LG Optimus S

It's always fun to find little extras the programmers have left behind, and a treasure hunt through the LG Optimus S file system turned up a wild one.  We're not exactly sure what the heck this is, but we are sure that it's not a sound you'll hear in the normal day-to-day use of the phone -- we hope.  Check it out for yourself below, and remember, we warned you.  [Android Central forums] Thanks trekkie1701c and his roommate for finding this one!


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Crazy Easter egg ringtone found on LG Optimus S [from the forums]


It's Com'Bak by 젝스키스 on their fourth album, aptly called Comeback.

Old song tho, it came out in 1999, shocked it's on LG's new phone. :O

Are you sure this is an actual ringtone found on every Optimus S or just some crappy mixed clip downloaded from the PC?

this is meant for a specific audience for sure. or one really screwed up dev. is there any verbose to prove that this really came off the phone from factory?