Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope, the popular and highly addictive game that introduced Android to Om Nom and his sweet tooth, has been updated with 25 new levels. Toy Box 1.1, available now, ups the ante to 200 levels total, and also adds new game mechanics in which you can use a trampoline to bounce candy into Om Nom's mouth. Cut the Rope costs 99 cents and the latest update is available now in the Android Market, with availablily in the Amazon App Store coming "soon." Hit the break to grab it now.


Reader comments

Cut the Rope updated with 25 new levels, Om Nom hungrier than ever


Got it for free from Amazon yesterday... Always thought it was a better game than Angry birds... There's an actual technical way of getting all stars.... not just hoping you hit an extra damn brick like angry birds

Kind of petty to be bagging on Amazon about updates when they just gave it away for free.


Android as a whole has to figures out a better way to universally update apps without depending on the markets. I'll stick with the droid market for paid apps and just use Amazon for the free daily apps, will never buy an app off amazon until they start providing updates like the market does.

I got mine from GetJar (ad-free) as well. The ad-free is not on there anymore, just the free ad version now. So you would have to get the free version and lose your paid save file.

I didn't get the Amazon version because I was worried about my save file.

I always thought the update fragmentation of the various stores was a big negative. Perhaps applications should be allowed to request updates without the third party intermediary?

awesome. i beat the whole thing a few weeks back and was wondering when new levels would be coming out. sad part is i already beat the new levels too :( back to waiting. lol

Unfortunately the new levels were the easiest set of the bunch. Had 3 stars on all in 20min, and I'm not all that good at the game