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6 years ago

Android doesn't play nice (yet) with 32-gigabyte microSD cards


Android 32GB microSD card 

If you were thinking about shelling out some serious jing (translation: spending a lot of money) on one of those new 32GB microSD cards, you might want to hold off for a little bit. Google confirmed to CNET that Android can't actually format a card that big, which could lead to some trouble. The good news is that a fix is on the way and "will be part of our next over-the-air update." Google didn't say when that might be. [CNET]

Update: Yes, folks, let there be no confusion: You in fact can use a 32GB card. Never said you couldn't. You just can't format it. It's not a huge deal, but it's something that needs to be fixed.

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6 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S launching on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, & T-Mobile ?


Could the Samsung Galaxy S, brilliant screen and all, follow in the Nexus One's footsteps and launch on all 4 major US Carriers? That's what Forbes is reporting. According to Broadpoint.AmTech analyst Mark McKechnie the Galaxy S will be on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, & T-Mobile "sometime later this year". If true, that's a huge move by Samsung because nearly all of US mobile phone subscribers will have a chance to use, and thus be wowed, by the Galaxy S.

Remember, the Galaxy S is a phone that is ridiculously fast and has the most beautiful of screens (if you need a reminder, check our hands-on). And though it's as 'flagship' a device you can get, Samsung still needs to stack the odds to compete with the Evos and Incredibles of the Android world. Having all 4 carriers on their side is certainly one way to do it.

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6 years ago

US Cellular confirms HTC Desire is coming this summer


US Cellular confirmed via Facebook that the HTC Desire will be hitting their network this summer. According to US Cellular: 

The worst kept secret in online history! HTC Desire with Android from U.S. Cellular, coming this summer after our rigorous testing is complete. Now have fun guessing which other Android phone we’ll launch.

This explains why the HTC Desire, currently a European exclusive, popped up in US Cellular's rebate forms last week. US Cellular doesn't currently have any Android phones in its product portfolio so adding the HTC Desire is a huge coup for them. Adding intrigue is their 'other' Android phone planned for launch. Would it be the HTC Legend? Or a non-HTC Android device?

To be honest, we're only familiar with US Cellular through their renaming of Comiskey Park (White Sox). Any US Cellular customers out there? Are you guys interested in the Desire? [via androinica]

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6 years ago

Steve Jobs obsessed with Android, porn — and still pretends iPhone is innocent


Steve Jobs

This is really quite sad, actually. It goes like this: A political satire app feature the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Mark Fiore -- the first such award for an online journalist -- was rejected from Apple's App Store because it violated Apple's policy against "ridiculing public figures." (You'll note above that we're not necessarily worried about that policy here.)

Anyhoo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs himself blessed the app, saying the rejection was a mistake. That brings us to today, and Jobs' response to an Apple customer who expressed concern about Apple playing the role of "moral police." Said customer's major concern:

"I’m all for keeping porn out of kids hands. Heck – I’m all for ensuring that I don’t have to see it unless I want to. But… that’s what parental controls are for. Put these types of apps into categories and allow them to be blocked by their parents should they want to."

In his response (Jobs sure has been writing back to the commoners a lot lately), he just couldn't help but fire more blanks at Android.

"Fiore’s app will be in the store shortly. That was a mistake. However, we do believe we have a moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone. Folks who want porn can buy and [sic] Android phone."

Yes, Steve, we'll be the first to admit that the Android Market's a bit of a mess and is badly in need of a makeover, and something needs to be done about all the bad porn apps. (If we're gonna be stuck with it, can we at least get some quality smut, and maybe put it in a controlled category?)

But for Apple, the maker of arguably the world's best mobile browser, to pretend that it's not also the world's greatest mobile porn portal is petty, misleading and -- frankly -- more than a bit disappointing. This isn't the first time Jobs has fired this unloaded gun. And we're willing to bet it won't be the last. [TechCrunch via TiPB]

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6 years ago

Dell Mini 5 heading to T-Mobile, too


The Dell Mini 5 (formerly known, or is still known, as the Streak) just cleared the FCC and from the looks of it, is heading to T-Mobile. Wait, what? Didn't we just say that the Mini 5 was packing AT&T 3G? Why, yes we did. So how is it heading to T-Mobile, too? Because Dell wants to own the Android MID/tablet space, apparently. And from the few times we've seen the Dell Mini 5 in action, they just might. Can we get an official launch date, now? [via engadget]

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6 years ago

Sprint plans Evo 4G's party for May 12 in New York City


Sprint Evo 4G launch party

The Sprint HTC Evo 4G is set for its big coming-out party on May 12 in New York City. And as with the Evo's cousin, the Windows Mobile-powered HD2, it looks like movies are going to play a big part of the device -- so much so that Sprint's giving an advance screening of "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," ahead of its Memorial Day release. And if the thought of two hours of Jake Gyllenhaal in a loin cloth isn't exciting enough, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse's also going to be on hand for the big event.

Still no word about when the Evo 4G will actually be available (or what it will cost); the invite only says "this summer." Stay tuned.

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6 years ago

Live at 8:15 p.m. EDT: The inaugural Android Central Writers' Roundtable

Android Central Writers Roundtable podcast

Sorry for the late notice, folks, but we've been a little busy today. Tonight, at 8:35 p.m. EDT/5:15 p.m. PDT, we're bringing you the inaugural Android Central Writers' Roundtable -- all of your favorite AC writers (or as many as we could muster, anyway) in one spot. And we're streaming it live. Hit the link below for our discussion on the Verizon Droid Incredible and answer a few of your festering e-mails.

Update: That's it, folks. It's all over but the crying editing. Thanks for joining us!

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6 years ago

AT&T reportedly set to get the Xperia X10 in late July-early August


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Looks like the Sony Ericsson might finally land a smartphone on a U.S. carrier. Engadget Mobile says they have it from a trusted source that the Xperia X10 is slated for release in the 30th fiscal week of the year, which would put it at the tail end of July or the first week of August. And remember that the review units that are making the rounds have AT&T's 3G bands, so it's not that far-fetched. That said, we can't help buy wonder what kind of horrible things AT&T may have in store for the X10. Stay tuned. [Engadget Mobile]

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6 years ago

Seesmic for Android gets an update - widget, native retweet and geotagging


Seesmic updated - with widget and more

The very popular Seesmic Twitter application for Android got a major update today.  The standard bug squashing fixes were included of course, but they also threw in some nice and welcome new features. 

A widget
And it's a very nice widget at that.  As you can see from the pic above, it blends in very well with Android 2.1's style, and looks great with Sense UI as well.  Basically you're getting a premium app style widget at the free app price.

Native Retweet
You now have the option to RT just as you would on the Twitter website.  Nice and unobtrusive, and another welcome change.

Three styles to pick from - your location, a human readable address, or a map link.  You can set this in the apps options to happen all the time, or choose to include it when you compose a new tweet.  Something Seesmic was missing, and they addressed it very well in my opinion.

Even with an "official Twitter app for Android" in the works Seesmic is a very viable solution for twittering away on your Android device.  This update makes it even more attractive.  Follow the break for some more screen grabs and download links.

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6 years ago

Video: Multitouch on the Droid Incredible


Multitouch on Android isn't quite old hat yet, so let's take another look at it on the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible. All things being equal, it just feels better than on the Motorola Droid or Google Nexus One. And, more important, we're not seeing any of the issues experienced when testing on the Nexus One. Check it out.

Update: Buckaroo Banzai spells it out perfectly in the comments. Indeed, it's a different screen panel.

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6 years ago

Android ad numbers still climbing


millennial media report shows huge Android growth

This morning Millennial Media, the largest independent mobile advertising platform, released the numbers from its monthly Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (SMART).  No surprises here - they are seeing big growth from the Android platform.  Millennial Media reports that for the first time, Android OS is now in the top three in the
smartphone ad impressions numbers.  Unlike AdMob, this is a third party mobile advertising company and has no ties to Google, who would be their competitor.  Highlights from the report:

  • Android impressions increased by 3% in March alone
  • 6% of all US Smartphone impressions for the month of March came from Android OS
  • Globally, Android ad impressions have increased a staggering 72% month over month during a one year period.
  • Manufactuers making Android handsets represent over 50% of the top 15 manufacturers, with Samsung at the number two spot.

Of course, the giants are still Apple and RIM, but with this kind of growth Android can't be too far from grabbing the number 2 spot.  I'm sure the release of the Droid Incredible and the EVO 4G will bump these numbers even higher. The whole situation has inspired me to remove my ad blocking software so I can do my part. [via]

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6 years ago

We're giving away a free Verizon Droid Incredible! [contest]

Win a free Verizon Droid Incredible from Android Central

You've read our Verizon Droid Incredible review. You've watched the unboxing. You followed along through the software walkthrough and compared it to the Evo 4G and Nexus One.

Now it's time to win one. That's right, we're giving away a Droid Incredible to one incredibly (finally, our first "incredible pun") lucky Android Central reader. Details after the break.

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6 years ago

Toshiba to jump into the tablet war



Everyone's heard of the iPad by now, ICD has announced their Gemini tablet, HTC jumps in with their own tablet news, and now Toshiba says they're getting into the battle. It's like the Cold War all over again, but this time instead of mutually assured destruction we'll just have a bunch of broke gadget lovers.

Focusing on media consumption, Toshiba plans on offering tablet versions running Android as well as versions with Windows 7. Along with multiple options for operating systems, they're also looking at different form factors, including a dual-screen version. No specs as of yet, but it's got me interested (as I type from my Toshiba laptop).

Now, could somebody please tell me what to do with a dual-screen tablet computer? [Reuters via Electronista]

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6 years ago

Pre-order your Droid Incredible at Verizon today


Verizon Droid Incredible preorders

Whether you were waiting for an HTC device on Verizon, counting down the days until your contract expired, or just in the market for something new, today is the day you can head online to Verizon Wireless and pre-order the HTC Droid Incredible.

Everything tells us it was worth the wait, it looks like another awesome Android device.  Snapdragon, SenseUI, 3.7-inch AMOLED, 8-megapixel camera, you name it, it's in there.  The best part -- order it today and have it in your clutches on the 29th.

Pricing also is nice, at only $199.99 (after $100.00 mail-in rebate). You will need a Smartphone plan of course, but look at the bang you'll be getting for your buck.  With the Motorola Droid's industrial look and feel, and now the Incredible with its sexy sleekness, Verizon has quite the Android Top-Dawg line-up going on for 2010.  Hit the break for the full presser again, and tell us if you got one ordered in the comments.  And don't forget to check out our Droid Incredible forums to share your last few painful days of waiting and speculating how Incredible it's gonna be with us all.

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