Currently available for Android 4.1+ in U.S., Canada and Europe

Cover, a lock screen replacement that launched in private beta to much interest back in October, has available today in the Play Store. The app, which is currently available for free, hopes to offer a more feature-rich lock screen on your device that adapts to your habits and uses to offer you information and apps you want to see, when you want to see them. The goal is similar to that of Aviate, but for your lock screen rather than your home screen. As you can see in the launch video above, the idea is quite interesting.

From the private beta to going public, Cover says that many improvements to battery life, car detection and device compatibility have been made. New tutorials, customization options and the ability to share your Cover setup to social media have also been added.

The app is currently available for users running Android 4.1 and above in the U.S., Canada and Europe, with availability expanding down to Android 2.3 and numerous other countries soon. If you've had your eye on Cover and didn't have a chance to get in on the private beta, you can find it now at the Play Store link above.


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Cover lock screen replacement launches in the Play Store, still carries 'beta' tag


I didn't bother signing up. Every other one I sign up for either takes months to respond or never gets back to me at all.

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For aviate you only have to go on their G+ page and kindly ask for an invite.
I got mine within two minutes.

i just got mine like 5 hours ago but there is no point because it is free anyway lmao. But I never got my email for the minuum keyboard and it is already available for purchase :/

Been using it for a couple hours and it is nice but I have active notifications, so I rarely press the power button to turn on my phone.

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Yes. Cover is a lockscreen replacement, Aviate is a home screen replacement.

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Is there an option for a actual lockscreen?
Since the update to 4.3 on my Note 2 there is no more option for a row of apps on the lock screen. However though, from all the examples in the video, there doesn't seem to be any password protection.

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a little rough in some of the processes. Like a flash of black green while unlocking, and a slight delay while peaking into an app. I like the concept though, very blackberry 10 like. Ill come back to it when more bugs are worked out.

I must be doing something wrong, I can't seem to find this on the play store anywhere.

EDIT: seems to work when clicking on the link above, just couldnt find it by searching...

I've been using this since I saw it mentioned on AC, I really enjoy it

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Not available in my country. Anybody know the latest build version number?

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would probably be a lot more usefull if i could choose which apps it put on the screen instead of having to look for the app that i want.

This is exactly my feelings when it comes to all of these dynamic apps/lockscreens/launchers. When something is dynamic, it means that my stuff is not where I expect it to be.

Does the app think I'm at home? Then when I want to take a picture, I have no idea where the Camera is, and it becomes MUCH faster to just unlock and tap on the shortcut on my launcher's screen or dock. When I'm "out", maybe (just MAYBE) it'll think I want to use the camera. So I might (MIGHT!) have a shortcut to it where I want it so that I can take a quick picture.

The same thing goes for apps organized by a launcher like Aviate.

When I want to do something on my phone, I don't want to be frustrated by scouring my phone for the friggin icon to do what I want.
* Take a photo: power button, swipe from the right, take picture.
* Read news: power button, swipe to unlock, tap Newsstand.
* Send a text message: power button, swipe to the Hangouts shortcut on my lockscreen, tap out the text.

I just don't see all of this dynamic stuff taking off because none of them allow for me to use my phone QUICKLY without trusting some algorithm.

It's a learning lock screen. It keeps track of which apps you use most (in which environment) and organizes them for you. After using it for a few days, it has automatically ranked my apps that I use most on my lock screen. No need to actually have to put apps there for you.

Seems very blackberry 10-ish. Copy the lock screen notifications and message previews too. I want something like that on my lock screen. The stock touch whiz notifications and lock screen widget option are pretty terrible and kind of clunky.

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Why it is. I am objective about my phone

My phone can beat up your phone. It's bigger, badder and has more moves. If worse comes to worse, it also comes with a sword.


Looks great.

As soon as I heard "take a peak at..." I definitely took notice.

I'm joint to look at that on my N4.

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Prefer my practical and extremely useful HTC lockscreen drag to open widget for quick view of and access to text and email messages.

Doesn't change wallpapers, home screen app layout, and doesn't interfere with anything nor does it slow responsiveness or use battery life.

And of course, Google likes and incorporates many of HTC's Sense innovations.

I like when Google adds sense like features. HTC makes IMO the best skin for Android, and adds some of the most features that people actually use.

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Too it doesnt support profiles. Might use it on my phone, but it doesn't seem like a great option on my Nexus 7 that the kids like to use. But that's usually at home anyway so the location switching isn't that useful.

Nice idea, when they add some more fundamentals (like passwords and media controls) and fix the delay when unlocking this seems to cause (either skips it or loads normally then shows lock screen) it'll be more useful.

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If I was able to manually select the Apps that I want to appear, fine.
Needing to wait for it to "learn" what Apps "should" appear, no thanks.

I'll stick to WidgetLocker.

I like it, but it would be nice to get the notifications on the lock screen. One of the more obvious things I miss from WebOS.

Still the one thing that iOS does better than Android, but I have found LockerPro to be a serviceable, albeit not perfect replacement for lock screen notifications.

Man, I really tried to use it, I know I didn't give it long enough to learn my app usage. But I just can't get into it. :-/


It's good but uninstalled it a few minutes later. It sure is in beta but nice idea

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I don't care how nice it is, I'm not going to leave my phone unsecure for this. If it doesn't lock my phone it isn't a serviceable lock screen.

If your phone is locked, and you try to launch an app from the cover/lock screen, it will take you to your unlock page, after you unlock it, the app will launch.

It is crucial for me to keep my device locked, so I don't think I'll use Cover often, although I do like the design. Perhaps, if there were more wallpaper options, or the ability to use my current image, I'd use this lock screen with Smart App Protector.

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Weird, Cover is now asking for my HTC lock pattern when I slide to open an app, which eases my security concerns a lot. Also, under "custom" I was able to use my current HD wallpaper; however, the image quality is bad.

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Neat idea but just way too much wasted space on the screen. The needs to support widgets so we can add additional content. My other grip it the in ability to pin or exclude apps. I tried it for a few days (per beta email) but gave up on it because of these limitations.

Only time it asks you to enter your password is when trying to enter an app. If you swipe anywhere else it will unlock your device. I don't like that at all, I tried finding a setting in the app but found nothing.

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Why cover beta free not available In India and other Asian countries .I believe it is the best and helpful application for senior citizens.