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6 years ago

Going to ask Sprint about Froyo? Here's what they'll tell you


Sprint Froyo updates

Sprint's been more vocal than others about working on Froyo updates for its phones, whether it's a blog post, or taking to Twitter. But if you're thinking about bugging someone on the phone or in a store, you're not likely to get anywhere. Above is a memo that went out yesterday regarding the Samsung Epic 4G and Transform, and the Sanyo Zio. Clearly, there's no date scheduled for Froyo to ship, so don't ask.

You will, however, hear that Sprint "works closely with our manufacturing partners" in getting updates out the door and "as quickly as possible" and all the usual bullet points. No surprise there, other than the Zio's possibly going to get Froyo. We were on the fence about the Transform, but it's listed, too, so there you go.

Sprint's said it, and we'll say it again, too -- it'll be ready when it's ready.

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6 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for Jan. 22, 2011



Have you poked around in the Android Market recently? Unable to find an application that suites your needs due to the incredible amount of apps in the market? Well, have no fear, your friends here at Android Central are back at it again with another weekly rendition of our favorite app picks, so let's hit the jump and see what they are this week!

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6 years ago

Teaser video suggests Galaxy Tab 2


We know "something big is coming" from Samsung at Mobile World Congress in a few short weeks. And if this leaked teaser video (which almost looks unfinished) is any indication (and if it's real), we could well be looking at a Galaxy Tab 2. The rumor mill's got it coming with a Tegra 2 processor, and nobody can make up their minds on the screen tech.

And by the way, that SamsungUnpacked site has changed slightly, with word of an invite-only event Feb. 13, and open event Feb. 14. Guess we'll have to go to Barcelona to find out what's what. And go we shall. [YouTube via OLED-Display]

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6 years ago

Samsung Fascinate's DL09 update breaks emergency calling for some [video]



This is a big one, folks. The DL09 maintenance update that was recently pushed to the Samsung Fascinate breaks emergency calling -- for some of us, anyway -- when the phone is using a pattern lock. Discovered by SEAKevin from the Android Central Forums, the bug relates to the Emergency Call button when the pattern lock is enabled. Normally, when that button is pressed, the system will allow for E911 calls you having to unlock the phone. We are able to successfully reproduce the bug. 

Instead of being taken to the emergency dialer screen, nothing happens. The dialer only shows after the correct unlock pattern has been entered -- completely defeating the purpose. 

A couple of you are noting in the comments that you're not seeing this, so there might be some variables involved. But the fact that it's happening for anyone certainly is cause for some concern. Video of the bug is after the break. [Android Central Forums] Thanks, SEAKevin!

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6 years ago

Froyo for the Vibrant being updated through Samsung Mini Kies ... Good luck! (Updated with Samsung statement)


Samsung Kies Mini

The good news -- the T-Mobile Vibrant indeed is getting its Froyo update. The bad news -- it looks like (thus far) you have to do it through Samsung's Mini Kies program. That's right, in this day and age of over-the-air updates, you have to plug your phone into a computer to update. Le sigh.

We've only been at it for an hour or so now, and Kies is still seeing our Vibrant as an "Unregistered device." Whatever that means.

You know that Froyo complacency a few of you have accused us of? It's rapidly going away. There's really no excuse for making an update this difficult. [via TMoNews]

 Anyone get this to work yet? We're all over it in this forum thread. Join us.

Update: Samsung just issued the following statement:

Samsung and T-Mobile are pleased to confirm to Samsung Vibrant customers that the Android 2.2 upgrade is now available. Please click here for an FAQ on how to download and install the upgrade.

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6 years ago

Nexus One update, dual core vs. battery life, Atrix support laptop printing? [from the forums]


Android Forums at Android Central

The weekend is upon us once again, finally. Lots of exciting stuff has gone down this week so be sure to click back and catch up on anything you may have missed. Especially the podcast, it was pretty awesome. Be sure to hit up the forums and check out what's happening. Hope you all have a great weekend!

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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6 years ago

Motorola Xoom accessories show up in Verizon's system


Motorola Xoom Cases

You want some actual news about accessories to go along with the initial pricing info for the Motorola Xoom tablet, eh? We've got you covered. Above is what Verizon apparently will have on hand, and it's quite the portfolio. You've got a camera kit cable (oooh, fancy), a media dock and advanced HDMI dock, silicone cases, travel charger and car charger. Everything a budding Android tableteer could need, we reckon. Thanks, K!

Update: Tweaked the headline. The accessories have been listed on Moto's website but are just now in Verizon's system. Thanks, Kellen!

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6 years ago

Android 2.3.2 update for the Nexus S rolling out


Nexus S

The Nexus One isn't the only phone getting an OTA today, the Android 2.3.2 update has started rolling out to the Nexus S as well.  It's small ( only about 600 kb or so) and while we're not 100 percent sure, it looks like these updates are to address the SMS bug.

We haven't been blessed by Google with the update on our Nexi just yet, so we're on the lookout for the download link.  If you feel like helping in the search, grab Alogcat from the market (link after the break), install it and run the app after you get the update message, but before you run the update.  Save the output, and contact us. [Android Central forums] Thanks Droid800!

Update:  Here's that link we were looking for.  You know the drill, rename it to, drop it in your internal storage, and apply from recovery.  If you hit any snags, holler out in the Nexus S forums. Thanks for the link Anon!

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6 years ago

Copied code not in Android source after all (updated)


what copied code?

You might have stumbled across a story or two on the web today about Florian Mueller from FOSSpatents finding 43 more files in the Android source that look to be copied from Sun.  I know I did, and had a heart wrenching editorial all ready to go, all about Google's open source strategy in their fight against Oracle, how it might fail, and how I was going to shave my beard and cry.

Then I stumbled across Ed Burnette's story on ZDNet.

All the fuss, all the hysteria, and most importantly all the cries against Google proclaiming them as thieves aren't what they seem.  There are two sets of files in question -- a series of seven (,,,,,, and that contain proprietary code from Sun, and do exist, but they are in the unit test area of the AOSP source tree.  This means they are only used to test software after it's built, and before it's shipped.  To be clear -- these files are not used to build Android, nor are the shipped with Android.  To take things a step further, these files were published by Sun on their own website to assist developers to test and debug -- exactly what Google is using them for.

The other 37 files exist as well, but are inside a zip file in an area of the source tree used for one particular audio chipset.  These files look like they were uploaded by mistake, and also aren't used to build Android or ship with any Android devices.  These will probably just be deleted from the tree, as they don't do anything.

One more anti-Android story proven false and put out to pasture.  Let's get ready for the next one, because everyone wants to see some of those beautiful, green Android dollars. [ZDNet]

ref. links -- FOSS patents; Engadget

Update: Before anybody starts nailing anybody to anything, please read Engadget's excellent update on whole situation.

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6 years ago

Nexus One Android 2.2.2 update pushing out -- Build FRG83G


Nexus One Update

Word on the street and in the Android Central Forums (same difference, really) is that the Nexus One is in the midst of an update to Android 2.2.2 -- build FRG83G. Nope, not Gingerbread yet. The new Froyo version is a scant 558kb, which Google says "contains important bug fixes."

We're checking it out right now. (Here's the manual download location for those who like that sort of thing.) In the meantime, everybody into the forums! Thanks to everyone who sent this in! 

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6 years ago

Minimum advertised prices set for Motorola Xoom ($799) and HTC Thunderbolt ($249)


Motorola Xoom, HTC Thunderbolt pricing

We just got hit with the news of the minimum advertised price for the Motorola Xoom Android tablet and HTC ThunderBolt LTE smartphone on Verizon. Looks like the Xoom will be going for $799 -- we have to assume that's unsubsidized. The HTC Thunderbolt is listed at $249, a more subsidy-friendly number.

That doesn't mean those are the exact prices we'll see at launch -- and we still don't know when that is for either device. But it's a bit of a starting point. One more pic after the break. Thanks to the the tipsters!

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6 years ago

Samsung Gem appears once again, this time on the Samsung website


We've had a few run ins with the Samsung Gem in the past. Looking destined for Verizon, then outted by Best Buy, which was later retracted. This time around though, Samsung is giving the little guy all the love by having posted the SCH-i100 Gem right up on their website. Of course, in doing so they also laid out all the specs for those who somehow might still be interested in this device.

  • Android 2.1
  • 3.2MP Camera
  • 800MHz processor
  • 850/1900MHz CDMA
  • GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 3.2-inch touch display with WQVGA resolution

Also included is the Swype keyboard technology and Samsungs Social hub is baked right in. Neither availability dates or any carriers are associated to the device. It just appears that Samsung wanted to add yet another device to their website even if it never ends up on a carrier. [Samsung via PhoneScoop]

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6 years ago

Sideload apps on your AT&T phones using Linux [How-To]


Designed for Linux

As Android gets more popular and mainstream, new users are coming out of the woodwork!  I'm very happy to say that a portion of those users are running Linux on their desktops, and they're hungry to learn the things we try to teach all you Windows users.  Since we have more than a few Linux-using Advisers and senior members in the forums, this is something we're more than happy to do.  And we're going to start with something that's pretty important to me -- sideloading apps on phones that have been altered.

It's not hard, it's all done through the terminal using commands you can cut and paste, and the setup from start to finish is laid out pretty clearly.  Check it out in the forums, and be on the lookout for more Linux tips and tricks from Android Central.  And if you're not a Linux user, but need to get your sideload on, check out the Sideload Wonder Machine for Windows.

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6 years ago

Trapster user e-mails and passwords might have been compromised


We've covered Trapster a few times here in the past but they seem to of have had a run in with some hackers as of late. Recently Trapster has been sending e-mails out to users letting them know hackers may have comprised the Trapster database:

"The Trapster team has recently learned that our website has been the target
of a hacking attempt, and it is possible that your email address and password were compromised.  We have taken, and continue to take, preventative measures to avoid future incidents but we are recommending that you change your Trapster password.  As always, Trapster recommends that you use distinctive passwords for each site you visit, but if you use the same password on Trapster that you use on other services, we recommend that you change your password on those services as well."

If you have any questions, you'll want to reach out to Trapster, and if you are a Trapster user please, be sure to change up your password as soon as possible. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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6 years ago

Vodafone UK's LG Optimus 2X free on contract, available March 21


 LG Optimus 2X free on contract

British retailer Expansys UK is offering the LG Optimus 2X for the low price of free when paired with a Vodafone UK contract. The phone itself is listed as being available starting Mar. 21 but it would seem that eager customers can pre-order it now. The pricing on contracts starts at £30.65 for a two year plan with 300 minutes, unlimited text messages, and a paltry 500MB data allowance. For those of you who want the Tegra 2 powered phone unlocked, be prepared to pony up £499. [Expansys UK via UnwiredView]

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