5 years ago

Fanless ASUS Eee PC Running Android on Snapdragon Chipset -- VIDEO



If you're interested in Android Netbooks, we may have the first one to get you excited. What you'll see in the embedded video after the jump is an Asus Eee PC 'smartbook' prototype that runs Android on a 1GHz Snapdragon chipset by Qualcomm (as opposed to the typical Intel Atom chip).

What's so cool about this is not just the Android part, it's that this prototype is fanless. The Snapdragon chipset consumes so little power that there's no need for a fan to cool down the computer! Can you imagine the battery life? The thinness?

Check out the video below if you're interested in this cool Asus Eee PC prototype!


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5 years ago

HTC Hero ROM Demoed on G1, Looks So Good


We can't tell you how haykuro does it but the man is amazing. He continues to feed us video after video detailing the future of Android. In this particular video we get to see more of the sleekness that is the HTC Hero's ROM. It's really a joy to watch. We don't know if we'll ever see this on a consumer Android handset but if there's a way to easily get this onto our devices, we'll definitely sign up.

The video is definitely worth a watch, if only to brighten up your Monday morning.

[via androidguys]

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5 years ago

The Three Different Type of Android Phones



We've been suggesting that there's a difference between Google and Android for quite some time now. And it actually turns out that we were right (kind of)! Specifically, there are three different types of Android phones that can offer three entirely different experiences. So though some Android phones may look exactly alike, they could very well be the same device running three different versions of Android. 

Here's the specifics (NYT):

  • The Obligation Free Option: device manufacturers can download a free version of Android, load it onto their devices and provide access to as many or as few apps as they want. But the manufacturers cannot preload popular Google applications, like Gmail or Google calendar.
  • The Small Strings Option: Same as Option 1, except that manufacturers sign a distribution agreement to include Google applications on the phone. Of the 18 to 20 phones coming out this year, Mr. Rubin said, 12 to 14 subscribe to this option.
  • The Bigger Strips Option (or the No Censorship Version): This option is the "Google Experience" Option. You can determine the phones in these categories by the Google logo (like the T-Mobile G1). Google Applications are included, Android Market access cannot be blocked. Of the phones coming out this year, five or six belong to this category, Mr. Rubin said.

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5 years ago

Koolu Almost Ready to Ship Neo FreeRunner with Android



We've heard a lot of reports about the OpenMoko FreeRunner making its way to Android before, in fact we've already seen it running Android. What's new now is that Koolu, a Canadian company, is less than two weeks away from shipping the device to buyers with a 'full consumer' edition being ready by the summer.

It's definitely been quiet since we first heard about OpenMoko and Android but hey, it was always the logical conclusion, right? But with so many Android devices coming out already, we think it might be a little too late for the FreeRunner to do any damage. There will just be more compelling offerings than an EDGE only device made by a (relatively) unknown company.

Anyone excited?

[via cnet]

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5 years ago

HTC Hero Demoed On Video, To Come in Multiple Colors ?


Unfortunately, the purported promotional video showcasing the HTC Hero has been pulled from Youtube. What we can gather is that the famed 'Rosie' GUI is the main attraction--widgets, new clocks, control bars and more all pop up more than a couple times. Also, it looks like the HTC Hero will be available in 7 different colors: black, white, teal, yellow, pink, mustard, and red. We guess HTC is hoping that the multiple color options will hide the fact that the HTC Hero is a poorly designed device.

It's interesting to know so much about a device that has yet to be officially announced. Reports have pointed to Orange UK being an exclusive carrier but honestly, we don't know other release details. As familiar and excited as we are for the HTC Hero, we highly doubt that we'll pick the Hero over forthcoming Android Phones. How about you guys?

[via androidcommunity]

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5 years ago

Google Ion AKA Free HTC Magic Already Posted on eBay



This was to be expected. After Google gave away free HTC Magics aka the Google Ion at Google I/O, people were bound to put this special edition, possibly Android Dev Phone 2 onto eBay. Users hit quick and capitalized on the lack of an official US HTC Magic to maximize profit--it seems that more than a few people are looking to make a quick buck rather than incorporate a wonderful phone into their daily life.

The prices are pretty amazing considering everyone got one for free at the conference. What would you guys have done, sell the Google Ion on eBay or keep it and use it? Let us know! We think we would have kept it, used it, and sold our T-Mobile G1 instead!


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5 years ago

T-Mobile Finally Officially Rolling Out Android 1.5 Cupcake For G1 Users



Yep. We know we've jumped the gun before in our announcement of a T-Mobile sanctioned Android 1.5 Cupcake rollout (and we were wrong) but this time, it looks pretty certain that Android 1.5 Cupcake is FINALLY officially hitting G1 users in the US.

We personally couldn't wait for T-Mobile to roll out to our G1, choosing to manually install it ourselves. Is anyone still waiting for Cupcake via T-Mobile? Let us know! (And let us hope that this is for real, for real!).

thanks everybody for letting us know!

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5 years ago

Android Is Officially Coming To Verizon



We know a lot of you guys wanted it, we know a lot of you guys have been waiting for it, and the time has finally come: Android is coming to Verizon. Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam announced that yes, Verizon aka Big Red will be carrying Android Devices, possibly as soon as the end of 2009. We don't know what phone manufacturer will offer up the Android goods for Verizon but initial signs are pointing to Motorola.

With Big Red in tow, it looks like all the national US carriers will have a horse in the Android race. This is quickly shaping up to be a fantastic year for Android. We can't wait to see what's next.

How excited are you guys to get a Verizon Android Phone?


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5 years ago

Google Expects 18-20 New Android Phones To Hit the Market By 2009



We're quickly learning that Google isn't playing around when it comes to Android--they fully expect Android to become the future pseudo-standard for all smartphones. And in order to become that relevant, Android is going to need more devices. At Google I/O, we have news that Google is expecting 18-20 NEW Android Phones to hit the market by the end of 2009. Yeah. Eighteen to Twenty Android Phones in 2009. Say it with us: oh. em. gee.

Sadly, Google expects more Android devices to hit in foreign (read: non US) countries first with US releases to lag behind the world. Why? Because US carriers seem to be a bit pickier when it comes to final firmware, customization, and the like. There wasn't any specific manufacturers named but man, 18 to 20 after months with only 1 Android Device? Simply A-Mazing.

Looks like 2009 is shaping up to be what we expected it to be!

[via gizmodo]

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