CyanogenmodEver wonder how big the CyanogenMod world is? Let's break it down: CyanogenMod 7 RC2 (that's the second release candidate of the Gingerbread track of CM) went live last night. And in less than 24 hours, it's been downloaded more than 150,000 times. That's certainly nothing to sneeze at.

So if you're wondering what all the fuss is about, we suggest you dive into the Android Central Forums and ask your friends. Then root that black slab sitting in your pocket, CM it up and enjoy. [CyanogenMod]

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morganmms says:

I had to download it twice.

flacoff says:

oh ok, i d/l'd it 149,998 times. I was wondering who the other two were

Kedar says:

What's more impressive are the ROMS that are based off of Cyanogen.
... such as MIUI.

ZDriver says:

If everyone donated the cm team a Buck per download and that's a nice payday!! They definitely deserve it. cm android kicks a$$

sumyunguy says:

And there are already nightlies out for several phones :)

sumyunguy says:

Most Recent Gapps here.
Not sure if Rom manager has updated theirs yet. As of last night they hadn't.

Donations to Cmod developers can be made at the bottom of the page at

Drock.adams says:

Hahaha goo inside me gapps!

Click says:

Would love to throw CM7 on my phone... but Motorola doesn't want that to happen. :/


Kills me that I can't put CM on my DX. I missed my Nexus 1...

nscott69 says:

That's it?

ssethv says:

my Hinc runs better on CM nightlies than it did stock... awesome job Cyanogen!!!

bbarend says:

These guys have made my Hero usable. Thanks!!!!!

DNicolasL says:

Nice this should be good for the platform version numbers. Gingerbread is gaining traction.

ricbon says:

rooted my wife's eris and my dinc this weekend to cyan7 and both of us love it!!!!but alas my dinc's speaker is taking a dive (again) have to unroot and send it in.....just when i was having fun,it did make my wife's eris run smooth as butter!!

ZDriver says:

Hmmm sprint doesn't make me unroot my evo when speaker goes out. They actually think cm7 is cooool!!

ricbon says:

but doesnt it void my warranty? so should i send it as is?

slag02 says:

Its a toss up...

Many many times sprint fixed my evo no problem rooted...

A week ago.. I was denied for a hardware failure - my powerbutton was stuck on..

Would have swapped it out free if I had unrooted but instead had to pay 100 for a new one.

i'll be un rooting from now on

ricbon says:

answers my question, i will unroot old unit and root the new unit to be on the safe side...thanks!!

Its continuously goes back to the cm load screen after launching for 5 seconds. Grr

Cares says:

You are in infinite boot loop. You need to wipe and reset your phone before flashing.

bellison41 says:

New to rooting and just finished that task up, and this looks like the ROM that I've been waiting to refresh the Dinc I've had since release. Thank you goes to entire Cyanogen team.

weehooherod says:

Once CM7 goes stable, I have a lot of phones to upgrade at my highschool!

eneloop says:

150,000? That's nothing guys, Apple sold more phones in one hour than that. Come on step it up, start rooting.

brain228 says:

Downloaded twice and twice was stuck in a boot loop. I did a full wipe and everything else I was supposed to do. Any ideas why I get a boot loop?

jescobe82 says:

Same deal here. Just loop boot mode. I never can seem to get the CM stuff to work on my EVO. Any advice??

Markieb says:

So is there a difference between my Cyanogen Nightly Build #14 (which also came out today) and RC2, or are they the same thing?

flacoff says:

Feature wise the CM team stated that they are not adding anything else in, just bug fixes from here on out. my guess is stable release is within the next 5-7 days.

Nephilim_80 says:

Did they fix the problem with Phone and Contacts app? It's really annoying that if I call someone from my contacts the phone button goes to contacts instead of the dialer and if I go to my favorites in contacts it goes to my favorites instead of contacts main menu. Never had that issue with CM6.

cnega says:

this is awesome on the Nook Color

jerseyboy357 says:

I am happy with Liberty on my X but I remember the fun times I had with cm7 on my Dinc so it makes me want to at least see what it would be like on the X.

I bought my EVO on Day 1 and this was the first time I thought it worthwhile to root the phone and install Cyanogenmod 7. The hardest part for me was finding a good demonstration or instruction set on how to do it, but I'm VERY happy that I took the time to figure it out.

1) I used unrevoked and ROM Manager for the build. I know there are otherways, but this seemed to be the easiest path.

2) One ANNOYING problem I had is now fixed. With the HTC stock rom, my Bluetooth contacts would show up 3-5 times in my car's address book instead of being syncronized. I would tell my car "Call Bob Smith" and 5 Bob Smiths would show up with no phone numbers. Now it will show Bob Smith and the 5 numbers I have for him, please make a selection. THANK YOU.

3) The only weird thing I ran into was that not all of my apps showed in the Market to redownload. Most of them were, but not all.

I'm new to rooting and I want to find the most complete set of instructions before I take the plunge, where did you go?

ChadH42 says:

150K??? That's 3 times more people than the number of people who watched Charlie Sheen's webcast last night!!

Trusouljar says:

Im not impressed! I refuse to give this CM any recognition until he comes out with a DX rom. this business about "it cant be cracked" is shenanigans. There is nothing that is unhackable. so maybe if you took a little of the time that you use making new RC builds and used it to finding a way around the DX you would make head way. Cant you see that a lot of people have the DX device and constantly say that they are waiting on a ROM from you?

jarobusa says:

You do know they are doing this for free right? Very arrogant of you to demand this. Why dont you hire someone to crack it?

Trusouljar says:

Free or not how does some make a rom for EVERY PHONE BUT ONE?

jarobusa says:

Maybe you should donate your phone to them so they had one to work with.

slayerpsp says:

its awesome works great on the Evo had no problems at all phone seems faster very happy with the latest build sure glad i picked right with my first android phone Htc Evo

JackiEVO says:

I have a question that I can't find an answer to...Can I use Swype with CyanogenMod 7 RC2?

I don't know about Swype, but Swiftkey works without any problems.