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6 years ago

Is this the LTE Android smartphone Verizon's CFO has been carrying?


LG LTE Android phone

Once upon a time (way back in early September) we relayed a tale of a mysterious Android phone with LTE markings being packed by none other than Verizon's chief financial officer. Might the above LG device, sent in to Engadget, be that mysterious device? Can't say at this point, but the LTE branding in unmistakable. The front-facing camera is pretty obvious, too, and the not-so-subtle "HD" logo near the rear-facing camera, which like means 720p or (gasp) 1080p video recording. Other than that? Gonna have to wait, folks. [Engadget]

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6 years ago

HTC Knight headed to Sprint?


HTC Knight

We're not really sure what to make of this one, but word is that the HTC Knight is destined for Sprint, and something on it slides.  Apparently the source behind the rumor has access to the device (or at least the ROM itself) and the words "do not slide screen in/out during operation" are hidden away in a menu.  That could mean that this has a sliding keyboard, or something else, but that's really anyone's guess at this point.  I've even heard stirrings of a T-Mobile G2-style device headed for Sprint, but for now even I'm not going there.

Now that the word is out, expect rumors and leaks if this one turns out to be as close to release as was reported, which is within two weeks.  We've got our ears on.  [XDA-Developers via Pocketnow]

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6 years ago

What if the G2 was in these movie classics? [video]


What makes a movie a classic? Truthfully, there is no simple answer to that question. If there was, every movie production company in the business would be throwing big bucks your way.

But for now, while you try to figure out that secret formula, here are a few movies that are undoubtedly classics: The Usual Suspects, Citizen Kane, Terminator 2, Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life, and Back to the Future

Now take those movies and toss a little Android in them -- and what do you get? Well, the collegiate dudes and dudettes over at College Humor did just that. With a little help from T-Mobile's G2 (our review), all those classics listed above, well -- changed. Have a look for yourself. Oh, and don't forget that popcorn. Video after the break. [College Humor] Thanks, Lisa!

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S2 -- I want to believe


Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 rumor has been floating around the internet for several months now.  It's been discussed by Android enthusiasts at various blogs, and in our own forums as well, and generally written off as an Android phone-geeks dream.  Have a look at it's supposed specs:

  • 4.3-inch SAMOLED2 display at 1280x720 and 340 dpi
  • 2 GHz CPU
  • 1 GB RAM, 4 GB ROM, 32 GB storage with microSD slot for cards up to 32 GB
  • 8 MP camera with full HD video recording
  • Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, A-GPS
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity and all the other Android standards
  • Running Android 3.0

Its supposed release date is Q1 2011.  Why are we revisiting this now?  We've seen HTC's new hardware in the Desire HD and Desire Z/Vision, and Motorola has shown us the Droid Pro and Droid 2 Global, but Samsung has been quiet about their future plans for a high end phone. I'm sure they have something in the works, and Samsung likes to go big in the hardware department.  I'm pretty certain that this isn't really the next Samsung Android phone, but I have to wonder how close they can get.  I'd buy it, and I'm sure more than a handful of you guys would, too.  [itrans (Russian) via UnwiredView]

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6 years ago

HTC Desire HD now available from Vodafone UK


HTC Desire HD

It was only yesterday that we reported that the HTC Desire HD is now available from the mobile network 3 in the UK. Now, Vodafone is joining the club by offering the highly anticipated device. 

The 4.3-inch phone can be had with a variety of different plans:

  • Free at either a £35, £45 or £55/month, depending on what type of plan you prefer
  • £99 at £30/month
  • £199 at £25/month

UK residents should enjoy the fact that the Desire HD is starting to hit the market and is now available on two of their biggest carriers. [Vodafone via BGR]

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6 years ago

Adobe releases Max Companion app for next week's conference


Adobe Max

Adobe is hosting its Adobe Max conference today through Wednesday in Los Angeles. It brings together designers, developers and business leaders to discuss the current state of technology and emerging trends. 

Adobe has also developed an app to help those attending be a little more organized. The app features:

  • Max Agenda
  • Detailed session information
  • Speaker list
  • A personalized Max schedule
  • Maps for all the venues
  • Updates news about Max sessions and social events
  • Max information, such as ATM locations, wireless shuttle service and more)

If you're on your way to Adobe Max or are already there, consider downloading the Max Companion app; it will make your life a lot easier. [Adobe via Twitter]

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6 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab available Nov. 10?


T-Mobile Galaxy Tab date

The T-Mobile Galaxy Tab will be available Nov. 10th, according to a leaked slide deck. Just days after Verizon announced that its version will be available on Nov. 11, T-Mobile's plans were leaked. We learned of pricing a few weeks ago, which will be $399 with a contract, $649 without. No word yet on data plan pricing, but that is sure to be announced soon. 

That makes two carriers out of the four; if Sprint and AT&T follow suit around the same time, we should be in for an exciting few days in the second week of November. [TmoNews]

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6 years ago

Gingerbread man arrives at Google HQ [video]


Gingerbread - Android

Look who dropped in for a visit at Google HQ -- it's the Gingerbread man, poised to join the rest of the tasty treats on the lawn at Google.  There's no word on any announcement or code dropping, but it can't be too much longer now that this big fella is on site.  Google's own unboxing video after the break. [via AndroidDev, TechCrunch]

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6 years ago

T-Mobile LG Optimus T breaks cover, gets benchmarked


LG Optimus T benchmark

We still don't have a firm sale date for the LG Optimus T (see our hands on here), but it's showing up in some T-Mobile locations, and even getting benchmarked.  It's clearly no speed demon, but our tipster says "Overall real-world system performance isn't too bad, though it obviously lacks horsepower."  We also are told the soft-touch coating feels pretty nice in the hand, and it's not full of nasty surprises in the app drawer.  It's clear that this one has entry level written all over it, but it does have some perks we can't overlook --  it ship with Froyo on board (nice work there LG), and my wife reminds me that it comes in purple.  Thanks to you-know-who!

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6 years ago

Google TV - first impressions [from the forums]


Logitech Revue Google TV

We're knee deep into playing with our new Logitech Revue and Google TV -- and so are a few of you as well. Did you pick up a Revue? How about Sony Internet TV? Will they transform the way we watch television and use the Internet? Jury's still way, way out on that one, folks.

But in the meantime, if you're looking for me, I'll be in our Google TV forums trading initial thoughts with you guys. Join in!

More in the Android Central Google TV Forums

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6 years ago

Manually update Motorola Cliq to 2.1


Moto Cliq

It seems like only yesterday we mentioned that some lucky testers would be getting the Motorola Cliq Android 2.1 update early.  Of course today being the big day meant that we had to dig around to try to get things set up for the people who didn't make the cut for the testing group, and we came across a really cool find -- the official instructions and download link that went out to the testers is public on the web, and anyone is able to download the files and update their Cliq to Eclair!

We've got it all laid out in the Cliq forums, and there's even a mirror or two just in case this becomes "unpublic" in the near future.  Head over to the forums and check it out, and get your 2.1 on! [Android Central Forums] Big thanks to everyone who helped us out this morning!

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6 years ago

Android Quick App: MyReminders


All your reminders right in one scrollable widget. View and modify your list of reminders.

I am an extremely forgetful person. Several times throughout the day I need to leave small reminders or notes for myself. Whether it’s something I need to grab at the store when I get out of work, a band I want to check out, or a movie I’ve been meaning to watch, I always seem to have great difficulty remembering these things on my own.  Thanks to this handy little app, I no longer come home from work with a bunch of sticky notes in my pocket.

MyReminders by Brian Swartzfager is a perfect example of simple and useful.  There are many apps out there that allow you to jot down a quick note, or set a quick reminder, but with MyReminders, it’s all about the implementation. It gives you quick and easy access to all your notes right from its widget. From the home screen you can scroll through all your reminders, or add a new one to the top or bottom of the list. And this, for me, is what really makes MyReminders stand out. Read more about MyReminders, and check out some more screen shots after the jump.

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6 years ago

Droid X, Droid 2 Overclocked to 2GHz -- and higher [update 2: we love nerdfights]


Original Video - More videos at TinyPic


Team DeFuse has overclocked the Droid X and Droid 2 to CPU speeds upwards of 2 GHz.  Yes, 2 Ghz.  We don't have a lot of details, aside from a couple pictures and a short video that doesn't really show us anything, so these guys know how to tease and hold our attention as well as overclock their hardware.  Word is that a stable version is in the works and they plan on releasing it to the rest of the world soon.  In the meantime, I'd love to see a couple benchmarks to see how it affects CPU performance.  Throw us a bone, fellas!  The mentioned teaser video is after the break.   [Droid-Life]

Update: According to the developer of SetCPU, we've all been duped: "Okay, the 2GHz video is a deliberate and obvious hoax, not even confusion."  It's a shame, I was really wanting this for the X and the D2, and I know a lot of you guys did as well.  Note to hackers -- don't get upset when asked for proof before we write up your work in the future.

Update 2: We love nerdfights! (especially when we aren't doing any of the fighting).  Up top is a new video we just received, along with some choice words for the SetCPU developer.  I'm not really sure what the video is trying to show, so I'll be blunt -- I want to believe, but I want benchmarks.  George W said it best -- "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, we don't get fooled again."

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