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HTC EVO 3D coming to Europe in July


OK, Europe. It's time to stop glaring at us and our every-so-sexy HTC EVO 3D, as you're about to get one of your very own. (Check out our initial review if you haven't already.) Same 4.3-inch screen. Same dual 5MP cameras. Same Sense 3.0. Same dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and so on and so forth. Really, the only difference here is the inclusion of GSM radios -- for you tech heads, it's 850/900/1800/1900MHz for EDGE, 900/2100MHz for 3G), and a few cosmetic changes.

Also interesting is that it's also importing the EVO name -- not the first time we've seen this happen now, but so much for it being a Sprint thing, eh?

Pricing wasn't announced, but it'll be available in July. Full presser's after the break.

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3 years ago

CyanogenMod 7.1 release candidate now live


CyanogenMod 7.1 RC1 is now available for download from the mirror network.  The changelog looks pretty impressive, addressing most of the user issues and adding features and options -- which everyone loves (we've got it posted after the break).  The highlights are Android 2.3.4, Bluetooth mouse support, and improvements to the notification swipe to clear and Profile application.

It looks like a late night for all of us flash-a-holics.  Grab it through ROM Manager, or from the source link below.  Don't forget your Gapps!

Source: CyanogenMod.  More: GappsThanks everyone who sent this in!

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3 years ago

The Week in Android News

3 years ago

Gears of War theme for the Epic 4G [from the forums]


Want a badass theme for a badass phone?  Then you'll want to have a look at the Gears of War theme for the Samsung Epic 4G.  It's based on the EC05 Froyo build, and turns your Epic into something the Delta Squad would approve.  It's all done up -- icons, notifications, dialer, and you even have your choice to drop in a nifty GoW boot animation.

And as with any modification, the most important part is the support.  Android Central adviser Paul627g will have that covered, because that's how he rolls -- helping users and spreading the Epic 4G love from coast to coast.  If you've rooted and Rom'd your Epic 4G, you'll want to take a look at this one.

Source: Android Central forumsThanks, Paul!

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3 years ago

EVO 3D dock up for preorder at Best Buy



Remember HTC's EVO 3D desktop docking station that first appeared on Best Buy's website earlier this month? You know, the one powers your  EVO 3D while propping it up for ideal multimedia playback? Well, it is now officially on sale, though at the moment it appears to be a bit backordered. You'll have to shell out $49.99, and you'll have to wait 1 to 2 weeks for availability, but if you're looking for that perfect dock to compliment your shiny new smartphone, hit the source link to order yours today.

Source: Best Buy; Thanks, jeallen1, for the tip!

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3 years ago

LulzSec's latest (and final) leak drops off dozens of files detailing AT&T's LTE plans


LulzSec, the anti-sec group that quickly rose to Internet infamy over the past month or so, has just as quickly disbanded and disappeared back into the ether -- but not without one last data dump. And buried inside the 450-or-so megabytes is a folder labeled "AT&T internal data." And inside that folder is a massive dump of AT&T's plans, memos, timelines and other sundries regarding its LTE rollout.

Most of the documents are highly technical and are obviously pointed at engineers, talking about the back-end stuff that we never see -- and that most of us have no chance of actually understanding. And the documents themselves are pretty old in the scheme of things, from late 2010 to early 2011. So keep in mind that anything you read in there likely isn't up to date, was never intended for public consumption, and is very likely to change.

But one interesting tidbit is AT&T's apparent plan to market LTE data with various speed tiers, which it's calling "Speed Based Pricing." Verizon's about to switch to tiered pricing for its data plans (3G and 4G), but that's based on total consumption, not speed. The basic idea would be pay more, and you get faster LTE speeds. Not exactly a new premise -- cable companies have been doing this for Internet access for a while now, but it'd be an interesting change in the mobile space.

And then there's "Session Based Pricing," or the option for faster data speeds when you need them (that's the "per session"), even if you're a slower plan. Interesting stuff, actually.

Now, all that said: Something we haven't seen in the leaks are any specific smartphone plans. Nor are there any juicy pictures of upcoming phones and anything. In fact, it could well be that the speed-based pricing will be geared toward laptop-type data and not for smartphones. Will there be a difference between that and smartphones? Dunno. Point is, we're looking at this as an interesting look into what we might eventually see if and when AT&T's LTE network is up and running -- and not as anything written in stone.

Source: LulzSec

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3 years ago

LG Optimus One receives official Gingerbread update in Romania


If you have an LG Optimus One, and have been waiting for that long rumored Gingerbread update to finally become a reality it appears as though your time has come. Reports are rolling in of official Gingerbread updates rolling through for the device, the first was for the V20G version in Romania which started receiving the roll out yesterday, and other carriers are confirming it to be coming in the next few months as well. So, fear not, you are not left behind, it is just a matter of timing at this point!

Source: Facebook: Thanks, Kiraly!

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S II review (Vodafone network)


Wow. Even if you've used a dual-core smartphone before, it's difficult not to be blown away by the sheer speed of the Samsung Galaxy S II. Whatever we threw at it during our couple of weeks of testing, it just kept on going, stubbornly refusing to show even the slightest sign of slowdown. The combination of Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and Samsung's dual-core Exynos processor makes the Galaxy S II one of the fastest Android phones we've tested. And the thin and light chassis means you don't have to sacrifice portability to get this level of performance. Couple that with a large SuperAMOLED+ display, and you've got yourself a seriously advanced smartphone.

We tested the Vodafone UK-branded version of the Galaxy S II, which the network is offering for free on contracts of £30 or more per month. Join us after the break to find out what impressed us so much about Samsung's latest and greatest, and also where there's some room for improvement in this flagship product.

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3 years ago

Must-read EVO 3D threads


Got a brand-new Sprint EVO 3D? You're hardly alone. Our forums are the best place to find all the tips and tricks -- from readers like you! Here are but a few you should check out.

And many, many more. Check 'em out in the EVO 3D forums!

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