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Koushik Dutta of ClockworkMod, ROM Manager and Carbon (Backup) fame continues his long standing contributions to the Android community with his latest creation, ClockworkMod SuperUser. Currently in beta, eventually there will be an installation process in the APK itself, but for now it must be flashed either via ROM Manager or manually via recovery. 

There's a few headline features to speak of, the first of which is that unlike the Chainfire SuperUser offerings, this one is open-sourced with the full code available for download from Koush's Github. Also on board is support for the multi-user option found in Android 4.2. Impressive. Equally impressive is that this one version is compatible with both ARM and x86, with Koush claiming "magic" in getting it working. 

The impressive full feature set reads as follows:

  • Multiuser support
  • Open source
  • Free
  • Leverages Android's permission model
  • Logging (and per app logging)
  • Pretty UI
  • PIN Protection
  • Request Timeout
  • Customize notifications
  • x86 and ARM support
  • Handle concurrent su requests properly
  • NDK clean

Follow the source link below or head on into ROM Manager on your rooted device to flash a copy and take a look for yourselves. Click on further past the break for a demo video of ClockworkMod SuperUser in action. 

Source: +Koushik Dutta


Reader comments

ClockworkMod SuperUser released in beta, free and open-sourced


Finally, (free)PIN protection and open source in an Android SU implementation. I might actually root my phone now.

Maybe i am going at this Superuser app all wrong....but i almost NEVER actually open up the Superuser/SuperSU app. the only time i do is when i accidently say no to SU, and use the app to change it to yes. other than that, i have no use (that i know of) to acutually go into the app.

maybe i have been under-utilizing the application, maybe i am not a power root user, maybe i just dont know the capabilities. anyone have a list of what these apps can do outside of granting SU permission to apps that request it?

I'm in the same boat here. I don't get what the point is. I don't understand the difference between Superuser and SuperSU and I don't understand why I'd need to use this app instead of SuperSU. The most basic Superuser app does exactly what I need it to do. Aside from SuperSU having a nicer looking icon and seemingly being included with more ROMs, I don't see why I'd need to use it over the standard Superuser app. I don't understand why I'd need the pro features either. Is that something devs would need and not standard users?

He will find some way to add a paid feature in there.. He always seems to do it, even in apps that you already paid for..

That's what I have experienced too with his apps. I also purchased Superuser paid, which now seems abandoned.
I recently got SuperSU Pro, so far so good, I don't want to keep paying for this stuff.

Yeah tell me about it. I hate having to pay a couple of bucks for the hundreds of hours of work he puts into each project. Why would he want to get paid for his hard work? Ridiculous!