6 years ago

G1 Won't Work Without a Data Plan, Period


Buying yourself a T-Mobile G1 off eBay? Better hope that it's either unlocked or that you can get yourself an active T-Mobile SIM card. The G1's much-vaunted first step during the setup is to enter your Google login username and password. Once that happens, the G1 attempts to connect to Google's servers to get your email, contacts, and calendar set up.

Here's the thing, though, if (or when) the G1 cannot connect to the servers, you're done. There is no way to exit out of the Google setup screen, no clear way to reset the phone to bypass it (even in "safe mode"), no way to turn on WiFi. You basically have a sweet phone that can only made emergency calls.

In other words, you're stuck. We're on the phone now with T-Mobile to see how their representative manage trying to activate the device remotely. Stay tuned!

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6 years ago

More News On The Upcoming Motorola Android Phone


The T-Mobile G1 is coming in a few days but that won't stop speculation on future Android Devices. I mean, Android is supposed to be on a hundred different phones, right? So with Motorola making recent waves about their Android device speculation has been off the charts. Finally, BusinessWeek claims to have more details on the upcoming Motorola Android Device:

  • Touch Screen
  • Slide out QWERTY Keypad
  • Plenty of Social Networking Features
  • Takes Design Cues from KRAVE ZN4
  • Will be available for ~$150
  • Second Quarter 2009
  • Looks like a "higher end" T-Mobile G1

So for those who aren't satisfied with the T-Mobile G1's design, help is on the way! If it does end up selling for $150 and Android succeeds, this may be the phone that Motorola has been waiting to make since the RAZR. What will it be called? NDRD? We know Moto loves their vowel less monikers.


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6 years ago

T-Mobile Continues 3G Rollout


So there's a certain new phone coming out in a couple of days. Haven't heard of it? It's called the T-Mobile G1. Look it up if you like. Quick Summary: It's supposed to be a game changer in the phone industry and the first phone in T-Mobile's lineup to take advantage of T-Mobile's new 3G Service.

T-Mobile has no 3G? Well, they were rolling out to more cities a few weeks ago. Now here's more rollout news: Sacramento, CA. Memphis, TN. Tampa, FL. and Washington D.C. in November. We're almost at the 100 city mark folks! (Currently 92)


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6 years ago

Android Gets Third Party Exchange Contact Sync


A lot of people count on Microsoft Exchange for their business and unfortunately, Android doesn't offer much Exchange support. This seems like a negative for Android, right? Well, not quite!

A savvy third party developer has come up with a way to sync Exchange contacts to your Android device and is offering it for FREE. It's still taking baby steps since their isn't two way syncing yet (android device to server based contacts) but they promise to add it soon. This obviously isn't the most ideal solution for Exchange but calendar syncing isn't available in Android's API and you can access Exchange E-Mail through IMAP, so it should do. for now.

Or until we get Mobile Outlook.

[Wrike via Gizmodo]

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6 years ago

Shazam Is Coming To Android, G1


If you guys aren't familiar with the program Shazam, you definitely need to be. Imagine this scenario: You're in your car, hear a great unknown song on the radio and have no idea where to look to hear more from the greatest unknown artist of all time.

Instead of digging through station logs, Shazam is an app that 'listens' to the song and quickly identifies its artist, song name, and album. In fact, it one ups similar music recognition programs by offering a link to the Amazon MP3 Store and Youtube Videos. If Shazam on Android works like its sister on the iPhone, this will be one of the easiest and most useful apps to date.

[Via Phandroid]

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6 years ago

More T-Mobile G1 Love, A Video Look



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Phandroid comes through again with a great video detailing their opinion on the T-Mobile G1. Unlike many other reviews, this first look comes in video form which allows you to more clearly see the usage of the G1. Phandroid also comes with a differing opinion on the G1's design - they actually like it a lot.

The much maligned chin is actually praised because it offers dedicated keys. Keep on the lookout for Android Central's own impressions, review, and video take of the T-Mobile G1.

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6 years ago

Android Market: The Fine Print, Terms of Service


Phandroid took an in-depth look at the Terms of Service for Android Market and came away with some quality tidbits that many of us will probably miss. Here are the goodies:

  • It looks like you will be able to "refund" Android Market App Purchases within a 24 hour period. This should act as a pseudo-trial period for apps and a great way to protect the consumer from buying crap apps.
  • There will be unacceptable content that may get your account banned. Namely, Nudity & Sexually Explicit Material, Violence/Bullying/Threats, Hate Speech, Age (must be 13+), Impersonation, Private Info, Copyright Infringement, Illegal Activities, Malicious Products, Prohibited Products.
  • There is reference to an Android Market Website that will give Android users better access at searching and downloading apps.

The rest of the stuff is fairly cut and dry (read: boring) so you probably don't have to comb through the entire TOS. Just be sure to play within the lines and you should be fine!

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6 years ago

Ballmer Says: World Not Ready for Cloud Computing


You can always count on Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, to run his mouth and offer unsolicited opinions about future technology. What did he say this time? That the world is not ready for cloud computing. Hm, are you sure about that Ballmer?

Google and Android have both let it be known that Cloud Computing is the main focus of Google's interests. With the release of Chrome and a huge emphasis on Google Gears, Google is strategically placing themselves at the forefront of Cloud Computing. Android is an extension of that ideal and we won't be at all surprised to see an Android version of Google Gears in the near future.

So Ballmer saying that the Cloud isn't something that consumers really want right now? Maybe he's right but once the platform begins to mature, you can count on Microsoft trying to emulate Google. Just like search.


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6 years ago

T-Mobile G1 Supports HSUPA Along With HSDPA


With word that the T-Mobile G1 is going to be available to our friends across the pond at the end of this month, we at Android Central are beginning to wonder if it'll be the same device in the UK as it is stateside.

Android Authority has the news that the T-Mobile G1 available in the UK is the exact same model as the one available in the US. The insider's take on such a revelation? That the G1 supports HSUPA which allows it to take advantage of full fledged HSPA. Though this means little to us in the States now, if T-Mobile so chooses to upgrade their network, the G1 is covered. Talk about future proof, yeah?

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6 years ago

T-Mobile G1 Reviews Galore!


The blogosphere and interweb have EXPLODED with a TON of in-depth reviews about the T-Mobile G1, Android, touch screens, trackballs, keyboards, flushness, chins, slide outs, battery life, signal, wifi, storage capacity..and well you get the point. There are an absolute ton of reviews up on a lot of different sites, blogs, and newspapers and we decided to make it easy for you guys with a one stop shop for the links!

We have yet to finish our own review of the T-Mobile G1 but this should surely keep your hands tied for the time being. Be sure to check this space to see what we think of the T-Mobile G1 and Android. If you don't want to comb through all the reviews, don't worry we'll take care of that for you. We'll be back and forth throughout the day letting you know all the ins, outs, kinks, and oddities of the G1 and Android.

Have fun reading!







Boy Genius Report

Android Community

Read on for the rest of the links! Trust me, there's A LOT more!

PC Mag

PC World








Walt Mossberg

David Pogue (NY Times)

USA Today

LA Times



Yahoo! Tech

Associated Press


Whew. If we find more, we'll be sure to let you know. But we're fairly certain this will keep you busy all through your work day..

Photo Credit: Engadget

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6 years ago

Android Has A Kill Switch for Android Apps


Apple was pretty much tarred and feathered when the news of a kill switch for iPhone apps came to light. Well, though Android stands for something completely different than Apple and the iPhone, it too has a kill switch for Android apps.

Per the user agreement:

"Google may discover a product that violates the developer distribution agreement ... in such an instance, Google retains the right to remotely remove those applications from your device at its sole discretion,"


But of course, Google gets credit for being upfront about the kill switch and also promising to try to refund any money spent on an application that gets "killed". And also, Android may have more need for such a kill switch because what's stopping developers from putting malware up on Android Market when no one is stopping them? I trust that Google will do right with their kill switch. Don't be evil, right?

[ComputerWorld via Gizmodo]

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6 years ago

T-Mobile G1 To The UK, October 30th


Hey we have some good news for our friends across the pond! The T-Mobile G1 is going international a bit sooner than expected and will reach the good folks of the United Kingdom on October 30th. That's only a few weeks away!

The T-Mobile G1 will be available for free (!) if you choose the £40 per month plan that'll offer unlimited data and a yet to be determined voice/messaging plan. It'll come with the same specs as its US sibling but only in black and white. Guess those Brit's aren't feeling the brown too much..

Anyways, anybody from the United Kingdom excited for the launch of Android in your country?


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6 years ago

T-Mobile G1 Shipping Already!


We are receiving reports that the T-Mobile G1 is shipping to a lucky, select few. Phandroid is reporting that multiple readers have notified them of receiving shipping information that states that the device is in transit via 3-day shipping. 

So Big Brown is doing a good job of getting these puppies to you in time, and dare we say, even early! Unfortunately, we're not among the lucky few who have received notice of shipment. Are you?

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6 years ago

Okay, Maybe T-Mobile Didn't Sell 1.5 Million T-Mobile G1s


We had originally reported that the T-Mobile G1 has sold approximately 1.5 million pre-order units - this was an amazing number because for one, it's a completely new platform and device and for another, it has done so with minimal marketing. Turns out, we might have to back off that 1.5 million claim because it is merely just an estimate.

InformationWeek has the details:

I contacted Anders Bylund, the author of the original Motley Fool article that hundreds of stories are citing. I was curious as to how he got these figures and he gave me his rationale. He cited a Cens.com article that said, "according to industry insiders, T-Mobile is planning to order a total of between 1.5 million and 2 million units of G1 with HTC in the near future, including 400,000 to 500,000 to be sold in the fourth quarter of this year." Then, Bylund cited T-Mobile selling out of pre-order units, and tripling the number of phones initially available. He then tripled the 500,000 number to get 1.5 million. The problem I have with this is that the 400,000-500,000 estimate is for all of the fourth quarter, and not necessarily the amount that T-Mobile made available for pre-order.


Selling 1.5 million pre-orders is definitely notable and something Google, T-Mobile, or even HTC would have officially commented on. So even if it didn't yet reach 1.5 million units, it certainly did sell a lot..T-Mobile still ran out of their original pre-order allotment. T-Mobile and Google can still consider the G1 to be a victory, just not quite a ground stomping, world stopping success. Yet.


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6 years ago

Motorola Working On a Social-Networking Android Phone ?


Yeah, we know all about Android and Motorola. Yeah, we have high hopes that combining Motorola hardware with Android Software will birth a game changer. Yeah, we know that Motorola is going to make a social networking Android phone..wait WHA!?

AndroidGuys has the details on a job posting for the Interaction Design Team at Motorola:

As a Senior Staff Interaction Designer, you will be responsible for leading and actively participating in the concept, design, documentation and development of user interfaces for our mobile products including our new Android Social Networking SmartPhone. You’ll lead brainstorming and work sessions, usability and innovation reviews and other forums of design development. In addition to your primary responsibility in the delivery of great design, you will also be expected to mentor other designers, bringing your personal strengths to the rest of the team.

Hm. We know that Google is in love with location based services and that Social Networking is the current rage in tech right now, but we can't imagine basing a phone off that sole idea. Media-based phones, we get. Internet-capable phones, yeah that too. Even text message specific devices are understandable. But just Social Networking? Are we going to get a Motorola F1 with Facebook?

This could be totally innovative. Or completely awkward. Your move Moto.

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