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6 years ago

Dual-screened Kyocera Echo gets official on Sprint: $199 this Spring



After accidentally outing it on their very own website, Sprint has officially announced the Kyocera Echo. It rocks two 3.5-inch screens that can be folded out to form one 4.7" viewing area - or if you like you can "simultask" by running a different app on each screen. Heck, you can put a full QWERTY landscape keyboard on one screen for faster typing. 

Other specs: WiFi b/g, hotspot, 5mp camera, 720p camcorder, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 1GB onboard memory, packed with an 8bg microSD card, 1370mAh battery and it comes with a charging cradle and a spare battery.

You'll nee to pay the extra $10 smartphone-fee that Sprint charges despite the fact that WiMAX 4G is nowhere to be seen. You'll also need to pony up an extra $29.99 / month for that mobile hotspot feature.

They say it'll be available for $199 (presumably on a 2-year contract) in the "spring." More details as we have them - check out our liveblog of the event for more. Full press release is after the break.

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6 years ago

Sprint event liveblog is .. LIVE!



We're live at Sprint's event in New York City, where Sprint says it has "something up its sleeve." Illusionist David Blaine is schedule to appear, as is Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. What will we get? Find out in our liveblog after the break. The show gets on the road at 6 p.m. EST/3 p.m. PST. Join us!

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6 years ago

Viewsonic reportedly spills the beans on Android 2.4



Android 2.4 will retain the "Gingerbread" codename and bridge compatibility with "dual-core" apps written for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, according to rumors attributed to a source at Viewsonic. The reports from Pocket-Lint also suggest that version 2.4 will debut in April on Viewsonic's ViewPad 4.

"According to our source, the release date of version 2.4 has been brought forward to ensure that dual-core apps designed for Honeycomb (v3.0) will be able to work with single-core devices running v2.4. Currently, our man on the inside says that’s not possible with version 2.3 (Gingerbread) hence the need to push to the next iteration and version number, but not change the name. It's most likely to be one of the main reasons we’ve yet to see any major manufacturer gunning to get Android 2.3 handsets out there."

There've been plenty of rumors involving Android 2.4 over the past couple of months. It was snapped on the Xperia Arc at CES, though Sony Ericsson later dismissed this as an error. Videos have also appeared of 2.4 apparently running on a German version of the Nexus S, though so far there's been no official confirmation of Android 2.4's existence.

As ever, though, rumors like this should be taken with a pinch of salt, and launch dates -- especially unannounced and unconfirmed ones -- are always subject to change. [Pocket-Lint]

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6 years ago

Froyo EA11 leaks out for the U.S. Cellular Samsung Mesmerize


Anyone wanting to try out a Froyo leak on your U.S. Cellular Samsung Mesmerize? If so, then today is your lucky day as EA11 has now appeared online. You'll want to follow the guidelines posted up and remember, it is only for U.S. Cellular devices at this point, and you'll need to make use of ODIN. But it's stock and rooted so have at it, if you're down with that sort of thing. Feel free to discuss it in the forums as well. [XDA] Thanks, Greg!

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6 years ago

T-Mobile announces all phones free for Valentine's Day


T-Mobile Valentine's Day sale

T-Mobile wants to share a little love this Valentine's Day, and they are trying to win your heart with free phones.  On Feb. 11 and 12 (hey, that's this weekend!) all phones on T-Mobile will be free.  This includes their high end Android phones like the MyTouch 4G, the T-Mobile G2, and the Samsung Vibrant.

Of course free really means you're tied to a two year agreement, and if you dig a little deeper into the press release you see that "Mail-in rebate card may apply".  But if you were planning on sticking with T-Mobile for two years anyway, might as well score a free Android phone out of the deal.  The full press release is after the break. [T-Mobile]

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6 years ago

Toshiba Honeycomb tablet website goes live



Back in January we got a hands-on look at Toshiba's upcoming Honeycomb-based tablet (which, of course, was still running Froyo at the time).  Now, we all can take virtual look at it as Toshiba has put up a page for the upcoming tablet. Not too much new information here, and it's still nameless, but there is a nice video and flash overview of the device which you can dive into. No solid information on a release date, but the website does note a release of sometime this Spring. [Toshiba]

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6 years ago

Motorola Droid Bionic now in the hands of the FCC? (Update: Looks like the Xoom)


Having now wrapped up their XOOM commercial it looks as though Motorola has moved onto other devices in their stable. The Motorola Droid Bionic is seemingly what we are looking at above and it has now crossed the hands of the FCC seeking approval. Although it doesn't state it specifically it does have dual-band Wi-Fi and since that it one of the features of the Droid Bionic shared with Atrix 4G and not much else we're left to conclude on our own. Still no release date for the Motorola Droid Bionic as of yet but we'll be sure to keep you updated. Anyone still interested in grabbing the Droid Bionic upon release? [FCC via Engadget]

Update: It's now looking more like the XOOM as it has no LTE bands and a non-removable battery.

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6 years ago

Sprint's own website outs Kyocera Echo; we'll likely see it tonight


Sprint Echo

Sprint's own website appears to have tipped what's likely in store for us at tonight's event. Confirming earlier reports, a search for the Kyocera Echo returns results for "The world's first dual-touchscreen smartphone" -- something the Samsung Continuum might raise an eyebrow at. The site describes it as:

The Kyocera Echo smashes the last barrier between you and the ultimate mobile experience. Its unique dual-touchscreen, pivot hinge design gives you all the space you need to run the apps that connect you to the people and information you need every day. Spread your work across all 4.7 inches of combined display or use each smaller display independently to run multiple apps. Closed, the Kyocera Echo is a pocket-friendly smartphone. Open it and expand your world.

So we've got a hinged display with a total of 4.7 inches of real estate, and you can use one screen at a time, or both. We'll find out tonight whether it's truly magical, or just a bunch of smoke and mirrors, so join us for the liveblog! Thanks, Sketch42!

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6 years ago

Update: Google IO sells out in 59 minutes!


Google IO 2011

Attention developers, manufacturers and Android nerds the world over: Registration has opened for Google IO 2011, May 10-11 at Moscone West in San Francisco. And if it's anything like last year's developer's conference, you're going to want to get in early.

Last year we saw the unveiling of Android 2.2 Froyo, Google TV and a host of improvements to Google Chrome. This year? The sky's the limit, though we're expecting a good bit on Honeycomb and Google TV.

General registration is $450 through April 16, $550 thereafter, and $150 if you're in academia. Register now at

Update: Yeah, the page is down for the count. Don't blame us. Or do. Up to you.

Update 2: Yeah, it's official. Google IO 2011 is now sold out.

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6 years ago

Motorola Cliq 2 free with two year contract from T-Mobile until Feb. 9


 Cliq 2

T-Mobile is running a special online-only sale for the Motorola Cliq 2 (watch our hands-on) this week. Until Feb. 9 at 10 p.m. Pacific Time you can pick one up for free on two-year contract. Remember that the Cliq 2 isn't really a high-end phone, but is just fine for anyone looking for an entry level Android device. Plus, Motorola has had some trouble getting the Cliq line OS updates. If you still want in, head on past the link to order one now. [T-Mobile via Twitter]

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6 years ago

Angry Birds Valentine's Day edition available now via an update


Angry Birds Valentines Day Edition

We got a sneak peek at the new Angry Birds Valentines Day edition last week and it is now available via an update. 

If you have Angry Birds Seasons, go to the Market and download the update. The icon will now be red and pink and the Valentines Day version will appear next to the others in the main menu. If you don't have this version, please find links after the break.

Rovio continues to develop quality versions for their massively popular game and this should continue that track record. Now excuse me, I have to go back to beating the pigs. Thanks Jeff!

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6 years ago

Texas Instruments announces the OMAP 5 CPU platform



Texas Instruments held a webcast today, where they announced the OMAP 5 processor.  While it's not expected to be seen until mid 2012, it brings a lot of new tech to the table.  The OMAP 5 will be a multi-core system-on-chip consisting of ARM Cortex -A15 CPU cores and a POWERVR SGX544 multi-core GPU.  According to TI, this will bring a disruptive mobile experience, akin to the way Henry Ford transformed the auto industry.  While I'm not sure I would go that far, some of the new innovations do look very interesting.  It's worth noting that smartphone technology is moving so fast that we haven't even seen the OMAP 4 platform, but we expect devices running the platform this year.  Current Android devices using Texas Instruments CPUs, like the Droid X, are still running single core OMAP 3 technology.

The OMAP 5 will help usher in stereoscopic 3D, gesture recognition, computational photography, and more.  While providing up to three times the processing performance, the new chip promises nearly a 60 percent power reduction over the OMAP 4 platform.  TI also says they are very excited to continue their strong support of open source software, and they have been, and will continue to work closely with Google and the Android platform. 

Have a look at the short presentation video, and the press release will full tech specs after the break. [Texas instruments]

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6 years ago

Sprint rolls out maintenance release updates for the LG Optimus S and Samsung Galaxy Tab



Sprint has announced some maintenance release updates for the LG Optimus S and Samsung Galaxy Tab. Both updates will be sent out in stages so there is no mad rush to get them download but if you own either device you'll want to check out the change logs to see if anything applies. You'll find those by hitting the source links and if you're not feeling that you can just look past the break, they're listed there as well. [Sprint, 2]

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6 years ago

HTC bets on Saffron Digital, makes huge investment



HTC has announced that it has made a large investment in Saffron Digital, a London-based digital media delivery company.

Saffron had a great year in 2010 with loads of integration in products by HTC, LG, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, T-Mobile and Paramount, mostly in Europe.

The investment from HTC will allow Saffron to expand to other markets, most notably, Asia.

“HTC’s investment increases our global expansion capabilities and provides us with an opportunity to expand into new markets like Asia and new sectors like games and music delivery,” says Shashi Fernando, CEO of Saffron Digital. “We have grown Saffron Digital into one of the best and most exciting digital service providers in the world and this enables us to take digital content delivery to a new level for our customers around the world.”

Despite the strategic move from HTC, Saffron will continue partnerships with other vendors. Peter Chou talking about the investment: 

"Saffron Digital has developed an incredible expertise in mobile multimedia delivery. This ability to deliver optimised content in the future will be a key asset as content becomes more and more complex and localised,“ said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “We are excited to be working with Saffron to increase our global service delivery capabilities and expertise.”

It will be interesting to see how Saffron expands and in which ways HTC uses the digital media delivery company. [Business Wire]

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6 years ago

Possible HTC Desire 2 photo leaks


  HTC Desire 2 (allegedly)

The HTC Desire 2 rumors certainly seem to be gathering pace. Last week we reported that the phone had appeared in Vodafone Germany's inventory system, and now we have a leaked photo which purports to show the device itself.

Leaker "Rastaman-FB" claims the Desire 2 runs HTC Sense on top of Android 2.3.1 and features a superAMOLED display, front-facing camera and capacitive buttons.

The image has since been pulled from the original post, but as you can see above it bears a striking resemblance to the leaked photo of the "HTC Saga" which we reported last week, not to mention the unnamed HTC prototype snapped on a Taipei subway a week before.

According to the leaker, the phone displays the codename "Passion 2" on its softwate information page. "Passion" was the codename for the Nexus One, which was also built by HTC, and was the phone that the original HTC Desire was based upon.

With the pace Desire 2 leaks starting to quicken, it's seeming more and more likely that we could be due an official announcement at next week's Mobile World Congress. [AndroidForums]

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