will be no official version of the Gingerbread-based CyanogenMod 7 for these devices. However, this doesn't rule out the possibility of an unofficial CM7 community port for variants the G1, which launched way in October 2008 as the first Android smartphone.

It's likely that the anemic 192MB of RAM present in the G1 and most Magic-based phones, combined with dwindling user numbers, was behind the decision to cut support after CyanogenMod 6.1.

Being stuck on CM 6.1 isn't such a terrible fate, though, especially considering that the G1 never saw any official updates beyond Android 1.6 from manufacturer HTC. CyanogenMod 6.1 is still an excellent ROM, and should serve G1 and myTouch 3G users well in their handsets' twilight years. [CyanogenMod via reddit]


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CyanogenMod discontinuing support for T-Mobile G1, HTC Magic


Seriously?? You're running Gingerbread on a G3? You're a braver man than I. I don't even want to TRY it on mine. I love mine and all that, but with its processor, in my humble opinion, the damn thing can barely handle Froyo.

Man, wtf is up with the cell phone industry? The T-Mobile G1 was released in October 2008, and it's dead even to Android's ardent hacker fanbase 2 1/2 years later

Meanwhile the X-Box 360 (Nov. 2005), Playstation 3 (Nov. 2006), and Nintendo Wii (Nov. 2006) are all still going strong despite being 4-5 years old

And Ubuntu 10.10, the user-friendly linux distribution, will still run on a desktop PC that would have a hard time competing with today's cell phones in raw power:

I take it you just make comparisons based on random electronics without any expertise, Comparing game consoles is kind of irrelivent being as they are solely responsible for playing video games and movies.

How bout you try making a pc comparison, Here, I'll do it for you. A computer running a pentium 4 processor at 2.88 ghz running on 2gb of DDR ram is definitely not something microsoft considers testing windows 8 on, and that is a PC that was in stores less than 5yrs ago. Speaking of windows 8, hmmm, when was windows 7 released to the general public? Exactly, you should probably take into consideration the fact that software is evolving so fast that hardware that is only a few years old is obsolete because of the specs required for the software. It is no different with a phone when smartphones now days are doing pretty much the same amount as a home PC in a smaller package. It's okay, you are upset because you are either refusing to purchase a better and newer device or you simply cannot afford it, hense you post negative feedback because of an intelligent decision made by a software developer WHO IS OFFERING HIS ROMS FOR FREE. Srsly, move on. Enjoy your froyo or get some new hardware.

P.S. You show your lack of knowlege by posting a wiki article as your facts. I could go make a wiki article right now claiming that brown cows are an evolved space alien breed of cows with 72 essential vitamins in their milk, that will only be accepted by the gullible few that think wiki is a reliable source for facts though ;)

First off: Did I insult you, Cyanogen's team, Google, or anyone? No, I made a comment about the cell phone industry. Trolling like this is just going to hurt the whole website's credibility.

Second, I've actually shipped a smartphone recently at a major company and I have five years of experience writing driver/kernel code on embedded systems, so I DO have a lot of expertise in this field.

Finally, you didn't even read my post: Ubuntu linux is much more comparable to a modified Android distribution than Windows 7, and you can still run THE LATEST Ubuntu on a 10 year old PC.

Can you do everything with it? No, you have to turn down the graphics, and I'm sure some modern software is too "feature rich" to run well, but it's still supported

If you've shipped a cell phone recently, then you probably know just how much code is custom for each phone on top of android - individual bootloaders, tweaks, drivers, testing, builds, etc. If the user base for the G1 is really declining a lot, then I would guess that this is as much a refocusing of development time. Why have a developer spending hours and hours making sure that code works on a phone that most people are getting rid of when that same developer could be working on a newer phone that's gaining market share?

I find it humorous that you decide to call my comment "trolling". That is quite an immature direction to take the fact you dislike what I have to say, not to mention it ruins YOUR credibility when you resort to ad-hominems. I never compared windows 7 to how android operates, I was making a comparison of older computers to newer ones and the fact a software company is not going to choose an outdated pc to test their newest OS.(you can still run windows 7 on a ten year old computer as well, just have to turn off aero interface, making your ubuntu arguement irrleivent.) This is the same for smartphones.

Bottom line, using video game consoles as a form of comparison makes no sense and regardless of if you are using Ubuntu or Windows 7, the device is what matters, a PC can be upgraded, therefore it can support newer product. You cannot upgrade the ram, cpu or gpu of a smartphone, this is why there is only 2 options, get a new phone or deal with outdated firmware.

Please, tell me I am wrong :D

Funny, my g1 is already running a gingerbread rom composed of cm7 parts. Its also compatible with the mytouch. At least other developers are still interested in these phones.

I applaud them. Most devs work on 1 phone, maybe 2. CM works on tons. Even if there is a large team, that's still a lot of work. They understand that most people have moved on, and are focusing their efforts on making the many happy over the few.