LG Optimus S

It's always fun to find little extras the programmers have left behind, and a treasure hunt through the LG Optimus S file system turned up a wild one.  We're not exactly sure what the heck this is, but we are sure that it's not a sound you'll hear in the normal day-to-day use of the phone -- we hope.  Check it out for yourself below, and remember, we warned you.  [Android Central forums] Thanks trekkie1701c and his roommate for finding this one!

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SpaceHippie says:

ummmmm wow lol

Bravozero says:

Hahaha... some wierd pop band and MJ. Very interesting combination.

cesarb says:

Wtf?? Raaaaandom... Lol

alexnaoumi says:


cesarb says:


That should definitely be Lloyd's theme song... Also sounds like Ricky Martin... Lmao..

trekkerj1 says:

the first song is com'back by sechskies, a k-pop group. it was in the dance game pump it up.

I seriously thought it was gonna be Optimus Prime's voice saying "autobots roll out" or something

pearljam5000 says:


Zabi#AC says:

It's Com'Bak by 젝스키스 on their fourth album, aptly called Comeback.

Old song tho, it came out in 1999, shocked it's on LG's new phone. :O

moosc says:

Having flash on.my x let'sme listen love it

rjc02648 says:

I want that 45 seconds of my life back. Slow news day, I guess.

So, the programmers over at LG need to update their music libraries. Is Cory Feldman their CP? Lol

Oh yeah...about that track...it's just the new the theme song from the LG sponsored Ghost in the Shell Android Takeover Complex.

sandplasma says:

I wonder about the legality of having an MJ song as a ringtone.

toramorigan says:

Hahahah Com'back, that first song.

That's so nostalgic from playing Pump it Up back in the day. :D

albokay says:

apparently they are going for the redneck consumer with this one.

sookster54 says:

Are you sure this is an actual ringtone found on every Optimus S or just some crappy mixed clip downloaded from the PC?

this is meant for a specific audience for sure. or one really screwed up dev. is there any verbose to prove that this really came off the phone from factory?