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There's not much reason to open the Chromecast app once everything's set up, but that doesn't mean Google's still not paying attention to it. the Chromecast app got itself a bit of a redesign tonight, adding the pull-out drawer that all good apps should have. A link to Chromecast-compatible apps is tucked away in that drawer, and the settings menu has been moved there as well.

You get a couple new things when looking at individual Chromecasts, too. The time-zone selector now shows the time relative to GMT, and you can now see the Chromecast MAC address, should you need to do some network troubleshooting.

All in all, a nice little answer to those who have worried that Google had forgotten about the high-def dongle.


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Chromecast app gets a redesign


I think as more people get the device, and the viability for more Chromecast-friendly sites and casting options (not just hitting the Google Chrome "cast" icon, but other ways), you will see Google do even more with the device, its apps, etc.

Let's see what the holidays do for sales, and then look in early 2014.

But as-is, I love the thing. Makes the NFL Sunday Ticket Internet package awesome.

This needs more support from both virgin TV and sky. Otherwise its not worth the money if you have a games console which come with most TV options anyway.

Keep it secret keep it safe..... ΓΈ

Neither of those will support it - Sky have their own rival box and virgin paid too much for Tivo to even think of using anything else.

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I love it for YouTube and the like from my mobile, but I wish I could cast the mobile Chrome browser. It just seems like a no brainer.