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Double-tap listening improved while pinch zooming remains in latest Chrome beta build

If you've ever used a mobile web browser (I think that applies to all of us) you have experienced a self-imposed 300 millisecond delay between the time you tap something and it is registered as a click. This is a big part of the reason that mobile web browsing seems more disjointed and sluggish that what we're used to from a desktop machine, and why native applications seem to work better than HTML 5 web-based versions.

Starting with Chrome 32, now in Beta for Android, all this changes. 

The delay was originally imposed because your browser has to listen for a double-tap. Based on the page width, some dynamic CSS, and your screen size double-tapping is a great way to zoom the content. But if a web-page is written well for mobile, there is no need for the double-tapping. When your phone doesn't have to listen for it, it can turn taps into clicks instantly — and still retain all the pinch-zooming you would ever want.

Google's own Jake Archibald has a nice little video showing the difference. We've dropped that in after the break, And the source link has all the technical details for web developers and interested parties.

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Chrome beta removes once-neccessary artifical click delay


This is a beta. This is understandable

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Android 4.2.2)

You can't possibly be implying that a beta version isn't perfect! Say it ain't so!

Posted via Android Central App

I have consistantly found the beta version to be much better than the stable version of Chrome for a loooooong time now. That said, obviously you guys have a valid "Captain Obvious" point : )

I prefer beta over regular chrome, always faster than regular and my stock browsers. But the stock browser is slow because I use flash and have it sideloaded. As powerful as phones are now and with enough ram, I don't see why they can't incorporate Flash into chrome as they do for desktop version. A lot of sights still use flash which makes it annoying as hell not having it. For example, comedy central is Flash only when I go to the daily show extended interviews. I just think google is avoiding like apple did to discourage people from having free content from the net.

Maybe now Dieter Bohn and The Verge will stop whining about Chrome on Android and stop using Chrome as their benchmark for the entire Android OS response times.

Ah who are we kidding? That'll never happen.

To be fair. Web browsing is one of the most important functions of a smartphone. If Google ships phones with a browser that lags and stutters, reviewers have a right to complain. If Google wants more people to really love Android, shipping a smooth and performant browser should be their top priority. Bad reviews are good because they will let Google know that it's something they need to work harder on.

Not every manufacturers version of android ships with Chrome as the browser they want and recommend that you use. They typically have their own browser they built and modified from either the AOSP source or the Chromium source. In the environment that the manufacturer made they want you to use the browser they provided for the best experience. Most times the browser they provided is better than Chrome I'll give you that.

I think he just meant the verge should use the manufacturers browser to do tests with opposed to what Google is trying to provide.

Most important feature? Not for me, i almost don't use the browser. Why would i almost everything can be done in native apps, those integrate and are most of the time way faster then anything in the browser.
I guess i only use it when i do some searching.

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Chrome was embarrassingly laggy. Chrome beta recent builds are much better.

Posted from the Future via Android Central App

The Dalvik VM is reponsible for OS response time and the only thing thats going to change that fact is for Android to go full on native.

As an iPhone user (like they have been) it is extremely noticeable when the screen doesnt scroll exactly with your finger. Its a deal breaker for some people, where other people who havent used iOS would not even notice. I had no idea when I was using a quadcore superphone that it would seem unresponsive after owning an iPhone.

Why are we still in an age of double-triple-quadruple tapping?
We have multi-touch screens, tap with 2 fingers, tap with 3, swipe with 4, etc.
Yes it's a departure from what people are used to but shouldn't we be trying to push towards a better overall experience?
Pinch-to-zoom works perfectly!

Seriously? You want to pretend that double tapping with one finger is faster than doing a single tap using two fingers at once?

Has no one thought because a lot of people use their phone with one hand? That's why double tap is superior

Posted via Android Central App

This is great as long as it works without breaking anything else.

I've a question though:
On every nexus device review since google removed the AOSP browser, there's criticism of scrolling and pinch-zooming lag and stutter, especially the nexus 10 if you remember.

Does google ever notice those?

Well it works...but it really only works on mobile sites, which already load quick, so there isn't too much of a difference.

Posted via Android Central App

now they need to add the option to move the Omnibox to the bottom of the sreen. how come mobile browsers won't add this option? wouldn't it be much easier to enter an address or switch tabs if the contols were at the bottom instead of having to reach to the top of the screen?

BB10 browser has that feature, just saying there is a mobile browser with that. Flame away if you must.

Especially using a note phone lol would also prefer if they'd bring back the old tab switching swipe instead of making it only work on the bar.

Posted via Android Central App

yup, agree on the tab switching, but if the moved the bar to the bottom then it would be very easy to switch tabs, enter a new address, open the menu...such a pain to reach all the way to the top.

Sigh. I hope the idiots at Google at least make this optional. Sometimes its a lot easier to work one-handed, and for that the double tap is very important. I'm not so busy I can't wait less than 1/3 of a second.

How can I copy over my android chrome bookmarks to chrome beta??

Posted via Android Central App

The difference is mind numbing. No I'm not being sarcastic. I no longer hesitate wondering if I actually hit the links.

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