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6 years ago

AppBrain update allows sending of links, wallpapers to your phone


 New AppBrain features

AppBrain has just updated its website and Android app to allow users to send text, URLs, and even wallpapers right to their phone from their browser of choice. Sending text or URLs copies it to your clipboard, so you just need to long-press somewhere to paste the text. As for wallpapers, you can enter in the URL location of the image or upload one yourself and it will be automatically sent to your phone and set as the background. The image I tested this on was quite large, but the process went so fast that it was already on my phone by the time my hand could go from my mouse to the wake button on my DInc. Impressive, to say the least.

These features should make a great replacement for Chrome to Phone for anyone not on Froyo, so go check it out now. Links to the app are after the break, and anyone with an account can goto their "My Apps" page to see the new features in the toolbar along the right side. [AppBrain]

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6 years ago

Android Central Podcast Episode 33


Audio-only stream below

Phil, Jerry and Cory tackle the day of reckoning -- a dozen Android smartphones released in 24 hours, including the Motorola Droid Pro on Verizon. Plus, a bonus chat about "openness" with Rene Ritchie from

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6 years ago

Google Listen gets an update (or how to file a bug report)


Google Listen

We've all used software that would be oh-so-perfect if that one nasty bug got squashed, and Lance Gilmore, Product Operations Manager at T-Mobile, is no exception.  Apparently, I'm not the only person with a shiny new G2 that has been having problems with Google Listen asking for a Gmail account after I've already entered it, nor are the other folks reporting the bug over at the Google Listen discussion list.  But lo and behold, Lance gets results.  In other words -- Lance Does.  Google Listen received an update to fix this particular bug mere hours after someone with a better title than "Hillbilly Blogger" chimed in on the issue.  So if you were seeing this problem, update and give it a try.

Authors note: This one's satire folks.  I'm pretty sure the good people at Google Labs were working on the issue long before Mr. Gilmore arrived on the scene.  I'm also sure big G and Mr. Gilmore will be good sports about it.  And if not, you'll see my post about my self destructing G2 in the very near future!  [Google listen-discuss]

And p.s.: If Google would like to go ahead and update its podcast index to add the World's Greatest Android Podcast Ever, that would be nice, too.

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6 years ago

Desire HD Hands On


 HTC Desire HD

The Desire HD. File this one under "things we'd love to see in the United States," which is another way of saying "We'd like to see AT&T offer some seriously high-end Android smartphones not called Samsung Captivate." You probably heard of the Desire HD as the "EVO 4G for Europe" and while that's not far from the truth, the addition of the Sense 2.0 Cloud features as well as the subtle updates throughout Sense (like a most-recently-used list of apps in the notification dropdown) add up to a new package that surpasses the EVO 4G experience by a slim margin.

Also surpassing the EVO 4G by a slim margin: the overall design and feel of the Sense HD. It feels just a bit more solid and the subtle touches on the back of the phone show that HTC often does a better job presenting a unique package before they make deals with carriers.

In any case, while the FCC has approved the Desire HD for US shores, the lack of US-compatible 3G makes it hard to justify the import. US Citizens have to settle for looking forward to this kind of hardware and software design in the future - assuming of course that if the Sprint ID, carrier-based skin strategy for Android doesn't take over.

Grab a few more photos after the break!

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6 years ago

T-Mobile on G2 modification, and the community's response to it


T-Mobile has released its official response to the G2 "rootkit" controversy with a very short press release.  It doesn't really say anything the development community hasn't already figured out -- the G2 was built in a way that provides a safety rollback in case the system gets corrupted.  The response does state that it's a software issue, and the buck was passed along to HTC.  You can read the mini-presser after the break, but one question I feel a need to ask -- if the "subset of highly technical users who may want to modify and re-engineer their devices at the code level" is so small, why spend the money to prevent them from owning the hardware they paid $499.99 plus taxes for? 

In the interest of being fair and balanced (and a little smarmy) I'll also present the response of one highly respected member of the Android development community:

Seriously, @HTC @TMobile your little G2 "omg no hackers" thing is a joke, we're very close. Just need kernel source, GPL ring a bell?

The G2 is a great phone.  In fact, I think it's the best Android phone I've ever used.  T-Mobile customer care went above and beyond to help me get everything switched over.   Don't make me regret buying it. [T-Mobile, @ChrisSoyars]

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6 years ago

Waze 2.0 brings custom groups and more



Driving is a tricky thing at times, make one wrong directional decision and you could be stuck in hours of traffic. Waze is a great application that brings users to skip the rush. This application, which was recently just update to version 2.0, allows drivers to report accidents, traffic back ups, road closures and more, and others can then view them in real time to know where not to go.

With this update they brought a great new feature which they call Local Driving Groups which allows brands and media a way to tap into certain groups of users and engage them in a more meaningful way. Whether you are a heavy traveler, or just a casual driver around the town, this application is a must have to keep you in the know, and to be able to report to others if you are the unlucky one stuck in the jam. Download link after the break.

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6 years ago

Stay fit with My24



Healthy lifestyles are important to many people, and with hectic lives, and always being on the go it can be difficult to maintain without proper tools. The folks at 24 Hour Fitness have launched an application, My24, which allows users to keep track of all their fitness needs on the go. While the application was developed for the members of their club, it is also available to the general public without any log in information required.

Users will be able to have quick access at their fingertips to the club finder, club details and class schedules with the click of a button, in addition to an extensive video library that will help them understand how to use the machines and maximize their workouts. Additionally users will be able to track their Body Mass Index, calories burned during workouts and a daily calorie calculator so it is easy to tell if your consumption is in a healthy range. Applications promoting personal fitness and ways to assist have become rather popular, and there are several options, but if you are looking for something with extra functionality, and a clean interface be sure to give My24 a shot. Download information after the break. [via BusinessWire]

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6 years ago

Adobe AIR for Android now available


 Adobe AIR for Android

We showed you video last month of what Adobe has in store for Android with Adobe AIR apps. And AIR is now available for Android, downloadable in the Android Market. This opens up a whole new segment of apps for Android users, folks. And cross-platform apps, at that, as we saw in another recent demo.

The download is just the runtime (and, yeah, you need Froyo), so most of us non-coding types can't really do anything with it just yet. But be on the lookout for AIR apps soon, we hope. And for sure we'll have some demos when they hit.

Update: We've mentioned it before, and it bears repeating: AIR apps will be available in the Android Market and install just like any other app. For you dev types, Adobe platform evangelist Ryan Stewart explains in a blog post.

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6 years ago

Firefox for Android hits Beta status


 Firefox for Android

Android 2.0+ The development of Firefox for Android -- for all mobiles, actually, has been a long one. And today, it's finally reached beta status for Android. Again, that's beta -- not a full-fledged release, so there may still be bugs about. Keep that in mind. We're going to go give it a spin and check in later after some quality playtime. Download now at [Mozilla]

Have questions? Ask them in our Mozilla Firefox developer forums

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6 years ago

Droid 2 Global placeholder page goes up, uses Droid Pro specs (updated)


Motorola Droid 2 Global

The as-yet unannounced Droid 2 Global has sneaked onto Motorola's website. If the specs are correct, we're looking at the fastest official processor an Android phone has seen thus far. 

From Motorola's website:

The Droid 2 Global is the latest work/play phone powered by Android 2.2. A 1.2 GHz processor and Quad Band capabilities allow calls to over 200 countries, and texting  on a redesigned QWERTY keyboard. Business ready security lets you cross the globe with confidence and speed.

This device is very likely to be sporting the same hardware as the Droid 2 (and Droid X), just with global options and a 1.2GHz processor and 5MP camera an dual flash.  Android 2.2 is also there (natch), as is Swype, a 1420 mAh battery, Wifi b/g/n.

Note that this preview page could very well be a placeholder and the specs could change. Needless-to-say though, this device excites us and travelers who have been longing for a high-end world phone on Verizon. [Motorola, Phone Scoop] Thanks, Cesar!

Update: Yeah. These are pretty much the same specs as the recently announced Motorola Droid Pro. See for yourself here. It's possible that it's really a 3.1-inch device with a 320x480 touchscreen, but we're not betting on it. Still, that's a pretty good sign that the Droid 2 Global is coming, folks.

Update 2: And ... the Droid 2 Global page is down. Again, we're pretty sure this was just a quickie placeholder that nobody was meant to see, thus the confusion in screen size. But let's hope that processor is still real.

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6 years ago

Motorola Bravo Hands On [Video]


 Motorola Bravo

Of the set of new phones Motorola announced for AT&T, the Motorola Bravo is probably the best. The Bravo's specs are basically the new de-facto standard for mid-range Android phones: Android 2.1 device running the MotoBlur interface tied to an 800MHz processor with 512MB of RAM with a 3.7" screen and Motorola's favorite 'don't-call-it-non-standard-cause-it's-on-the-droid' resolution of 480x854. The camera is sadly only 3 megapixels, however.

At $129.99 after contract (and 'before the holidays'), that's the kind of phone we pretty much expect. It's a solid phone with some nice curves, but truth be told we'd probably still rather have a Samsung Captivate - at least it has a dedicated search button on the bottom, a supremely curious omission on the Bravo given that it has no physical keyboard on which to place said search button - as on its Flipside and Flipout siblings.

Maybe the ovoid shape has you smitten, however. If so, be sure to see the photos and demo video spotlighting some MotoBlur features after the break!

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6 years ago

More leaked shots of the Verizon Merge/Lexikon [video]


Verizon Merge

What have we here?  Why it's more pictures of Verizon's upcoming Merge/Lexikon, which apparently are being shopped around to several Android blogs. (Hi, other blogs!)  Nothing too new here, as it's all stuff we've already seen in our exclusive hands-on with the Merge, photo gallery, benchmark tests and comparison with the Droid 2. But new pics are always nice, so check 'em out after the break, along with a video of the boot up sequence. (Submitted via the Android Central App)

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6 years ago

Titanium Backup Pro now available on the Market


Titanium Backup Pro

Now that Google has enabled the full Market for quite a few more countries, some great applications that were previously only available through third party sources have shown up for sale.  Titanium Backup Pro is one of them.  If you're any type of hacker, ROM junkie, or just prudent and want to keep your own backup, you've heard of (and probably used) Titanium Backup.

It's a great tool that has saved my bacon more than once, and I know I'm not alone.  I didn't have any problem buying the Pro license via PayPal, but there's a lot of you that for one reason or another weren't comfortable with that, or just couldn't do it.  Now's your chance to support the developer, and unlock all the great extras that come with the pro version -- dropbox sync support, batch one-click restore, and more.  It will be the best six bucks you've spent on the Market.  Download link after the break!

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6 years ago

Vlingo InCar -- a complete hands free solution for Android


Vlingo InCar

The Vlingo Corp has announced that Vlingo InCar beta is now available for users on the Sprint network.  I don't even try to hide the fact that I love Vlingo, out of all the voice command/control applications available, it's the only one that works for me.  Now with the InCar beta, I can have the same control over my Evo using my voice, without hitting any icons or buttons.  Once you start the new InCar beta version of Vlingo, you can enter complete hands free mode by pressing the Wake-up Command button, then say "Hey Vlingo" to start entering my voice commands.  Awesome.

Worth a note here -- the new beta of Vlingo InCar is only available on the Market for Sprint subscribers for now, but Vlingo encourages folks on other carriers to go here and express interest in Vlingo InCar beta on their network.  Let's all do that m'kay?  There's a video, the full press release and some more screenshots after the break. [Vlingo]

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6 years ago

Hacked Skype app allows 3G calling


Look what happens when you release Skype to the masses. They go ahead and change it so anyone can make calls over 3G. The app once exclusive to Verizon customers only, went live the other day for any Android user running Android 2.1 and above. 

User xeudoxus at DroidForums decided he didn't like the idea of a WiFi only Skype app. So, he went ahead and well -- fixed it. Now, whether this is the most ethical or even legal change to an app, we're not quite sure. If you're brave enough to give it a shot (and don't mind a little gray-market software), give it a shot. [DroidForums]

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