BlackBerry PlayBook

At long last, RIM and BlackBerry are getting into the tablet game to take on the likes of Android's Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy Tab (for starters) and, of course, the iPad. The PlayBook falls into the 7-inch category, and it packs a lot of power into that small space.

So how will the BlackBerry Playbook stand up to the likes of the Xoom et al? We'll have to see when it goes on sale on April 17 at a starting price of $499. But reviews are starting to roll in, and we look no further than ol' CrackBerry Kevin Michaluk himself, who leads off with the following:

"With solid hardware specs, an operating system that utilizes a gesture-based user interface to deliver true multitasking capabilities and a web browser that supports Adobe Flash, on paper the PlayBook appears to have the raw talent to be a contender."

And don't forget about the PlayBook's untested coup de grace: It will eventually be able to run Android applications, folks.

We're going to spend the next few hours poring over CrackBerry's PlayBook review, that's for sure. And we suggest you do, too. Keep your enemies close, and your frenemies closer, they say. Here are some links to get you started:

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palmwebosfan says:

Nice rip off of HP Palm Web OS Blackberry. I bet it doesn't run Android apps very well.

jelly roll says:

I am excited about this alot! Blackberry finally got the memo.

063_xobx says:

It's almost useless unless you own a blackberry. It doesn't even have it's own email app...

JediJesus95 says:

Or contacts. They really don't want non blackberry phone owners to want this thing.

dan4patriots says:

i thought this was not

DING DING DING!!! That's what the masthead says.

And if you think we're not keeping an eye on a competitor's product that will apparently run Android apps, you're crazy.

kagenish says:

what he said, plus is not a bad looking tab

dan4patriots says:

I just said that to yank your chain, haw haw

falconeight says:

RIM need to build a good phone before they start making tablets.

eric6052 says:

Strictly speaking the Phone part of a BlackBerry works well along with email and texting being quick and efficient. Its at everything else we expectcfrom a modern smartphone like web browsing, apps, multimedia playback and games that the BB falls short. I hope they can bring QNX to phones soon because more competition is good in the marketplace.

PeterFischer says:

Oh wow that really looks better. I want to buy such one. I will keep visiting for more reviews.
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eric6052 says:

Good god Kevins review is nothing if not thurough. He's very honest about the good and the bad points of the device. So far it seems much like Windows Phone 7 in that there wasn't time to do everything the manufacturer wanted to do so they did what they could. Future updates will probably make the Playbook more functional but, right now it's definitely a version one device. Kevin is also right about the form factor being one of personal choice. There is no right answer between a 7' or 10' device. I really like the size of my Nook Color (Playbook size) for reading and playing emulators but for surfing the web my wires iPad seems more enjoyable.
I'm really interested to see how well Android Apps run on the Playbook. I know from the Nook Color that alot of apps will scale up fine. Some apps just look screwy on a tablet when they were designed for a phone like Facebook and Twitter for example. I wonder how manrly App Developers will port their work over. RIM has made it a fairly painless effort in order to attract developers and that may be the tipping point to get devs on board. The Xoom had no Flash, sd card support or 4g at launch while the Playbook is missing native Email, calendar and contacts. Companies rushed in order to get their product out the door and time will tell how that bet pays off.