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Andy Rubin Gets Interviewed, Says Android is Revolutionary



If you don't know Andy Rubin (the man pictured above), you should. He's the brainchild behind this whole Android movement and his direction is what guides our favorite smartphone OS. So when Andy Rubin speaks, the entire Android user base should listen--what he says can very well dictate what's in store for the future of Android.

Andy Rubin discusses a ton of different topics in his CNET interview, mostly regarding smartphones and of course, Android. He talks about staying open, the goal of Android, a 'GooglePhone', Android 1.5, business models, China, and so much more. It's a really good read--if only to pick the brain of Android User 1.

Hit the jump to see some of Andy Rubin's better quotables!


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5 years ago

Acer A1 Android Phone Coming in Late 2009



Acer's rumored Android phone, the A1, has popped up numerous times before. And according to previous reports, the Acer A1 Android Phone has been targeted for a Late 2009 for quite some time. So when Reuters reported that an Acer-built Android phone was coming, we barely blinked an eye. What piqued our interest, however, is that the head of Acer's phone division pretty much confirmed that Acer is going to be in the Android game. Nothing like a good old exec spilling the beans.

But there's nothing really new here, just further 'confirmation' that an Acer Android phone is coming in late 2009. Let's hope it's a good first effort!


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5 years ago

Sony Ericsson Needs 100 Million Euros to Survive, Should Look at Android



Expecting a company to do what's best for their company is growing increasingly rare these days. Case in point: Sony Ericsson recently posted some horrific financial numbers in the last quarter and just recently the CFO of Sony Ericsson claimed that it'll need to raise 100 million Euros (approx. 135 million dollars) this year to simply stay afloat. Yet, they're is still no official confirmation regarding an Android device.

How does such failure happen? Well in this instance, Sony Ericsson's failure was caused by falling product demand and a "gap" in their product portfolio. We at Android Central believe that they bungled the Xperia X1 launch and are further digging themselves a hole with no official Android announcement. So hey Sony Ericsson! Listen to us, take a long and serious look at Android and knock it out the part. We believe in you.

[via engadget]

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5 years ago

How To Manually Install Android 1.5 Cupcake Without Rooting Your Device


Just like you guys, we're beginning to lose our patience with the whole Android 1.5, Cupcake, T-Mobile US, T-Mobile G1 debacle. A lot of us have been waiting for months (some of us since the very beginning!) to get the update and T-Mobile continues to delay the release of Cupcake. Frankly, it's not fun anymore. We wanted Cupcake yesterday.

So if you're sick of waiting and eager to try out Cupcake, there is a workaround that allows you to manually update your G1 to Android 1.5. Don't worry, there's no root access required and it's a relatively straightforward process. How this particular method works is it uses the UK version of Android 1.5 to install onto your US T-Mobile G1. And according to multiple users, it really does work (with some sacrifices).

Here's how:

  1. Head over to the T-mobile Forums to download the UK version of Android 1.5 Cupcake
  2. Put the downloaded file into your SD card
  3. Turn ur phone off and re-boot it holding the home button
  4. When you see the triangle hit alt+L
  5. Then alt+S
  6. Press home and back when it tells you to (to reboot your phone)
  7. It'll say installing Radio after you hit home+back (thats normal)
  8. It'll reboot a couple times and after you see the new Android loading screen, you've got Cupcake. 
  9. When Android 1.5 for the US comes out repeat the process with the US download

Note: if you do decide to use this method to get Cupcake, know that you'll be missing a few US-specific features such as: Voice Search, Native Chat, Amazon MP3, etc. We're also not sure on whether the Android Market in this process will be the UK version or the US. Otherwise, you can test drive Cupcake to see if it measures up to everything you've been waiting for.

The official T-Mobile US release should be coming out soon! Hopefully this method can keep you guys from storming T-Mobile's offices and demanding Cupcake.

thanks for the tip bigfoot85t!

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5 years ago

Motorola's 'Morrison' is a T-Mobile Android Device



We had previously reported on the leaked T-Mobile 2009 roadmap that showcased T-mobile's Android plans for 2009 specifically, the G1 v2 aka Bigfoot and the Samsung Houdini. If you remember correctly, there were black boxes blocking out certain devices in that picture but according to TmoToday, those boxes were covering the Motorola Android Device--the 'Morrison'.

Details of the Moto Morrison are unknown. From the image above it looks like the Morrison will be a slider-type device. Unlike devices like the Palm Pre, the Morrison looks to continue the horizontal slider trend of Android devices. Other than that, we know pretty much nothing about the Morrison. If these release dates are to be believed, you can expect the Morrison to be available during the holiday season.

Come on Motorola, we have faith in you. Put out an amazing Android device please!

[via tmotoday]

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5 years ago

T-Mobile Voices Concern About LTE and 4G


T-Mobile (Europe, not US) recently discussed its concern with everybody's favorite 4G technology: LTE. In Europe, it seems like T-Mobile has been falling behind in their LTE plans and here in the states AT&T and Verizon have both announced their LTE aspirations while T-Mobile is still focusing on their 3G rollout. So what gives? Is T-Mobile ignoring 4G and LTE altogether?

No. T-Mobile has some serious concerns regarding 4G and specifically LTE. Their first concern is that LTE does not natively support voice. Yeah, voice. As in communicating from one phone to the next. If a phone doesn't support voice then well, it ain't no phone to us. Currently different carriers are offering different solutions to solve the voice problem but T-Mobile has yet to announce what their plans are. Also, T-Mobile is worried about the strain that 4G--which will be capable of downlink speeds of 20mb--will have on their infrastructure. And finally, business and profitability issues are of concern: intellectual property, owning spectrum, deployments, and other yawn-inducing terminology we don't care to repeat.

In other words, T-Mobile seems pretty content to see where LTE/4G is headed before they abandon their 3G network. See you on the other side T-Mobile!

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5 years ago

Another Custom Build of Android 'Rosie', Looks Like TouchFlo 3D -- VIDEO


The video above is reportedly a custom HTC build of Android complete with unique aspects and future Android goodies like widgets that really make it look like TouchFlo 3D for Android. If you're unfamiliar with TouchFlo 3D, it's basically a HTC-built user interface that lies on top of Windows Mobile. From our experience with TouchFlo 3D, it basically hides the complexity of Windows Mobile and makes it more "finger friendly".

We're guessing that HTC has similar plans for Android--building a custom user interface on top of Android would bring a certain amount of consistency between HTC platforms. We're not sure if this is a good thing but it certainly looks like HTC has their own plans for Android.

Though the features in the video above doesn't exist yet, it's a good indicator of what's to come from HTC's Android front.

thanks for the tip john!

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5 years ago

More T-Mobile 3G Cities Announced



More T-Mobile 3G cities have been leaked (via TmoNews) and the list of upcoming T-Mobile 3G cities for Q2, Q3 and Q4 of this year is quite expansive--easily over a 100 cities are prepping for T-Mobile 3G.

Hit the jump to see the full list of planned T-Mobile 3G cities! Is your city among the lucky bunch? Let us know!

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5 years ago

New T-Mobile 3G Cities!


The T-Mobile 3G rollout continues! The month of May has T-Mobile 3G coming to four cities. Rockford and Springfield, Illinois should already be enjoying the speed of 3G while Henderson, Nevada and Wichita Falls, Texas just needs to wait a couple days in order to experience the fast data speeds of 3G!

Like we said, slowly but surely T-Mobile is covering the nation in 3G. Hopefully, it's not so slow that 4G will already be prevalent by the time T-Mobile finishes!

[via tmonews]

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5 years ago

Dell Demos Android 1.5 Cupcake on a Dell Mini 10 Netbook


We know that Dell's Mini-line of netbooks is particularly versatile in terms of the different OS's it can run. We also know that our own Android OS is also versatile in terms of the different devices it can be ported to. What we didn't know is that Dell themsevles are testing out multiple OS's--Android included--to see what works best on their netbook line. In the video above, Dell's Doug Anson shows the Dell Mini 10v running three different OS's--one of them is Android 1.5 Cupcake.

Does this mean that Android is going to pop up onto a Dell Mini? Well, nothing is for certain yet but at least you know that Dell is interested in our favorite smartphone OS. In fact, Doug Anson said that Android is a "small and snappy OS" and that it runs "fairly nicely".

We still don't know what to think of Android and netbooks. On one hand we're excited about the potential but on the other, we're not sure a non-touch based solution for Android is desirable. We're very interested in hearing what you guys think about it, so let us know in the comments!

[via androidcommunity]

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