ClockworkMod developer Koushik Dutta has shown off some early progress in bringing touchscreen functionality to his popular custom recovery image for Android. In a video posted on his Google+ page, Koush demonstrates the ability to navigate through menus using touch, rather than the regular volume rocker/power button combo required by current ClockworkMod builds.

A custom recovery image is an important tool for anyone wanting to use custom firmware on their Android device, so it's great to see advanced functionality like touch headed to a popular recovery like CWM.

This isn't the first time we've seen early implementations of touch support in custom recoveries, though. Previous efforts have included an unofficial version of ClockworkMod for the Galaxy Nexus, which uses on-screen keys instead of old-fashioned clicky buttons. The important difference with Koush's implementation is that it allows you to touch and scroll anywhere on the screen to select the item you want, just like when you're browsing through menus in Android.

The developer points out that the version shown in the video is still a "rough cut", with plenty of work yet to be done. But based on what we've seen in the video, things are already looking very promising.

Source: +Kouishik Dutta

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geeksbsmrt says:

Good work Koush! My earlier was before I actually watched the vid. My bad.

Viper says:

Sweet! No more -No -No -No -No -No -No -Yes (lol)

hmmm says:

There are custom recoveries that get rid of that. I am running on my Nexus S and have only 1 "no" to scroll past.

newboyx says:

Old news, twrp has been doing this for a while.

HAAS599 says:

Yeah, thats the first thing I thought. But think of Koush like Apple, its only new when he does it.

movielover76 says:

twrp does have it theirs even a beta for my phone but with something that makes or breaks the ability to recover from a bad flash, I like to stay with trusted clockworkmod. I'd wager a lot of people feel that way.

hmmm says:

Don't really see the need but, ok. Would be easier to accidentally hit the wrong thing with touchscreen than a hardware button.

Grahaman27 says:

thats exactly what I think. recoveries may be sorta hard to navigate, but for good measure.

chrisz5z says:

scrollable touch recoveries have been out for a while....the above link is an example for my phone. Still curious what Koush will release though

movielover76 says:

This is awesome I can't wait to see real builds out for one of the many phones I have, my main phone is a thunderbolt, and I'd love it for the thunderbolt, when your a flash addict those volume keys and power button get old quick.

Thanks to all of the android devs for making great things like this a reality, of course for a recovery I think I'll wait until it's fully tested and stable as that's often the only thing saving me from bricking my phone lol.

moosc says:

Man the recovery I have my nexus is awesome larger dont touch swipe press volume button soft keys its the greatest ics seen.

frettfreak says:

Cool... I like his work, but i have had touch rocovery on my phone from TWRP for a WHILE, and have had ZERO issues. We will see though. I hope he changes the UI before he releases cause thats got NOTHING on TWRP...Very large buttons (read: hard to hit the wrong one), nice look, feel, and layout..

Pengwn says:

You can already scroll through the options on the current unofficial version but tapping on the option still doesn't work. I can't wait for a flashable version of this!