Best Buy Fail

Oh, Best Buy, when will you ever learn? We have seen countless failed photoshops come from your direction, and yet again you come back for more. This time we are seeing here an HP TouchPad, the newest WebOS tablet, that is said to be running Android 3.0, Honeycomb. Come on now, Best Buy, you're better than this, get your operating systems correct for us!

Source: PreCentral

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Mikey47 says:

No, but it wishes it did.

Mr Bigs says:

Oh Hell no it doesn't !!!!!

ScottJ says:

Yes, it does.

Lmfao! That just made my night!

rh166c says:

Hahaha idiots.

S_C_B says:


Android 3.0, WebOS 3.0.... Its easy to see how they may have gotten confused.

S_C_B says:

They must have non techs in the advertising department. I hate that.

chuckh0308 says:

Actually, Best Buy is NOT better than that! If they were, these mistakes wouldn't happen and I would enjoy shopping there instead of only using them for emergencies (which they still have a hard time handling...).

Dankest says:

I work for best buy and I am not surprised

Jon no h says:

Haha! Too funny. Def non-techs in the marketing dept.

T72018 says:

They need to fire the advertising manager, obviously he ain't into electronics. Don't they come across his desk before it gets printed? Utter fail.

Axe says:

I'm sure shopping in the store and understanding the products/audience aren't high on the qualification list for that position. Someone out there correct me if I'm wrong. Or, heck, hire me and my insight.

katnapper says:

Geek Squad needs to be staffed with nerds instead. No self respecting dweeb would let something like this slip through the cracks. LOL

PGiovanni says:

I was at best buy and saw the HP tablet and their salesman said it was running android, it wasn't it was running web OS

colbysbb says:

I bet you'd get the same mistake if you asked someone in the store. I just hosted a training session with the BB computer area employees the other night....and I was just shopping. They have no clue what's going on, and this is the biggest best buy store in indianapolis.

roneyii says:

The Best Buy in Castleton (North Indianapolis for the rest of y'all) seems to have good staff.
There's a new guy there named Harrison that seems to know his stuff.

bsprizzle says:

It even says on the ad " next level multi-tasking with HP webOS "

Thrasherx2k1 says:

Why the hell does it say $520 and $620 for the prices??? What is Best Buy doing???

roneyii says:

I think those are the Canadian prices.


I'm not surprise.. Their customer service is the same way!!! All fxuck up lol

pDoG says: a best buy employee this disgusts me. Our display looks NOTHING like this. I can honestly its geek squad that gives up the best rep. My bestbuy, I know, or at least my computer team is hands down one of the best.

ScottJ says:

If they were that good they'd be working for a real company and not some retail chain. Face it, Best Buy has to hire from a pool of people that couldn't cut it in real tech.

Jon no h says:

As good as webOS is, there is no support. Android would make it a better tablet. Wishful thinking perhaps? :)

Dark_Blu says:

Honeycomb on the Touch pad would probably be an improvement. Don't get me wrong, WebOS is nice and all, but where are the apps? This thing has been reviewed and it didn't provide a mind blowing experience that makes it a better choice than the iPad or an Android Tablet.

jedicide says:

Dual boot!! lol

nmoreman says:

I'm with the Indy guy above - our people, as a general rule, are horrible - telephones, computers, tv's. I spend money there only if I have to, its great to look for comparisons, but if you have to ask a question - WOW. They would be better off to pay more money to employees for higher trained/knowledgable people. But then of course, they do act like they know what they are doing . . .

Donmeister85 says:


derek5l says:

Geez, these guys are idiots. Just the other day, i was in there playing with the sony goog tv. The salesman was saying that it was running off of "Chrome OS". Lol

sookster54 says:

They fixed the fliers, lol the price was also changed from $519 to $449 and $619 to $549.

Ravynmagi says:

Best Buy must be embarrassed, because I know for a fact it's shipping with Android 3.1, not 3.0. Silly people. :)

ctk4949 says:

LOL!! Worst Buy!!

Cort says:

If its a typo its a typo, not say in the store sorry but thats not the price. I call that false advertisement. And for the typo of what comes with what, i have seen this to many times already, its shameful that a big chain store does these type of errors, makes it look like they dont know.

ubes14 says:

This isnt the Ad for the U.S. Best Buy's. US ad's run from July 17th-23rd, which looks different and is labeled Web OS