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Google has once again updated the Chrome beta channel for Android, bringing the pre-release browser up to version 25.0.1364.74. The new update fixed compatibility issues with the Samsung Galaxy S2, while addressing the long-standing beta bug that caused the tap disambiguation popup to appear more often than it should. That's in addition to fixes for some other bugs.

But what we're noticing most in this beta update is the performance improvement brought by the latest Chrome graphics architecture. This was actually added in an earlier Chrome Beta release last Friday, but a bug which throttled scrolling speed on many pages prevented us from enjoying it. In this latest version it seems that's now been fixed, allowing us to get the most out of Chrome's new graphical goodness.

We should point out that this is still beta software, and performance on older devices like the Galaxy Nexus remains slow and laggy. The usual warning about software bugs alplies here, too. But if you're using a newer phone like the Nexus 4 and have been put off by the jankiness of earlier Crome betas, you may want to give this latest one a try. Hit the Google Play link above if you like to live on the edge when it comes to mobile web browser.


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Chrome Beta for Android updated, actually pretty speedy now


Can't wait for the dev channel to be released for general use, who wouldn't want more bleeding edge than the beta channel!

Installed, logged in, allowed access, phone rebooted... :(

Droid RAZR MAXX 4.1.2

not too sure about this one...

"...performance on older devices like the Galaxy Nexus remains slow and laggy."

Ouch! I don't think of my Galaxy Nexus as "older". That hurt my phone's feelings. :(

Certinanly seems fast enough that I could use it as a daily driver on my N10... but the text sizing bug is still there. If that were fixed, I could switch to it full time. Has me really looking forward to the next stable release though.

And GNex old? Sure, it may not be the newest but its hardly what I would call "old". Especially given its a Nexus, so it'll have support for a while still.

They're saying older devices, as in not newer generation quad core. The hardware in the GNex is not that outdated, however the GPU is. It does quite well with most things, it just has a bit of a harder time with some newer standards. That is why Chrome isn't forced in updates. It became a standard browser in devices that can better handle it.
They're not calling it old.. At all. They've just mentioned that oldER devices will have a little harder time. Nothing to be upset about. The GNex will get at least two years of updates. The Nexus devices are cheap enough now, that one can afford to purchase a new one every two years without being rich.

The Galaxy Nexus is old. Anything beyond 6 months is already outdated in the hardware scene. The GNexus was outdated the day it was released... which is quite pathetic. The TI Omap is a pitiful processor by comparison to today's other SoCs.

Take for instance the Galaxy S2 which was released months before the GNexus. The S2's processor destroys the TI Omap in the Nexus in terms of very real performance that you can feel.

People who blindly jumped to the Nexus simply because it's a Nexus and who have this view of perfection of the device puzzle me. It's not good. It never was good. It was released with subpar specs from day one in every regard. Horrible battery life, horrible radios, horrible screen (pentile and terrible manufacturing with yellow tinting), horrible CPU and GPU, 5MP camera really? Why are people so obsessed with it?

I'm sure if anyone sees this and owns a Nexus they'll bash me for speaking the truth, but I'd rather be honest about the device than blindly praise it. And on that note, I am glad to see the mention of how the GNexus can't even run Chrome properly... fail device is fail.

I'm finding Chrome beta to be fairly stable on both my Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, both which are running the latest Nightly from CyanogenMod. ;-)

Now that I'm no longer seeing those annoying "sync passphrase required" notifications (with chrome beta, that is), my next hope is for full desktop-like integration of LastPass.

UPDATE: Nope, scratch that, sync nonsense is still there; just not as annoying as before. Ugh! For the life of me I can't fix or change this passphrase issue. :-(