Release candidates are coming out quickly; stable build can't be far off

CyanogenMod has been rolling out new versions of CM10.1 as quick as people can flash them, and we've now crossed into RC5 (Release Candidate 5) territory. RC's are the final step before a stable release of the software, and after five iterations we have to think that final build isn't far off. As it stands RC5 is the latest available though, and builds have been showing up throughout the day for most popular devices. Most variants of the Galaxy SIII (S3) are here, as well as popular Sony devices like the Xperia Z, ZL and Tablet Z. Naturally, every Nexus device -- from the Nexus S to the Nexus Q -- is represented.

Hit the source link below to check and see if your device has an RC5 build available. If it does, don't forget to make a full backup before you flash to the latest version. It's unlikely that there are serious bugs this late in development, but you can never be too careful.

Source: CyanogenMod


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CyanogenMod 10.1 RC5 builds now available for many devices


I really want to like CM, but even on my Toro, it lags. It drives me crazy. I've tried all the stable builds, the nightlies, all of it. I love the features, but I need fast, stable, and no lag. Help!

Just got set up. Used the newest build from 6/3, and even just doing simple things like hitting the home button or opening apps, still lags. Bit sure what's up.

Sorry, is actually a AOSP ROM. It's better then CM and the features are great, definitely a well tweaked out stock rom.

Man I think I'm done with CM the Evo LTE which by all accounts went head to head with the S3 given the fact that it's a better version of the One X (Kickstand, Larger Battery, SD Slot) has been COMPLETELY abandoned. The nighly hasn't been updated since 03-12-13 and my phone crawls I have to clear davlik and data at least once a day for it to be usable smh. I've been along supporter of CM but I've noticed particularly with CMX and above it slows down tremendously over time almost as if their's a memory leak or something. Anyway Can someone PLEASE point me to a stable AOSP Rom for the Evo LTE something current that can be a daily driver. Jellybam Never downloads for me on the phone or the cpu, tried all the mirror's and everything. AOKP's latest release only supports the One X. I can't go back to Sense I'm dyin here.

Nice. I've been loving RC4 so I can't wait to get home and get the RC5 update.

When I was on RC2 I wiped dalvik cache, App data and upgraded from system settings and I've been running stable on my GS3 d2spr.

I have RC5 on my S3 now for a couple weeks and am very happy with it. I have not seen an issue as yet but I may have one now with ISIS don't know for sure yet but I can do without that anyway. CM 10.1 RC 5 is nice really like the lock screen unlock to camera or my starbuck app. I frequent Starbucks a bit.

I installed this on my Nexus 4 and its EXTREMELY laggy. Uninstalling. Sucks cuz Ive loved previous versions.

Scroll down. I couldn't find one for mine at first, but it was near the bottom. Also check RCs and not the "all" section.

Although there are quite a few S3 variants with RC5 now, why are there no RC's at all for the International/GSM version when that's probably most of Europe? Surely this is the baseline S3 variant

Gotchya, although the nightly's are there and are nearly always brilliant builds (been running those for months), not sure why they can't be pushed to an RC status

I got rid of my i9300 a few months ago but I remember the camera always having issues due to the drivers not being released by Samsung. I wonder if that is still an issue. Other than that, temasek's CM builds were my daily driver.

I've used the CM mods for quite awhile now, however I'm using Carbon ROM 1.7. It is light and stable. The battery life is amazing performing better than the original 4.2.2 on my Nexus 4. Give it try...I'm sure you'll love it. I definitely love the customized battery and charging animation.

Device: Nexus 4 16gb
ROM: Carbon 1.7

Has anyone had the issue where the Play store doesn't work? I downloaded RC2 a couple days ago and the play store(and a couple other Google apps) would crash immediately

thanks for responding. can you explain a bit further please? (im new to this, i've only flashed once). Im currently running the stable version CM10. do you mean i have to go back to stock, then flash the RC2 build? or backup, flash the RC2 build that had the play stores crashes then factory reset?

Your issue is that you were updating from CM10 to a 10.1 rom. So you would need to also flash the latest Google Apps package... That is likely why your play store wasn't working.

Hopefully the stable version will be released tomorrow or Monday because android 4.3 will be released on the 10th

HTC One Developer version is what I have. What CM version do I use? ATT because I have an ATT SIM in it or the GSM. I have flashed the ATT version before and it worked fine but should I be using the GSM version? And yes I was able to get LTE with good speeds on the ATT ROM. Someone help me out, no one seems to know I have asked this everywhere and no one seems to be able to have an answer, including the CM forums lol.

I wish they would allow us to disable the cheesy crt animation the way we could disable it a few years ago on gingerbread. I guess two steps forward and one step back in some cases.