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Droid Chage launch date

File this under "Tease," but it looks like we might soon get a re-launch date for the Samsung Droid Charge, following the postponement due to some LTE network tomfoolery. Costco's expecting expecting to receive word (presumably from Verizon) on Monday. We know the phones are in hand at retailers nationwide, just waiting to be sold. They just need to be given the green light.

Thanks, anon!

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Costco teases possible Droid Charge re-launch


With a grain of salt, was told by costco wireless today that they have them and will go on sale the 9th.

What news? The MOST and RELIABLE 4G LTE network,just one handset on it and what happen! Goes down,it`s truth VZW the most RELIABLE
after that, I do believe that.Am Sprint where is the all people hate most but still they are behind them 4G and they are the cheapest network. As VZW customer you`r right you did get what you
are paying for, high price and service never acceded Sprint network.It`s a joke the best can`t stay on the top of the game for more than few weeks. Maybe VZW customer need to pay $15 more a month to keep your service.

I have to admit I am a verizon customer and I'm not happy. The phone choices are terrible , there is only 1 4g phone... and even that is overpriced. And the cost of verizon service, is too much. They always try to sell They're coast to coast network ... most people do not leave their hometown very often and to care less what's happening 2000 miles away... much less whether or not they have cell service