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5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S II gets price and release date


Galaxy S II 

Samsung's dual-core, Gingerbread-powered Galaxy S II has appeared on alongside a tentative SIM-free price and release date. According to Play, which is currently taking pre-orders for the phone, it'll ship Mar. 31 for £599.99 (~$960). Pre-release prices are never guaranteed to be accurate and are always subject to change, but £599 seems like a realistic price point for the Galaxy S II, as it's slightly higher than current single-core offerings from other manufacturers.

Can't wait another month for your Galaxy S II fix? Check out our hands-on coverage from MWC 2011. []

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5 years ago

Sprint Epic 4G 2.2.1 update bugs being to show


If you are an Epic 4G user odds are you were rather excited when the 2.2.1 update began to roll out for your device. And as you know, it was pulled due to some ... issues. And one of them appears to be with the lock screen and inbound phone calls, and the vulnerability the device has when receiving a phone call. Users have noticed that if they have a password on their device, thinking that it is safe from others getting into it, that if the device receives an inbound phone call and you accept, if you quickly press the home button a few times you are into the phone, with access to all the information.

While yes, you would need to have the phone number associated with the device, it is still a huge potential flaw for keeping anyone who knows you out of your device. Users have reported that once the call is ended, the device becomes locked again, which is a good thing, but still scary that they can be using your calling minutes, and searching all your personal information at the same time. [Android Central Forums, Bug list]

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5 years ago

Android Central Editors' app picks for Feb. 26, 2011


app picks

Whether you enjoy cruising the market, or struggle to find applications for your favorite Android device, suggestions of great applications are usually welcomed. We spend lots of time looking for fun new applications, and are always looking for the next great thing to load on our devices. Weekly we enjoy to share some of our favorite applications with you, so hit the jump and see what we got in store for you this week.

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5 years ago

HTC Incredible 2 tipped for Verizon


HTC Incredible 2 Verizon

You didn't actually think the recently announced HTC Incredible S (see our hands-on) wouldn't make its way to Verizon as the Droid Incredible 2, did ya? A couple of leaked screen shots point to ADR6350 as coming to Big Red. No real surprise there, as the DInc was one of the hottest phones of 2010. Let's just hope there aren't the same supply issues this year.

Oh, and after the break, another pic that also shows the ADR6350W listing, as well as the newly revived HTC Merge. Might it end up on Verizon after all? Or is it just an old inventory listing? News at 11, folks. [Engadget]

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5 years ago

Get LTE on your Motorola Xoom in one week, and a dozen or so easy steps


Motorola Xoom LTE fix

We've known since its unveiling in January that you're going to have to take the Motorola Xoom somewhere to be upgraded to LTE date. The question was where, and how. The answer(s)? Back to Motorola, via FedEx.

Verizon's posted up instructions on everything you should do before shipping your new Honeycomb tablet back to the mother ship for some LTE re-education, and it all it takes is three simple steps (one of them is optional) -- in a dozen or so parts.

The first step is backing up your user data and saving it locally onto a computer -- something that's a bit foreign in this day an age, but something we'd still recommend doing. (We're anal like that.)

The second (and optional, but very cool) step is to encrypt and hard-reset your Xoom. You've gotta have a full battery to do it. And if you leave it encrypted, you'll have to enter a password each time you log on. Or you can unencrypt, which also involves a hard-reset, but you'll restore all your date in the process. Time-consuming, but safe and cool.

The third step is to actually ship the device to Motorola via FedEx. You'll be provided a bubble pack -- wonder how long it'll take to get to you -- and then ship it off. And a week or so later, you'll get it back, LTE-enabled.

Sounds like a good time. [Verizon via Android Central Forums]

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5 years ago

Hands-on with a Thunderbolt dummy unit [from the forums]


HTC Thunderbolt

Yes, everyone is waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt.  It has to be one of the most anticipated releases in recent Android history, and a lot of potential buyers are getting a bit...antsy.  Android Central forums member AisforAustin got a chance to relieve a little of that pre-release stress today at his local Verizon Wireless store, where he had some hands-on time with a Thunderbolt dummy unit.  I'll let you read his post, but the gist of it is:

"I immediately fell in love with the device."

And release info?  He was told within two weeks.  But there's no way we're going to hold him to that.  Read more in the Android Central Thunderbolt forumsThanks for sharing AisforAustin!

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5 years ago

Gmail for Android back in market


gmail update

Yesterday we saw the Gmail for Android application receive an update, only to be pulled shortly after from the market due to some stability issues. Lucky for us Google understands that we love the Gmail application, and updates are always warmly welcomed, when they work. Today they have released another update that should fix any prior stability issues that users were experiencing. Be sure to head to the market and update yours today to avoid any confusion, or the risk of any issues. [Android Market]

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5 years ago

Nook for Android app receives an update



If you are an avid user of the Barnes and Noble Nook for Android application, you will be pleased to know that they have released a rather nice update. In version 2.5 they have listened to their users, and brought some of the most popular features to the application, sadly not all of them will be available to users of 10-inch tablets yet.

For anyone using an Android powered smartphone, or seven inch tablet, the update includes a download progress meter, a wish list feature, as well as a new library grid view, for easy viewing access. For those of you who picked up the Xoom this week, your update is destined to arrive some time this spring, so they have not forgotten about you.

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5 years ago

Would the HTC Merge sway your decision of getting a Thunderbolt?



Earlier today we saw the HTC Merge rise from the dark, officially this time, and we wonder, might this affect your decision on the HTC Thunderbolt? Of course, we are still unsure if the HTC Merge is even Verizon-bound at this point, or an exact launch date, but, heck, we don't know when the HTC Thunderbolt is coming either. So, will you be waiting for the Merge, sticking with your thought of purchasing the Thunderbolt, or is it to early yet to tell? Let us know your thoughts on the topic, and be sure to vote for your choice in the poll here!

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5 years ago

Froyo for the AT&T HTC Aria now available


HTC Aria from AT&T

The HTC Aria from AT&T has finally received its dose of Froyo. After having to sit through the torture of seeing everyone else but them get Froyo, AT&T users can now grab the download right off of the HTC website and get updated to Android 2.2. One thing to note however is that if you are currently using a rooted HTC Aria, this update has the potential to break that forever. Hit the HTC source link for the download. [HTC] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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5 years ago

Plan B from Lookout Labs will find your phone after you've already lost it


Plan B

A new twist on the "find my phone" genera of apps comes out today from Lookout Labs called Plan B.  If the name didn't give it away, it's an application that tracks your phone that is installed remotely via the Android Market website after you've lost it.  Using it is simple:

  • Realize that your phone isn't where it should be, and a quick look under the car seats or in the couch cushions doesn't find it
  • On your computer, head to the Android Market website
  • Install Plan B
  • Check your email

Once installed, Plan B will start sending text messages via email to the address of your Google account, with handy Google Maps links to your phone's location.  This works even if GPS isn't enabled.  Then it's a matter of seeing where it is, and deciding how to retrieve it.  Pretty slick if you ask me, and it seemed to work perfectly on my Nexus S.  To give it a test or keep the link handy, follow the break for the download. 

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5 years ago

Google confirms Nexus S Android 2.3.3 update changed screen color temps


Every now and then updates come with interesting little surprises. Sometimes good, sometimes not. And in the case of the Android 2.3.3 update to the Nexus S, it appears to be the latter.

Users in the Android Central Forums and Google Mobile Forum are noticing that their Nexus S screens appearing to be discolored. Colors seemed to be washed out or even yellowed at some screens. Even after playing with some brightness settings, Nexus S owners are still experiencing the same visual issues. And we've seen it on our own Nexi, too. Have you guys been noticing the same color issues? If so, let us know in the comments or forums. [Android Central Forums and Google Mobile Forum]

Update: Kinda blurry video of said yellow tint is after the break.

Update 2: Ry Guy's answered on the Google forums, and the change indeed was intentional. Here 'tis:

With your new OTA complete, you may notice a slight difference in the way colors are displayed on your Nexus S. For Nexus S, we have adjusted the color temperature settings to more accurately reflect darker colors at all brightness levels. The Gingerbread UI being darker, we found that the colors were not as accurate when the device was being used at lower brightness levels. For example, some users reported that the initial color temperature was too high leading to some darker greys having a reddish tone; with the new color temperature this is no longer the case.

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5 years ago

Motorola Xoom torn down, shows all for the world to see


 Xoom teardown

The people over at iFixit must really be on a roll because we have already seen both the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S 4G get torn apart this week. Now it is the Motorola Xoom's turn, and they spared no time removing every screw and clip to be found on the tablet. Here is a rundown of the major components they found:

  • Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core CPU alongside a low-power GeForce GPU
  • Toshiba NAND Flash memory
  • Samsung DRAM
  • Broadcom 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, and FM tuner chip

In their testing, iFixit got 10 hours of WiFi use out of the Xoom's 3250 mAh battery, putting it on par with the iPad. They also noted that the only tools one would need to take apart the Xoom for repairs would be a spudger alongside T5 and T7 Torx screwdrivers.  Overall, the Xoom got an 8/10 score for ease of repair, which we are sure is in no small part thanks to the free LTE radio upgrade. Full (warranty-voiding) disassembly instructions past the link. [iFixit]

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5 years ago

Android Central Podcast Episode 51


Audio-only stream below

The gang's back together after a crazy month of travel, announcements and shows, and we've got new Android phones and tablets to show for it. Listen in!

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5 years ago

The HTC Merge lives! Officially coming to 'multiple' carriers this spring



And you thought it would never happen. It's been about six months since our exclusive hands-on with the HTC Merge, and we'd hardly seen or heard a peep from it since. But it's official, folks -- the HTC Merge lives, and it's coming to "multiple North American operators" this spring.

And it looks like the HTC Merge will be the same device we've already seen. Same 3.8-inch touchscreen, same 5MP camera with 720p recording, same World Phone capability (SIM-card slot), same Android 2.2 -- and the same awesome sliding keyboard. The biggest question now is when, and where.

For our complete exclusive preview of the HTC Merge, please see the following stories:

Full presser's after the break, and be sure to check out our HTC Merge Forums.

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