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A handful of select devices are getting CyanogenMod 10.1 "M-Series" builds starting today. These builds are meant to be released less frequently, and are considered stable for daily use. You can think of M-Series builds as a step above nightly builds, which often have many bugs. The following devices are supported for now:

The CyanogenMod team says in its post that it is on-track for a stable release of 10.1 soon, and these M-Series builds are a good step in the right direction. If you have one of the above listed devices and are interested in the new builds, head to the source link below and grab your downloads.

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CyanogenMod 10.1 'M-Series' builds now available for select devices


Just switched Roms on my Nexus 4 from cm10.1 to paranoid android. Loving the new pie controls. I highly recommend it.


Paranoid Android is becoming well hell of a ROM. The pie controls are one of the first real inovative things lately that really catched my eye.

I only had CM7 years ago on a Samsung Vibrant. I wasn't really savvy into flashing different tons so I did have the new HTC Glacier as my daily driver. I almost thought I killed my old Samsung back then and think now to today. I'd love to de-wiz my Galaxy S III but at the same time, I am afraid of turning it into a paperweight. I need another phone to toy around with.

The question I have is has the process gotten easier. TouchWiz isn't as annoying as it used to be on older Samsung phones and it keeps me wondering if it's worth the game running a nightly build on my daily driver since the Galaxy S III isn't on that list. I'd love a more stock Android version on my phone but heard that 64GB SDXC cards are only fully usable on stock S III phones.

That and I really like the camera options on stock touchwiz based phones.

My feelings are similar on my Verizon Galaxy S3. Touch wiz drives my nuts, but between Apex launcher, widget locker, DW dialer and DW contacts, I've basically pistol whipped my galaxy s3 into something I can use with out going around the bend. I have rooted so I can access certain folders, but flashing a custom rom seems little more than an academic exercise, I doubt if it'd really be to my advantage.

If your not really comfortable with the whole process avoid it, the process really hasn't changed much since the original galaxy days. I had the Captivate. Experienced people like me never brick their phones, but it's the newcomers to xda that do.
I'm running a nightly on my N4 right now.

If all you want is a more vanilla look, download nova launcher. It's stable, looks like AOSP and no chance of bricking your device. Their are also some apps you can download to make it look more AOSP. googling make phone look like AOSP should reveal some lists.

SuperNexus is stable and smooth on GSII, and has great battery life to boot. Add a launcher of your choice to get all of the customization options and you're set.

I see the point of CM on phones where most custom ROMs are Sense or Touchwiz based but I'm not sure what the point is on Nexus phones where there are plenty of AOSP ROMs available that are just as fast, stable and usually have more features.

It adds quite a few features that stock doesn't have, CM is also kind of middle of the road.
even the nightly's are pretty stable after awhile. I've been running a nightly for

The more bleeding edge stuff is very often buggier.
I'm on CM on my nexus 4 until LiquidSmooth gets stable, I also like Xenon HD.
Xylon and Paranoidandroid also look interesting.

I'll eventually try all of them most likely but I like to wait a few months after a phone comes out before I use the really bleeding edge stuff.
For many non-flash addicts CM is a good reliable third party firmware that is less risky , has more features than stock and even includes a automated upgrade process.

A lot of people don't want to go through the backup with TB, wipe, install rom, install gapps, and restore TB backup process that many roms force you to go through to upgrade.

It's also available right through the CM updater built in to CyanogenMod. Pretty handy, and that's actually what has kept me on this ROM for so long. I like having custom work done, but my flash addict days are long past. This makes it a lot more convenient to be on the bleeding edge.

The nexus 4 (and maybe others) M- series can be found under nightly, instead of M series. Happy Flashing!

From What I've Heard and seen for the Samsung i747 the changelog are pretty big and thus makes me think that they packaged a lot of bug fixes with this M Series release

Who are the people that have rooted but not installed a ROM? Rooting using a utility will be the hardest part (not hard at all). After that you just download the ROM and flash it...done.

I've been on CM10 stable for a while now. Great experience, its just fast and cohesive. Touchwiz certainly isn't aweful by any means though. Its tough, I do miss the camera from stock Touchwiz always take a hit when moving to a generic platform like AOKP or CM10 in camera quality. Features are similar but the quality is lacking in anything but sunny out door shots.

I am quite a noob when it comes to these things. I just upgraded to 10.1 via the auto update on my ATT GS3. But none of my Google app are working. I downloaded the latest GAPPS from installed it. But when the GS3 booted, all the google services kept crashing. I had to use the back up recovery to go back. Any one knows what I'm doing wrong?

So have they really made this for the Original Droid? I'd love to flash this and test it out if I can find where I put my droid...

Nevermind, the ODroid U2 is a development board. An android based microprocessor it looks like. Good thing I didn't flash it then!

yes, author. Please change the link. Odroid U2 is not the original Motorola Droid.

P.S. - it broke my heart to learn this...

This release is buggy as hell on my ATT SGS3 I747. Force closes like crazy and Bluetooth Streaming audio does not work. Every CM release is buggier than the last.

Same with my Galaxy Nexus.
CM 10.1 plus newest gapps -> Buggy as hell.
Play Music crashes at startup
SMS app crashes and bricks the phone (until the accu is removed),
youtube crashes at startup
skype too
and so on...

->I'll give it one more try with 10.2. Unless it improves signivicantly, I roll back to 10.0. :-(