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Google has just rolled out an updated version of the Chrome OS for a variety of Chromebooks for different manufacturers. While there are several notable features and the usual bug fixes, better touch support is probably the most noteworthy component of this update. The update brings the build number up to 36.0.1985.126.

The Chrome OS update is good for the following Chromebook models:

  • 5841.73.0 for CR48, Acer AC700, Acer C7 C710, ASUS Chromebook C200, ASUS Chromebox, Lenovo N20 Chromebook, Lenovo Thinkpad 11e Chromebook, Lenovo X131e, LG Chromebase, Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, Samsung Series 5 Chromebook, Samsung Chromebook 2 (11"), Samsung Chromebook 2 (13"), and the New Samsung Chromebook
  • 5841.74.0 for the Acer C720, Dell Chromebook 11 for Education and the Toshiba Chromebook
  • 5841.76.0 for Google Pixel and the Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook

The update will be deployed to Chromebook users over the next few days and brings with it the following features:

  • Users can adjust time if their clock is out of sync and they have no network connection
  • The on-screen keyboard to support IMEs
  • We launched a touch-enabled window manager for Chrome OS available on select convertible devices
  • Supervised users: ability to import existing supervised users, and to set a new password from If you have a touch-enabled device, you can now scale a webpage to zoom in on content via pinch to zoom

Have you noticed any improvements?

Source: Google


Reader comments

Chrome OS update for Chromebooks delivers better touch support


Woohoo! I love my Acer C720P! It doesn't need the touchscreen, but sometimes he internet looks so nice you've just got to swipe up or click a link with your finger. Glad to see they are adding some improvements. :)

Not all devices get updated at the same time, for the same reasons some phones take longer — the hardware vendors have to build a functional kernel and support the hardware. This page lets you keep track of what build is current for your hardware.

i think my chromebook is in the clear for this update. Does this mean some of the older chromebooks will have touche screen capability, or no?

No, this just tries to make the experience for the touch-enabled model(s) better. I'm hoping more touch-enabled Chromebooks (especially ones with a good price) come out eventually.

I'm also intrigued at the "select convertible devices" line in there. Chrome tablet/laptop hybrid, please. Pretty please.

Just picked up a couple of Acer C720s (yesterday), non touch screen... One for me, one for the rest of the family (we have plenty of hardware around the house); Still kicking the tires but for how I'll use it I think it's going to be pretty sweet. The non-touch screen elements of this update have already pushed as well, but I won't have become so ingrained yet to recognize other new features.