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Well, how about that. What you see in the video above apparently is CyanogenMod 7 booting onto an HP TouchPad. Of course, booting is just the first step in a long line of things that have to happen before we get a working port. Notably, the touchscreen doesn't yet work. That's kind of a big one. But booting CM7 is a big step, no doubt. The plan now, apparently, is to work up a sort of dual-boot system. So you'll have webOS, Android and who knows what else running within the existing sandbox.

As always, don't bother asking about when we'll have a usable port. "Coming soon" ain't in the vocabulary for a project like this. It'll be ready when it's ready, which should give aspiring tinkerers a little more time to track down a TouchPad.

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CM7 seen booting on an HP TouchPad, still a long way from being usable


What a waste of time... If CM7 was all that great to begin with, phone manufacturers would be lining up to try and come up with a deal to have it installed on their android phones. Too much hype if you ask me.

That's why samsung hired the founder of cyanogen a month or so ago. Because cyanogenmod is legit. Cyanogenmod is part of the open source community and all their work falls under the open source project and laws. They have nothing to sell because its not theirs to sell. Hiring contributors is about the best any company can do.

I own an HTC EVO 4G as my everyday phone. I own an iPad 2 for a tablet. I've never personally owned a WebOS device.

That being said, from a purely OS standpoint, I couldn't understand a preference for Android over WebOS on anything. I've put WebOS through it's paces a lot and love it.

In the real world, things aren't that cut-and-dried. I would put Android on a tablet over WebOS just from the standpoint of the huge difference in apps available through Android.

It's a shame WebOS has been relegated to, basically, a niche OS for a very small percentage of the market. It's wonderfully intuitive and clean as interfaces go. The crap hardware and lack of substantive apps were the weight around it's neck.


I've only played with a a pre a few times and when I got my touchpad I was reminded again why my brain always kept a special pedestal for WebOS. It is fantastic to use and far more intuitive than android. I love android more and that's why this is my homepage for everything I own, but I'm not sure anymore if I would rather dual boot or get a separate tablet for android with the way it works. The app number is a big plus though. Hmmmmmmmm

Its really a shame because I was impressed, they should have been selling for $200 for the 16gb and $250 for the 32gb. Really now that the word is on the street HP should bring it back with dual boot pre installed (Best Of Both Worlds)

What needs to happen is Google buy webos from HP ostensibly and all intergrate true multitasking cards from webos a touch of synergy and run ics all over it, then sue the world for things like a clock on the home screen. Apple wouldn't know what to do

kinda what I been waiting for since I got my touchpad. Love webOS and how its set up but love me some cm7 too, so a dual boot would be perfect. Can't wait keep up the great work