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With webOS heading towards being open sourced and it's overall future still unknown, the HP TouchPad is still living it up on the Android side of things as a lot of folks have adopted the device as an Android tablet by running CyanogenMod 7 and now we're getting a preview of the ICS based CyanogenMod 9 running on it. It's still a bit off from being complete and as such few things are still broken but hey the HP TouchPad may see CM9 before many official Android tablets see ICS.

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CM9 for the HP TouchPad gets previewed, still work to be done


This is what I've been waiting for :-)

Sadly, it looks like my HP webOS Touchpad will have ICS before my "pure Google" Nexus S 4G gets an official update :-(

There's 4.0.3 OTA-style updates all over XDA for the NS4g that have been more or less ripped straight from the GSM version, then re-packed with the NS4g radio. It's practically the same thing that Google's gonna do when they release it. Sprint most likely is the cause of the delay, since the NS4G release was a collaboration.

Plus, you guys got Google Wallet and still to this day it's technically exclusive to sprint and the NS4g and soon-to-be-out GNex for sprint.

Just go flash a stock ROM with 4g radio. It's too easy.

I still wish I'd lucked into one of these heh, I love my Xoom but it would be cool to have an haxor'd Android 4.x tablet :)

Run on sentence runs on.

But good news. CM7 Alpha 3.5 has been pretty good for me - though I pretty much have to reboot the thing daily to keep the wierdness from creeping in. Definitely looking forward to this.

I love CM, but unfortunately it was also very buggy... I tried XRON's rom and it has been nothing but amazing for me. I still have MINOR issues but nothing that would keep it from being my daily driver! When CM9 comes out, of course, i am going right back! I love CM!!!!

You do realize that xron *IS* CM7 3.5, right?

It just has new skins, icons, a few small tweaks, a different launcher, a bunch of extra, useful apps, etc.

Dude that guy is so quiet, maybe I didn't hear him say it: what ISN'T WORKING?

I could see that it stuttered a little bit but so what? It's a WiFi tablet with ICS. If the WiFi works then it's time to flash!

Don't be knockin on Green. You're my boy Green, youre my boy!

Anyhoo, basically hw video codecs are still in progress, and some usb transfer stuff is being checked. This is what I overheard last night on IRC. As far as release know the drill.

Oh, that looked nice. I want to switch my TP to it right now!!! I am so sick of my buggy webOS software, and since I switched over to Android for my phone, I want to do this for the tablet, as well. I haven't heard too many people say that CM7 is all that great for the TP, but if they can get CM9 working soon, I'm in.

I love the fact that he showed how easy the dual-boot system was at the beginning. There are a couple of apps that I don't want to lose because of price, so it would be nice to have them when I need them.

I think CM7 (alpha 3.5) is great for the Touchpad. I was excited about the "cards" GUI of WebOS, but quickly grew to hate how slow the whole thing was. I've had CM7 3.5 on my Touchpad since the day it came out, and use it the touchpad daily for all sorts of tasks. Its pretty simple, you're set up to dual-boot by default. I see no reason to *not* do it now, besides maybe waiting for CM9 which looks pretty close.

I felt like a lunatic trying to get my hands on a Touchpad during the firesale, but I'm very glad I did it.

Doesn't seem worth it, with the CM9 release imminent. I expect to see it within the next 2-3 days probably. Maybe even tonight. It's THAT close.

Plus, the team may have altered or changed the moboot process or clockworkmod stuff. That's just speculaton, but I think it'd be more hassle than it's worth to install CM7 right now.

Is that timeframe speculation, or do you have some "insider" information? :) I really like my gingerbread Moto Atrix2, so CM7 wouldn't bother me to stay consistent with it. I just had read so many "buggy" things about it, but maybe those things have been cleared up. (?) Either way, my time with webOS is about done. Sad, but that direction was forced upon me, not the other way around, y'know?

@bohiti: So, you've had no real issues with it? How does it compare to webOS as far as stability, etc?

I have installed it on 5 of my friends and family members' touchpad including my own. Have been using it for Several months now. Have never had to go to WebOS again. It's very stable. Every now and then it will get in a boot loop when i start it up but if i just force reset it, it turns on. Several people on CM forums and also me can say that it does have some issues with WiFi. when i mean that i mean it doesnt always connect. But a simple reboot or like turn on/off wifi, or reboot, or reboot to WebOS then back to Android works. So yeah it is an issue but it can be worked around if your willing to make extra steps to fix it. but im telling you, wifi MOST of the time works. It gave life to my touchpad. I love it. Yes it is called "alpha" but im telling you, if you install it correctly, it is very safe to have on your touchpad and if you dont like it, you can always boot it up to WebOS cuz WebOS stays on there (dual boot)

CYANONGENMOD7 has worked great on my touchpad. Using it right now. Can't wait for this icecreamsandwhich build! When HP made webos open, I was really hoping this day would come. Gonna donate to the CM team!

These are exactly the issues I have with wifi. However you can fix almost all those problems if you have access to your router settings. Changing your router to channel 4 will keep it from having connection issues. I've done this for 3 homes and it fixed connectivity issues. Of course if you are at someone's else's place or public wifi then you're still stuck.

There's also a known bug where if you move about 50 apps to SD, the next time you boot into cm7 you'll get a notification saying your SD was removed and you can't remount it. You just have to move some apps "back to phone" or uninstall some from sd to have access again after a reboot. Hopefully cm9 will fix them.

I have it and love it. Only issues I have had are: Camera doesn't work (did once though); got a crackling noise on speakers when screen went off while listening to music-solved by installing CPUTuner; occasionally the pad would freeze and had to reboot it sometimes 2-3 times a day, CPUTuner and SoftLocker solved that problem too. Occasionally the headphone jack doesn't turn off the speakers but a reboot takes care of that too. It does use a little more juice since it never goes into a deep sleep (use about 35% power each day with about 2-3 hours use)but it makes the touchpad more stable and can still be powered up for days without having to reboot. Everything else (but Skype with video) works flawlessly. I can't wait for CM9!