Think lock screen that learns which apps you use in various locations — home, work, car and out — and floats them to the lock screen as you go about your day, much like Aviate does with your home screens. Pretty slick idea, and it actually does go beyond the lock screen and the full usage of the phone.

It's invite-only for now, so sit back and let the hype flow freely around you. Can't wait to try this, though, especially the sick transition between the lock screen and an app whose shortcut you picked.

Check out one more demo video after the break.

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Cover aims to be a smarter lock screen, is invite-only for now


There's a nice font on that site:-)

you may now quit reading my post-Post forum signature:-)

I signed up as well, but I'm concerned about how this will work with my G2. It better still have double tap. I guess I could look at using Tasker to do it if it doesn't....

It most likely won't. But remember, double tapping the status bar will do the same thing. Its a smaller area to hit, but it works just the same.

Not always true.

If it always has to use gps then sure. But if it can use towers or wifi then not so much.

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The app uses WiFi and cell tower location, not GPS to change the setup. It shouldn't be a battery hog. Still waiting for my invite. Signed up 3 hours ago.

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This looks awesome. Signed up earlier. I think a contextual lockscreen makes much more sense than a having your home screens change constantly.

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At source: cover at the bottom of the page, click the link

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As soon as I downloaded Aviate I searched for a lockscreen to match. Take my money, take my personal info and send me an invite.

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It looks quite interesting. For the moment I don't have a specific need for it now, but later I will probably try it.

Looks & sounds interesting however im another of those that has no use for it at the moment, took me a while to try launchers, and been through a few-Apex, Go launcher, buzz, Apex and Novo to which i found novo to be the best personally speaking lol I like the idea and im sure it will be a success :-)

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It's so cool but I wish it floated up into the air like the commercial

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I seriously thought it was an application with some sort of integrated screen for floating apps. Inner nerd was screaming "Take My Money!!!"

Cool concept, but I wonder how the battery life would be like. Always checking GPS for location seems like a battery whore.

My guess is its cell tower based, not GPS. I have Tasker and it uses similar way to determine location. No problem for battery life.

It uses the gyroscope and accelerometer to detect movement so it doesn't use much battery. Haven't got an invite yet so can't confirm if it is a battery drain or not

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I use Llama to do this. To some extent. It uses radio tower signatures to determine where I am. That combined with WiFi network availability and the clock allows it to know when to switch on or off the sounds, turn down the brightness.

This looks way more slick though and the pop up with "related apps" is seriously cool.

Love it. Looks like a revolution for lockscreens. Hope it works as well as it looks like it does. Cant wait to try it!

OK I can see this as a launcher very much like aviate but lockscreen? Isn't the whole point of a "lock" screen is to be a lock to your phone. This pretty much just makes the lockscreen a home screen.

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I was thinking the same thing. I will try it out with a phone that I'm not actively using right now if I can get an invitation for Cover.

So, if I lose my phone and this is my lockscreen, then what? My phone is not locked?

Um. Can has lock on lockscreen?

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Yes but the peek function is just replaced with shortcuts, you type in your pin and the app opens instead of just looking at it slightly

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I'm confused. How does this app work if I never use the lock screen?

I always set my phone to display just the home screen at all times.
(starting with the Galaxy 2, 3, Note 2, and now Note 3)

Has anyone gotten an invite? I would love to hear how this is working out. I love aviate, and I'm thinking this could be the ultimate combo

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