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Google is making it easier for mobile search users to use vital phone numbers in emergency situations, with the addition of clickable emergency number links in related search results. Last year Google searches for terms like poison control and suicide began returning related emergency numbers above the usual list of web links. Now these numbers are getting click-to-call functionality, meaning mobile users will be able to touch the number and immediately be connected to relevant emergency services.

Google says this new feature is enabled for users in 14 countries, giving them access to local emergency numbers. This is a great addition to Google's mobile search, and one which could ultimately end up saving lives. It's easy to see how a few seconds saved by not entering a phone number could mean the difference between life and death in certain situations. [Google Mobile blog]


Reader comments

Click-to-call numbers added to Google emergency search results


"a few seconds by not entering the phone number" wow really could you get any less liability or safety minded. search suggestion calling is faster than 911 in an emergency situation? Better learn to distinguish between emergency and your mom worried about you taking one too many tylenol. The suicide hotline is a non emergency number in ANY state as is poison control.

For the record not saying it's not worth mention just saying get the terminology and facts right before posting.

As great as 911 is, they don't always know what they are doing for poison. They are not rained in any medical training. Poison control its trained for that one thing (digesting or getting in contract with poison).

I know this from experience, my friends son drank bleach and she called 911 and THEY had to call poison control to find out what to do...

Anybody try this. The above screen shot is not what I get when I search for "Poison Control", nor do I get a click to call number. However, is anybody else getting the little spyglass with a dot on either side next to each link. It appears to be a page preview for the link without actually going there. Looks really cool.

UPDATE: I turned Instant results on to see if that was what was different, now it does pull up the number, even after turning instant off. Interesting.