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6 years ago

Early version of Samsung Captivate gets an early hands-on


Samsung Captivate

An early version of the Samsung Captivate -- the version of the Galaxy S that's coming to AT&T -- has made its way into a New York City Starbucks, and Engadget give the phone a quick go.

The body is obviously a little different than the Galaxy S that we've had our hands on (a couple times now, actually), but the 4-inch Super AMOLED display certainly looks vibrant here. Again, we've used Super AMOLED, and it's really something you're going to have to see for yourself.

TouchWiz 3.0's on board, just as we've seen before, and Swype was pre-loaded, which is good, since AT&T's had a habit of disallowing applications from outside the Android Market, which means you can't easily get Swype on the side.

We expect the Captivate to be a pretty speedy device, but Engadget didn't have the best results, with the demo phone showing an 800MHz processor instead of the 1GHz model we're told will be on the phone. Again, it's an early piece of hardware, they say, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Need more? Check out video after the break, hit up the source link, and get ready for Samsung's big event next week in New York. [Engadget]

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S will be T-Mobile Vibrant


Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile

With AT&T getting the Samsung Galaxy S as the Captivate, and Motorola unleashing a slew of high-end devices on Verizon, we can see why you T-Mobile fans may be feeling a wee bit antsy. But no worry. The Galaxy S is coming to T-Mobile as the Vibrant (or T959 if you're into the number thing). As for when? July 21 is looking to be the date of record, though nothing official has been announced yet. Think you can wait a month for 4 inches of Super AMOLED goodness? [via CellPhone Signal]

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6 years ago

Latest Froyo build isn't final -- but you already knew that, right?


Froyo FRF72

Everybody's favorite Googler, Ry Guy, is back in the Nexus One forums to reiterate something -- the FRF72 build of Android 2.2 for the Nexus One that popped up over the weekend is not the "official" or "final" build. But you already knew this, right? Let's think it through:

  • FRF72 wasn't actually pushed out to the public. Just like with the first build, FRF50, this one was pushed to a few phones, and the download location was discerned and then passed around. If the build is not pushed out to the masses, it's not "official" or "final," now is it?
  • FRF72 is not a full ROM -- it's a bunch of patches, really. And since FRF50 isn't an "official" or "final" build, and FRF72 is patches, then FRF72 isn't an official build, now is it?
  • It's probably pretty likely that when the "official" or "final" build of Froyo is released for the Nexus One, Google might, you know, announce it or something.

As for Ry Guy, here's what he tell us:

Hey guys,

Just dropping in to let you know that the FRF72 build that is floating around is not the official update. The Android team is feverishly working to get a final version out the door, but like passion-ate has mentioned this will only happen once a release candidate meets our quality criteria.

Since today is the Summer Solstice, we know things will be heating up a bit so hopefully Froyo will be on its way shortly. Thanks for your continued patience!

As for us, here's what we say: Have patience. We're excited for everyone to get Android 2.2. And you should be excited, too. But better to have a good update than one that's half-baked. When Froyo's ready, Google will let us all know. It won't be a secret. Trust us. [Nexus One forums via XDA Developers]

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S rooted, but it ain't easy


The good news: A rooted kernel has been hacked onto the Samsung Galaxy S, which is good because we're expecting a spate of devices from Sammy any time now in the U.S. The bad news: T'wasn't easy. Some are reporting bootloops, others are getting things to work with some quick commands during the bootloop. But rooted it is, and we're sure the process will get fleshed out some before the screaming hordes of Galaxy S owners head our way. [SamDroid via @paulobrien]

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6 years ago

The Dell Streak shows off its bluetooth support in style


Dell Streak using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard

In another display of Android awesomeness, the Dell Streak shows off it's skills by using a full size Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.  Not just any keyboard and mouse though, this time around we're seeing it drive an Apple wireless keyboard and a Magic Mouse.  I'll bet someone in Cupertino isn't very happy about this, but here at Android Central we're loving it.

Even better, it's doing this out of the box -- no hacking or wizardry needed.  Combine with the Streak's 5-inch screen with a real keyboard and mouse and it looks like a tiny little desktop computer.  Should be awfully nice to reply to all your e-mail with this rig though.  Check out the rest of the pics and see a video in action after the break. [Streak Smart via [Engadget]

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6 years ago

SlingPlayer out of beta, available for $30



SlingPlayer Mobile – the insanely awesome, innovative, and whimsical TV app for Android is finally out of beta testing and is available in the Android Market for $29.99. You're going to need a Slingbox somewhere, of course, but the app should work on just about any Android phone. Supported Slingboxes are the Slingbox SOLO, Slingbox PRO, or Slingbox PRO-HD. Considering you can access any of your home TV channels via your Android phone, that $30 one-time fee they’re asking seems pretty fair. [Market link]

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6 years ago

Adobe releases Flash 10.1 to partners as content providers line up


Adobe Flash

Adobe today announced that it has released Flash 10.1 to its mobile platform partners. This includes Android, BlackBerry, webOS, future versions of Windows Phone, LiMo, MeeGo and Symbian OS.

Of course, we've been using Flash 10.1 in its beta form for a month now, on the early builds of Android 2.2. Flash 10.1 for Android will be made readily available as a free download once Froyo is released to the public. (Nope, still don't know when that will be. Sorry.) Adobe does mention a slew of devices that it expects to get Froyo, including the Dell Streak, Google Nexus One, HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, DROID by Motorola, Motorola Milestone and Samsung Galaxy S. Hardly a surprising list, indeed.

What will you do once you have Flash? Check out the list of content providers Adobe already has lined up:

AgencyNet, AKQA, Armor Games, Blitz,, HBO, JustinTV, Kongregate, Mochi Media, Msnbc Digital Network, Turner, Nickelodeon, Odopod, Photobucket, RAIN, Roundarch, Sony Pictures, South Park Studios, USA Network, Viacom, Warner Brothers

That's plenty of gaming and video goodness to go around. But what's all this mean for you right now? It's another step -- and a big one -- toward getting Flash 10.1 on your Android phone. But first we've got to get Froyo finished and shipped. Full presser after the break. [Adobe]

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6 years ago

Are you deserting Android for iPhone 4?


Android and iPhone

Android's ranks have grown over the past few months, that's for certain. We've bolstered our numbers with former members of the CrackBerry Nation, with iPhone faithful, the patient Palmsters and the long-suffering (OK, let's just call 'em "really, really patient") Windows Mobile users.

Any regrets? It stands to reason that one or two of you (and we know who you are) are going to defect back to the realm of Apple. And while we hate to see you do it (again, we know where you sleep), we'd like you to steer you away from some of the more nefarious sites out there, and instead point you toward our pals at TiPB, who have a handy guide for leaving the newest and greatest operating system and switching back to the OS that just got multitasking, doesn't let you have wallpaper and for whom tethering is still mainly a pipe dream. Anyhoo, check out TiPB's Guide for Switching from Android to iPhone 4. And tell 'em Android Central sent ya.

Are you deserting Android for the new iPhone?online survey

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6 years ago

Android quick app: SoundHound


There always comes a time when you hear a song, but can’t figure out the name of it, or who it’s by. Luckily, your Android phone’s got you covered. Simply open up SoundHound, press the big orange button and presto: you’re song, who it’s by, where to find it, videos, lyrics, and even a link to the Amazon MP3 file are all available at your fingertips. My personal favorite feature has to be the ‘Sing and Hum’ recognition which means if you can carry the tune, then SoundHound can recognize it – now that’s innovation! Another cool thing we liked was that it automatically saves any search you do within the app allowing for easy referencing if need be. Now, that’s a lot of features, and to put the icing on the cake, the company has just released a free version which gives you five “ID’s” to start with. If you feel like it, you can also earn more credits by Tweeting your songs, which we thought was pretty fair if you didn’t want to pay $4.99 for the premium version. After the break are some screenshots, so be sure not to miss them. Free version: [Market Link | AppBrain] Paid version: [Market Link | AppBrain]

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6 years ago

Wireless N support unlocked on the HTC Evo (unofficialy, of course)


HTC Evo 4G wireless signal

That's more like it.  We know that the HTC Evo  does not have the best reputation when it comes to WiFi support.  That could very well be a thing of the past now that another of those HTC hacking geniuses has figured how to unblock 802.11 n support.  We're not even sure why support was disabled in the first place, as the same chip that supports wireless n on a Nexus One running Froyo is being used on the Evo (and the Incredible, and Desire), but it was.  Through some careful hex editing the driver was ripped apart and support for high throughput and better range that comes with wireless n was added back in. 

Speeds seem about the same (it is still a phone after all and we can only expect so much) but range and signal stability appears to be better, and my setup has it connected as a wireless n device.  I sure notice a difference in my recliner work chair, especially where stability is concerned.  Check out the source link and give it a try, it's a relatively painless operation and an easy roll back is provided as well.  [Xda-developers] Thanks Keith!

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6 years ago

Not so secret Droid X Twitter page found


Droid Landing 

Remember that slightly creepy Droid X commercial from this morning? It just got a little creepier, with a few backward subliminal messages tossed in -- including a Twitter account that you can follow, @DroidLanding. While it doesn't yet have any tweets, it appears as though what's to come could be worthy of a follow. One of the most interesting things shown on the site is the bio, which reads:

The next generation of does is coming soon, but you might get yours before that. Droid X phones are hidden across the country. Follow us for clues.

You may want to take 30 seconds to click that little follow button, the time could pay off for you. [via BerryScoop]

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6 years ago

HTC Aria available now on AT&T



AT&T's second Android phone, the HTC Aria, is now available for purchase. You can buy it direct from AT&T for $129.99 after $100 rebate, or you can find it other notable online sources for considerably less (read: free). While the specs on the Aria don't exactly match up with some of the newer phones we've seen, the results we've seen on benchmarks show that this phone is more than capable of holding its own. [AT&T wireless]

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6 years ago

Screen showdown -- AMOLED vs. LCD vs. SAMOLED in direct sunlight


Line-up Samsung Galaxy S, SE X10, HTC Desire

AMOLED screens look amazing, whether the 3.5 inch variety or something a little bigger like the new breed of television sets.  Their big letdown when compared to traditional LCD displays has been the washed out hazy look when viewed in direct sunlight.  Samsung has been touting the virtues of Super AMOLED ever since we first had a chance to see the Galaxy S at MWC, saying that the newer generation will be much more readable in the sun.  No, we still haven't been able to get our hands on one to test it ourselves, but you lucky folks across the pond have had the Galaxy S for a few days now, and we finally get to see a matchup of what's currently available in the Android phone screen department.

In the picture above you're looking at (from left to right) the Galaxy S (Super AMOLED), an HTC Desire (AMOLED), and the SE X10 (LCD) all lined up and under the hot Greek sun. Easy to see that the Super AMOLED screen really outshines its older cousin the AMOLED display, and looks to match up really well against the LCD screen.  To be honest, I still would rather not have to work with any of these in the sun, but it's nice to know that I could -- but only if I had a Super AMOLED or LCD display.  Really shows the Achilles heel of AMOLED screens when you line them up like that.   We also have a video after the break if you need a bit more proof that Super AMOLED delivers on the promises. [TechBlog (in Greek) via Engadget]

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6 years ago

U.S. Cellular getting Samsung Acclaim on July 9


Samsung Acclaim on U.S. Cellular

After first being spotted in May, U.S. Cellular has gone and made the Samsung Acclaim all official, with the regional carrier selling the mid-level phone in stores starting July 9. They're also giving away 10 of the phones (you must have had your account since before May 31), so be sure to hit them up for that, too. [Facebook] Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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6 years ago

Droid X video high on tease, creepiness


Verizon Motorola Droid X

Yeah, this Motorola Droid X video's a tad creepy (and doesn't actually show the phone), but it's also getting to be a little tough to contain our excitement. Peep it after the break. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in.)

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