Huawei has redesigned, renamed and re-released the Mercury (aka the Huawei Honor), and Cricket is bringing it to Radio Shack on September 5. In addition to the new handle, the phone's face is now offered in a pearl white, and just like we told you yesterday, unlimited MUVE music is part of the package. Fifty dollars a month for unlimited talk, text, data, and music streaming isn't a bad deal at all.

Unfortunately, the software doesn't seem to have been updated and it's still running on Gingerbread under Huawei's tweaks. We've got no information about any pricing, but we expect it to be priced competitively. We just heard back from our tipster, and we now know that the Mercury Ice will check in at $149.99 -- contract free.

Certainly this is no barn burner, but with a fairly decent Ice Cream Sandwich ROM in the wild and a respectable hacking community, it may be worth traveling to your local Radio Shack to have a look. There's a couple more pics after the break

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flashpanda says:

I'm not looking forward to this at all

flashpanda says:

The 50$ plan only includes one gig of data.

Holy crap, now THAT looks like a total iPhone ripoff! Sure it's taller and has the typical Android soft keys, but come on...

dachiefmizzy says:

Looks like a Samsung Epic 4G Touch in white, do we have specs?

shaytoon21 says:

wow. this is trash and an apple ripoff. huawai and zte need to die

spock123 says:

If anything, this device looks like a Galaxy S3, NOT an iPhone.

C'mon guys ...

It's an almost exact replica of the Galaxy S2

The one gig data doesnt go toward muvemusic downloads which is pretty cool.