CyanogenMod developer Koushik Dutta has shown off a few neat video Chromecast-related tricks before, but his latest video takes things a step further. Today he's demonstrated an AirPlay mirroring server running on Android, allowing a phone running Angry Birds to beam images to a nearby tablet. It's unclear whether this feature will ever make it into CM proper. (Indeed, licensing issues could prevent AirPlay from ever landing on an official CM retail build.) But it makes for an impressive technical showcase nonetheless — check it out above.

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CyanogenMod AirPlay mirroring demoed


I hope they make an actually stable build of CM first....AND THEN put it in CM. Maybe it's my RAZR HD tho. NEXUS 5 PLEASE!

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I have been running Cyanogenmod nightlies since CM6 on my Nexus One and can barely count on 2 hands the number of unstable flashes I have had. And it has only gotten better with each subsequent device.

This is something I'd be VERY interested in, since my gs3 has no mhl to HDMI out running CyanogenMod. Would that there was a way to get it, officially or otherwise.

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Every time there's mention of him (which is pretty frequent), there's a new and cool app/feature of his. :-D
Keep up the great work!

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The use-case I can think of is for GoogleTV where there are several apps that emulate Airplay. This would circumvent the need for Chromecast in such situations.

I hate it when uploaders enable stabilizing on their youtube videos, if I want that effect I'll drink a whole bottle of Scotch.

Too bad CM is doing their best to move away from aosp. We'll drop you like a bad penny...CM.

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First video I have watched of Koush. I always had it in my head he had a smokers voice. No idea why.

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This is the use case I would rather. Phone is in another room. Tablet is on the couch. From the tablet, view the phones screen and interact with my phone to see text messages, or peak at something that only lives on the phone.