HTC Evo 3D

We're not quite sure just what to make of it, but an astute reader has spotted a page on Sprint's website with a message about the EVO 3D (see our hands-on with one right here).  There's not much to go on, here's what it says:

The vanity request identified as "" is confidential until after the requested launch date of: 04/11/2011

Nothing more, nothing less.  Does this mean Sprint is releasing the EVO 3D on April 11?  Doubtful.  Does it mean they will be announcing the EVO 3D launch date and putting up a pre-order page on April 11?  Possibly.  Is it just a random date thrown in as a page placeholder?  Could be.

Whatever it means, I'm sure Sprint is aware of the consumer interest this one will garner, so expect a big media push once they feel ready to talk about it.  In the meantime, hit the source link to see for yourselves, then hit the Evo 3D forums and speculate! [Sprint] Thanks, milad6923!

Update: Looks like there's one for the EVO View tablet as well. Thanks, Francis!



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Confidential Sprint EVO 3D page spotted; under wraps until April 11


Actually, the Kyocera Echo is rumored to have a microcasette recorder. Just another "never-before-seen" feature on Sprint's new flagship device. :P

lol, yah sort of looks like a tape who's waiting for the tbolt or incredible 3d?


got my thunderbolt, soon coming in 3d! lol.

Website is up for me without that message, try it again.

It'd be ridiculous to be offered before June, the release date of evo 4g was June 4th 2010, they'd burn their gold premier subscribers by releasing it before they could upgrade. Probability extremely unlikely.

yeah first time I saw this thing I thought it had some sort of removable cassette or something....looks like one of those old mini recorders you would see in the 80s. Pretty damn ugly.. specs are nice but 3D thing just seems like a gimic. Dont think I will be upgrading my Evo to this.

It's funny how simple non-sense Sprint Web pages about the EVO 3D sparks major insterest. Free non-sense adverstising to Spark insterest on Android Central!


Bottom line here if your a current Htc Evo 4g owner on sprint and your not planning to upgrade to the Htc Evo 3d then YOUR PRETTY FOOLISH simple as that

Perhaps some people are not Premiere members and don't want to lay out $500 or $600. I wouldn't call them "foolish".

Fortunately, I *am* a Premiere member.

My prediction is sprint will allow preorders on Friday April 15th. The device will officially go on sale in sprint stores/radio shack/best buy on either May 6th or May 13th. This makes since based on the fact that CTIA has changed the venue and time of CTIA in 2012 to May 8th thru May 10th and everyone knows that sprint showcases there devices at ctia every year. So this changes the normal June time frame. MARK IT DOWN....

Plus sprint loves launching there products on Fridays. Last Evo 4g launched June 4th 2010.. Get ready for PREORDER TIME CURRENT EVO 4G OWNERS

I was a premiere customer till they changed their premier rules. I am a government employee and should be premier no matter what! I'm only paying 60 a month while I Shld have over 99 dollars in service.

Way to ruin a good thing. This has been available for some time now and could help us understand a bit of what was going on in there and now because a few idiots posted photos of there site it is gone.

People are so stupid they just want to prove they are in the know.

I think the pre-order guess is right...
The page for EVO 3D on HTC's site has a button under a heading that says, "Ways to buy" labeled, "pre-register" that takes you directly to the launch page on Sprint...

Is it really possible that dreams could come true as early as Monday? lol