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4 years ago

Nexus 4 posts you will want to read [From the Forums]


Half the fun of getting a new Android phone like the Nexus 4 is talking about it with others who got one as well. This is where forums come into play. A place where like minded folks can share tips and tricks, complain about the inevitable bugs, and generally chat it up about their new toy tool. Since it's pretty slow today, I spent the afternoon trawling through the Nexus 4 forums and ran across a couple threads you won't want to miss,

You'll find plenty more in the Nexus 4 forums, so jump in and join the fun!

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4 years ago

HTC Droid DNA bootloader unlock now available


When the HTC Droid DNA finally hit store shelves, Verizon had pulled the plug on the official bootloader unlock method via HTC's dev tools. Since then, the folks over at Android Police and RootzWiki have of course come up with a method to unlock it. The basic idea is that you modify the device so that it appears as an unbranded one, and it can then be unlocked via the official tools from HTC.

You'll need a computer, ADB and some patience but if you're willing to spend the time you'll have an unlocked bootloader on your Droid DNA.

Source: Android Police

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4 years ago

Apps of the Week: Wreck-it Ralph, WordHero, Pizza Boy and more!


For those of you in the states, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Those of you outside the states... hope you had a great Thursday. We took the day off to come up with some great app picks for your enjoyment, regardless. We've got a couple of great games and some phone utilities for you to check out this week, so stick around after the break and see how we did.

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4 years ago

Littlest Pet Shop hits Android


If you've got kids, chances are you've been exposed to the Littlest Pet Shop at some point. Little animals (duh) waiting to be adopted and cared for. My kids love the toys. Now I have to fork over my Android tablet (it's good on phones, too) for yet another game. Such is life. 

Littlest Pet Shop is very much in the same vein as My Little Pony (which makes sense, given the back-end talent they have in common). You're charged with taking care of the pets, which means acquiring planes for them to live and play, food to eat, earn rewards and complete quests.

There's a good 105MB of data that has to be downloaded before you do anything. Then the cuteness begins. At least until your kid tries to work a $20 in-app purchase. Consider yourselves warned.

More: See other kids games for Android

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4 years ago

Puzzle game Quantro now offering online multiplayer


Quantro is a puzzle game that we wouldn't blame you if you thought was Tetris at first glance. There are plenty of these types of games out there so what makes this one special? Well now with its latest update, Quantro is offering both local and online multiplayer support -- the latter being in "open beta" now. You can join public lobbies to play against random opponents, or choose to create a private lobby with just friends that you invite.

You can grab a download of Quantro at the Google Play Store link above. If you need a quick primer on the basics of the game, you can take a look at the video below as well.

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4 years ago

ZTE pushes its first Android 4.2 update to mid-range device


In a rather quick turn-around since the code has gone live, ZTE has just announced that it is pushing an Android 4.2 update to one of its devices. Interestingly enough, this update is pushing to a mid-range device only being sold in the Chinese market, the N880E. This device has a 4-inch WVGA screen, 1GHz processor and just 512MB of RAM, but ZTE has still given the green light to push the update. The N880E was one of the first devices in the world to ship with Android 4.1 (which was nearly stock as well), so in that regard it's fitting that this was the device chosen to receive the first 4.2 update as well.

This is an astonishingly quick update cycle that ZTE is operating on considering that even Nexus devices just received the update a couple of weeks ago, some of which likely still haven't pulled it down. We really wish more manufacturers out there could operate this quickly when it comes to software updates.

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4 years ago

Announcing the winner of the HTC One X+ giveaway


About a week ago we set up a little giveaway in the Android Central forums, where a lucky person was going to win themselves a shiny new HTC One X+ from AT&T and AC. Today is the day when the contest was shut down, the numbers were randomized, and we picked a winner. Join me in congratulating i love storms for the awesome One X+ he has heading his way.

So, i love storms, enjoy that beauty and be sure to put the great camera on it to the test. I'm jealous!

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4 years ago

Samsung launches flip phone with four cores and two screens for China


Samsung has never been shy about introducing outlandish new hardware, and so its latest high-end hardware for China shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. The Samsung SCH-W2013 sports a vintage flip phone chassis with up-to-date internals from the Korean manufacturer. Inside there's a 1.4GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, expandable via microSD card. The screens are both 3.7-inch SuperAMOLED dealies at WVGA (800x480) resolution.

On the software side, it's powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Samsung's TouchWiz UI; presumably both have been tweaked to accommodate the unusual form factor. Connectivity comes in the form of two SIM slots -- one for GSM, and one CDMA-flavored.

Even more outlandish is the fact that the W2013 is apparently designed for (and marketed by) actor and martial artist Jackie Chan. Engadget reports that the phone was unveiled at an elaborate charity concert, where Chan was on hand to collect his very own W2013. As for pricing, the phone is a luxury device, and so will reportedly run you somewhere in the region of $3,000 (yes, that's the correct number of zeroes).

Any takers?

Source: Samsung; via: Engadget

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4 years ago

What to watch out for if you're buying a cheap Android tablet today


Today's Black Friday in the U.S., and across the country, turkey-filled Americans will hitting the stores looking for bargains. If previous holiday sales are any indication, there are sure to be plenty of low-cost Android tablets looking to lure buyers in with the promise of a big-screen Android experience on the cheap.

Just because a tablet doesn't cost the earth, doesn't make it bad. The Nexus 7 has proved that you can get a decent Android-powered tablet without breaking the bank. Nevertheless, there are some things you'll want to watch out for if you want to avoid being sold a dud. We went through some of these points a few years back in a post-Christmas tablet guide, but it's time we brought it a bit more up-to-date.

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4 years ago

HTC One X+ now available in Canada from TELUS


With the HTC One X+ having already been released across various regions, it's now time for launch in Canada. TELUS has now made available the re-vamped version of HTC's earlier premium handset, the One X. With a faster quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, 64GB of storage, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box and LTE, you can pick this one up for $130 with a new three-year contract or $650 outright. Head on over to the TELUS site to place your order or pick one up in store. If you're not sure what the device is all about, go ahead and check out our full review of the European version.


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4 years ago

Black Friday is on at - Save 15% on ALL Android Accessories!

4 years ago

Verizon Droid DNA on the Nokia Qi charging stand


We've taken a look at the Energizer Qi charging pad back with the HTC ThunderBolt, and it's working great with the new Droid DNA, as well as the Nexus 4. But it's not exactly a looker.

Another option out there is Nokia's DT910 wireless charging stand. It's also fairly expensive at $69, but it looks and acts more like a traditional dock, leaving your phone standing up, so you can still see what's going on while it charges. 

Here's a quick video from HankSC in our Droid DNA forums showing how Verizon's latest looks on it. 

You might also have to search around a little bit to find out. It's currently sold out on Amazon, and AT&T's showing a week to ship it.

More: Droid DNA forums

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4 years ago

Black Friday Android app sale round-up [updating]


Black Friday is upon us, and the thrashing mobs are either stampeding the malls or pounding the F5 key on their favorite retail sites. We're keeping an eye on Google Play to see what prices have been slashed. Let us know in the comments if you find any more! 

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4 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 getting Premium Suite upgrade


Samsung continues its tradition of hefty upgrades for its Galaxy Note line with the announcement of a new "Premium Suite" upgrade pack for the Galaxy Note 10.1. The upgrade pack, which also includes Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, introduces enhanced "multi-window" multitasking and hover-based "air view" controls for the S Pen -- many features that'll be familiar to owners of the Galaxy Note 2.

Interestingly, Samsung has combined multi-view with its windowed app support, allowing multiple smaller versions of certain Samsung and Google apps to be run in windowed mode, in addition to being docked side-by-side in full screen mode.

Other additions include "easy clip," which lets you tag image cut-outs on the screen and copy them to the clipboard, various improvements to the S Note application, and an updated version of Photoshop Touch.

As the updated software is based upon Android 4.1, it also includes the standard Jelly Bean features we've come to know, including Google's "Project Butter" performance enhancements, and predictive search through Google Now.

The update is available now in Germany; other countries should be following shortly.

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4 years ago

Three UK to carry LG Nexus 4


British mobile operator Three has confirmed that it'll carry the LG Nexus 4, in a video on its official YouTube channel. One of the first UK networks to carry the Galaxy Nexus, Three lost out to O2 this time around, as an exclusivity deal has meant other UK networks have so far been unable to offer the phone for sale directly.

Three's also trumpeting the Nexus 4's 42Mbps DC-HSDPA capabilities, which its network supports. There's no information on availability or pricing just yet, but as O2's exclusivity deal reportedly lasts just a month, we should see the Nexus 4 in Three stores sooner rather than later.

Update: Three has now published a press release indicating its on and off-contract pricing --

The smartphone will also be available on Pay As You Go for £399.99 plus a top up. All in One 15 costs £15 and gives 30-day access to All-You-Can-Eat data along with 300 any-network minutes and 3,000 texts. Or All in One 25 costs £25 and offers All-You-Can-Eat data, 500 minutes and 3,000 texts and for a 30-day period.

Source: Three on YouTube

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