CM 10.1

Second release candidate appears as CM 10.1.0 approaches

A quick heads-up for anyone running one of the recently-released CyanogenMod 10.1 RC1 builds. Release candidate 2 of the popular Android 4.2.2-based custom firmware is now rolling off the servers, and builds are available for a few dozen devices at the time of writing. These include the current crop of Nexuses, U.S. Galaxy S3 models, the original Galaxy S, international LG Optimus G and HTC One X (Tegra 3), first and second-gen Kindle Fire, various Galaxy Tab 2 models, the original RAZR, Droid RAZR and Bionic, and Sony's Xperia Z and Xperia V. As this is a jump from one release candidate to another, we can probably expect fixes for any outstanding issues or bugs. On Wednesday the CM team said it expected RC1 to be one of the last builds before CM 10.1 goes stable with a 10.1.0 release.

To see if RC2 is available for your device, check the official download repository at, linked below.

Source: CyanogenMod Downloads

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Any one know what's changed in RC2?

Got me, but a new nightly was just released right after the RC2 for the T-Mo GSII. They're coming so fast I can't keep up.

nanor says:

I wonder why the international S2 i9100 has not been getting any snapshots or RCs but nightlies while i9100g is getting all of them.

Alex Dobie says:

Different CPU. The i9100g has a TI OMAP.

bpear96 says:

Exynos has been getting terrible support from Samsung lately, and in turn the community as well. Qualcomm or TI (but not recently, do to lack of new SoC) is the way to go if you want the best supported (community wise) devices.

Code Auroa Forums (ran by qualcomm) is awesome

Kvoth says:

"Crop of Nexuses"?? No Nexus 4 yet :(

angryGTS says:

Yes the Nexus 4 is included. I got the update notification earlier today

Kvoth says:

Yeah it just took a while longer. Wasn't there when I posted.

sentinelred says:

Not sure why the Nexus 4 wouldn't be included.

slackerjack says:

Come on Galaxy S 4

LastKingMel says:

The galaxy s4 just now recently released. You will definitely not see a release candidate for it anytime soon, you can find an alpha build if I'm not mistaken. Also note that the author of the post did not mention the gs4 as one of the devices.

jvolzer1 says:

There aren't any rc2 builds yet on

jvolzer1 says:

Never mind

Qbancelli says:

Nowhere to be found.

mjmdroid says:

reeper55 says:

Nothing for Nexus 10 yet.

LastKingMel says:

Just go to the main cyanogenmod website and look for your device you should see granted that a release candidate has been uploaded. I'm downloading as I type, or you can type in model here)

bpear96 says:

Tip: Hover over the codenames on right of website, to see actual device retail name (ex. Mako , hover over = Nexus 4)

Mikeric says:

That was a fast turn around. Makes my kindle fire worth using. I wish touchpad would get updates to 10.1

The touchpad also has been on 10.1 for a while and is getting updates like everyone else.

bboyairwreck says:

RC2 for the Droid Bionic is awesome! Brings this to life!

Erievon says:

Agreed. Nice to see our red headed step child finally get some love.

4ekbrandon says:

Wait, there's really a cm 10.1 for the EPIC 4g? Like, the original one? Not the touch? lol holy crap

bblande says:

There is, but it's not too good because there's tons of random shutdowns. I'm reverting back to CM10 and when my contract is up in December I'm going with an S4. The Epic 4G has served me well...very underrated phone.


The random shutdowns have been occurring as well on my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy SII (T-989) with CyanogenMod 10.1 RC1 installed. I have yet to witness RC2 (I'm downloading it as we speak).

Either way, let's hope for a stable release for most devices soon. :)

4ekbrandon says:

I put rc2 on my epic last night. No shut downs or anything, only bug I'm really running into is the front facing camera isn't working.

jcodeit says:

Just updated to this tonight. Hoping for final build soon

codiusprime says:

The unofficial CM10.1 build for the DNA is also fully working now (still some BT wonkiness I think though, all major features are working). Runs like a dream.

satanberry says:

Got it for my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 GSM but not Nexus 10. I've been pressing the refresh button like crazy! Lol