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How To: Update your preferred roaming list (PRL) on your CDMA device



Is your phone not holding calls where it previously had a strong signal?  If you have a CDMA device like those found on Sprint and Verizon, you may need to update your Preferred Roaming List (PRL).

The PRL is a list that allows your phone to roam off of towers that are not part of your native network, such as a sprint phone connecting to a former Alltel tower if none of its own are available.  Because roaming agreements are constantly changing and new towers are added all the time, it's important to keep this list up to date.

For most CDMA carriers (including Verizon), you can update your PRL by dialing *228 and selecting the appropriate option.  For example, on a Verizon phone you dial *228 and then select option 2 and listen to the horrible programming music while your phone downloads the latest PRL.

For Sprint, there are two options.  The first is to contact Sprint Customer Service and get your account approved for an update and then dial *2 and follow the instructions.  If you have an Android device, you can also check your PRL by tapping Home > Menu > Settings > System updates > Update PRL. (Thanks milominderbinder) 

With Verizon prepping its LTE launch and Sprint lighting up new WIMAX markets, both carriers are spending a lot of time and resources ensuring their current 3G networks are optimized.  This means a lot of adjustments to which towers cover a specific location, as well as the addition of new towers to handle additional traffic.  Because of this, it's a good idea to update your PRL at least once a month so your phone will always have access to the best coverage available in your area. [Via Android Central Forums]

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T-Mobile officially says myTouch is the myTouch 4G, coming Nov. 3 for $199


So a couple of things are now official:

  1. The T-Mobile myTouch is now officially called the myTouch 4G. That's no great surprise, and it's not a big deal, but it's nice that somebody finally made up their mind. (Hey, you run a website that covers Android and you'll see how little time you have for such nonsense, too.)
  2. It's coming Nov. 3 (which we knew) for $199 after $50 rebate, available at T-Mobile stores, Best Buy, Costco, RadioShack, Sam's Club and Target.
  3. I still don't even have T-Mobile 3G where I live, so the chip on my shoulder will remain through the rest of this post about TMo's HSPA+ "4G" speeds.

Oh, and there's a new promo video up on Facebook. Have at it, folks. [Facebook]

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3 years ago

Motorola updates its update chart


Motorola has updated its update chart, which updates us as to the status of the latest updates for its Android smartphones. Nothing earth-shaking for those of us in the U.S., though they acknowledge that testing Android 2.1 on the Motorola Cliq is under way. And you Backflip owners -- and we know who the six of you are -- can still look forward to an Eclair update in the fourth quarter. [Motorola]

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Hands on with the myTouch ROM port to the Evo 4G [video]


Over the weekend I got my hands on a myTouch 4G ROM that has been ported over to the Evo 4G.  It's a rather functional port, but like Phil said in his video of the myTouch - Nexus One port, it's not something you'd want to use every day.  However, it was nice to get in some time with the new version of Sense UI -- something I really hope HTC releases for their current lineup of "next gen" devices.  So if you love getting your hands on new ROMs, or haven't given the new Sense UI a test drive yet, consider checking this one out.

The self-proclaimed mad scientist responsible for "Frankensteining" this ROM can be found over at XDA, so if you have any questions or comments regarding his work, you know where to find him.  [via XDA Developers]

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Aro proves the strength of Android's 'chaos,' says Scoble



Robert Scoble, a well-known tech pundit and current iPhone user, recently got a hands on demo with Aro, a new app in closed beta for Android. The app is a complete replacement for nearly all your communication apps: email,  SMS, phone, etc. By tapping into all your messages, the app is able to intelligently link names, places, and other data together. It is a pretty complicated process, and Scoble sums it up pretty well:

What does Aro do? If, say, Bill Gates sends Steve Jobs an email, copies me, and is talking about Larry Ellison, Larry’s name will have a little square around it. Click on that square and a new UI fans out, letting me see other info. It’s like Rapportive or Xobni, but done much better and for the mobile interface. It makes your phone much more productive than it would be otherwise and that’s why I feel it’s so important.

In addition to previewing the app, Scoble talks a bit about how this kind of app is simply not possible on the more closed iPhone. Apple actively prevents developers from changing the core experience of using the iPhone, even if those changes make the phone easier to use or offer more features. A perfect example is the Swype keyboard many Android users (myself included) have fallen in love with or WiFi syncing with iTunes. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but it seems the tables are tipping in Google's favor as of late.

Scoble has posted videos of his interviews and demos of both Sywpe and Aro, which can be found past the link. If you want to sign up for the closed beta of Aro, click on the "Aro" link. [Scobleizer, Aro]

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Sneak peek at myTouch 4G accessories



The T-Mobile myTouch 4G (the phone previously know as the myTouch HD, or just plain myTouch) hasn't even had a launch date revealed, but TMO is already showing off some accessories that you will be able to get with it. Android Central Forums user fatboy97 found a section of T-Mobile's Facebook page that has pictures of numerous cases. Seeing all these accessories probably only serves to make the wait for the HSPA+ device harder, which was probably T-Mobile's intention all along. [Facebook via Android Central Forums]

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Samsung (Galaxy S) Mesmerize released on U.S. Cellular



U.S. Cellular is now selling the Samsung Mesmerize, part of Samsung's Galaxy S line, for  $199.99 under a 2-year contract with data plan. For those not familiar with America's sixth-largest carrier, you will be paying a minimum of $89.99 per month for the required plan for new customers. U.S. Cellular is a CDMA carrier, so the Mesmerize is more or less a Verizon Fascinate without Bing (which might be exactly what some of you are looking for). U.S. Cellular has been pushing hard lately to get high-end Android phones, such as the HTC Desire, and also rolled out a promotion entitled "The Belief Project" to better reward long-term customers. Order one of your own past the link. [U.S. Cellular]

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3 years ago

Sense 2.2 leaked for the HTC Aria


The HTC Aria tends to find itself sitting on the back burner when it comes to news, but for those still holding strong with the device you will be happy with this little treat. Earlier this week the Froyo Sense RUU was leaked for this device, and now it has been made available in a flashable ROM form. The wait is over, get yourself some Sense 2.2 on your device today. Be sure to let us know how it is, the good, the bad or the ugly in our forums! [XDA via Android Central Forums]

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Google TV, a new Samsung phone, saddest picture ever [From the forums]


The witching hour is nearly upon us, and things are downright spooky in the Android Central Forums. Here are but a few items you should definitely check out:

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Nexus One case review: Case-Mate Tough Case


I had been resistant to put a case on my Nexus One because I could never find one that I was happy with. They were always either too bulky or felt too cheap.

Having said that, I have been very pleased with the Case-Mate Tough Case; it does not weigh the phone down at all and feels very robust to the touch.

The outer-layer of the case is an ABS plastic shell that has enhanced dust protection. The phone slips inside a smaller rubber skin that then fits inside the tougher case. All buttons and and ports can be accessed without hindrance.

The screen is not covered, but it is protected by the rugged outer layer of the case, so don’t worry if you leave it upside down.

The case also comes in four different colors: black, pink, green and blue, so everybody should be able to find something that fits their lifestyle.

The Case-Mate Tough Case is available for $27.95 from the Android Central Store. More pictures after the break.

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