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SIM-free UK Galaxy Nexus coming early Nov. for £515, says retailer


British online retailer Clove is the first to offer up SIM-free UK pricing for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which was unveiled yesterday in Hong Kong. On its official blog, Clove says that it's "confirmed" the price at £514.80 inc. VAT (~$825), with a initial stock of the Ice Cream Sandwich-powered treats apparently arriving "at the beginning of November."

That's a lot of money, but typical of the cost of high-end handsets in the UK -- right now the iPhone 4S and HTC Sensation XE hover around the same £500-530 price point. Interestingly, Clove says it's also confirmed that the 32GB Galaxy Nexus won't be making it to British shores, instead limiting consumers to the 16GB model.

If £515 up-front is a bit much to swallow, then Three, O2 and Vodafone have also announced that they'll be carrying subsidized Galaxy Nexuses starting next month. However, details of pricing and availability for the carrier-subsidized versions have yet to been offered.

Source: Clove Blog

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T-Mobile Galaxy S II review


T-Mobile has had a long relationship with Android and Google, but was the last carrier in the universe to bring out the Galaxy S II.   Long rumored as the Hercules, many a smartphone fan wanted and waited to see just what T-Mobile could do with Samsung's newest "game-changing" phone, and now we know.  Make it bigger.  Make it with more Gees.  Make it their own.

How does this new and improved different version of the hardware compare to the phone many around the globe already know and love?  There was a lot of worrying about things once people found out that Samsung had to change a few things to provide something that worked on T-Mobile's new 42 Mbps network.  Already impressed with the performance of the Galaxy S II based on reviews and time spent with the international version, these were valid concerns -- it was a lot to live up to.  Keep reading to see what I think.

The Super AMOLED screen is beautiful, and at 4.52-inches gives you plenty of real estate.  The phone is thin, light, and performs like a beast -- like a Galaxy S II is supposed to.  Network speeds are great in the right area, and the battery life is excellent.

It's big.  4.52-inches may be too much for some people to deal with, no matter how thin it is.  The absence of Wifi calling is disappointing.  Because the hardware is different, Samsung and T-mobile may take a while to push out updates.  Front facing camera is not integrated into Google Talk.

The best screen technology combined with incredible battery life makes this one really stand out.  If you live, work, and play in a T-Mobile "4G" area, you'll be impressed by the network speed.  The Galaxy S II is a future-proof phone that should appeal to many.

Inside this review

More info


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Sphero recaps the Big Android BBQ for us all to see



Unfortuantely not everyone was able to make it down to Texas for the Big Android BBQ this year, and we all had to live through the tweets, posts and recap videos in order to get our fix. The folks at Sphero have released their own recap of the event from their eyes, so take a few minutes and check out some more action of the BBQ and see what you missed out on this year.

Source: Sphero

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Motorola RAZR gets UK price and launch date


In all the excitement of the Ice Cream Sandwich launch, it's almost easy to forget that Motorola too launched a new device yesterday, the rebirth of the RAZR

The device has been declared as on sale from Nov. 1 in the UK by online retailer Clove. Announced via their blog, Clove have given the RAZR a £455 ($720) price tag off contract which probably isn't too far off the actual price of the phone. 

Launching with Gingerbread 2.3.5 will come as a disappointment to most given the day's other news, but don't write the RAZR off. If you've not seen it in action yet, be sure to check out our hands on at the launch event. 

Source: Clove blog
More: Hands on  with the Motorola RAZR 

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EVO Design 4G announced, available on Sprint on Oct. 23


Sprint's just announced the HTC EVO Design 4G, a $100 world phone coming Oct. 23. The price and dual CDMA/GSM capabilities might be the standout features, but the rest of the phone is no slouch, including:

  • Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread
  • HTC Sense – Award-winning user experience taking social networking, navigation and customization to new levels
  • Aluminum unibody design gives the HTC EVO Design 4G a slim, streamlined profile –guaranteed to get attention and nicely compact in your hand, pocket or bag
  • 1.2GHz processor
  • 4-inch qHD capacitive touchscreen display
  • Dual cameras: 5MP rear-facing camera/camcorder with flash and HD video recording and 1.3MP front-facing camera for video chat
  • World Phone capabilities to make and receive calls and texts, and to access email and news from locations around the globe
  • 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot, supporting up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n

Source: Sprint

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Amazon adds PBS content to Prime; Kindle Fire will feature day-after episodes


The Amazon Kindle Fire, which was announced last month, will debut in mid-November. It's a content consumption device that will integrate with all of Amazon's media services. As we near the release, Amazon continues to announce more content deals for its Prime instant video service. Prime was strictly about free two-day shipping until recently when they added the ability to stream thousands of movies and tv shows with the membership. The latest is PBS, which is providing a variety of shows including day-after availability for some titles.

The PBS library will be over 1,000 large and will include episodes from: NOVA, Masterpiece, Antiques Roadshow, Prohibition, The French Chef and documentaries from Ken Burns (Baseball, The National Parks: America's Best Idea, The Civil War). Day-after availability will be offered for Frontline and Washington Week.

With the addition of this content from PBS, Amazon's Prime library is now up to 12,000 titles.

If you purchase a Kindle Fire, you will have access to a free month of Amazon Prime, which other than these instant videos, includes free two-day shipping. Membership fee is $79/year.

In the cuthroat world that is content licensing, expect to see Amazon to continue to announce more titles to compete with Netflix, particularly once the Kindle Fire is in the hands of millions of people.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the up and coming tablet, please visit our Amazon Kindle Fire Forum.

Source: Press release

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T-Mobile G2 gets an OTA update to Android 2.3.4, brings better battery life and more


While tons of news has been kicking around about Ice Cream Sandwich, the rest of us are hoping and praying that our devices won't be left behind in terms of updates. The T-Mobile G2 has not been forgotten, yet instead there is an OTA that started rolling out yesterday. Included in this update to Android 2.3.4 are the following improvements:

  •     Google Security Patch
  •     Google Skymap improvements
  •     Battery life improvements
  •     Data connection while roaming domestically

So, if you are a G2 owner and have yet to receive the update prompt, head into your settings then about phone and check for your update. Be sure to hop in the forums and let us know how the update goes for you, and any improvements you notice!

Source: T-Mobile; Thanks, Stacy!

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Ice Cream Sandwich SDK system dump available -- devs and themers get at it!


With the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich just around the corner, everyone's excited for all the new features and look.  We can't offer a way to get any of the features just yet -- that'll have to wait till the code drops -- but your favorite themer sure can have a ball with the system files from the SDK.  All the graphics are there -- icons, status bar symbols, interface elements, etc. -- ripe for the taking and ready to be worked into a great new theme for your current rooted Android phone.  If you're the theme-creating type, yet don't want to fool with extracting everything out of the system images, we got ya covered.  Hit the forums and download it.  Be sure to give us a holler when you create something with them, we'd love to have a look!

Download the Ice Cream Sandwich SDK system dump

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Relive the Ice Cream Sandwich/Galaxy Nexus event all over again


Youtube link for mobile viewing

Google's posted the official event video. Enjoy.

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ASUS unleashes Transformer 2 video


ASUS has let slip a teaser video for the next Transformer tablet. And in a word: Sexy. Obviously thinner and sleeker than the original Transformer -- which we were very much smitten with -- the sequel also looks to have a detachable keyboard dock, also redesigned.

Our big question at this point, though: Honeycomb? Or Ice Cream Sandwich? Check it out after the break.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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