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Chrome for Android has been updated to fix some stability issues, says Google.

This news comes on the back of Google’s announcement last week on their Google+ page that it will bring mobile Chrome version numbers up to speed with desktop versions by early next year. With desktop Chrome at version 23 right now and mobile Chrome at 18, we can expect releases to be streamlined eventually.

For reference, the stable channel for the latest Android Chrome release for ARM devices is 18.0.1025469 and 18.0.1026322 for x86 devices.

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Chrome for Android updated


Chrome for desktop is version 23

Chrome for ios is version 23

Chrome for Android is version 18 !!!!

I need someone to explain this for me.

I can not imagine google convincing app developers to build apps for android with similar quality to ios ones if google itself cannot do it

Chrome for iOS sucks. It's just a really old version of mobile Safari with a skin on top. Unless you really want the tab/bookmark syncing, you're better off just using Safari on an iPhone.

Both of them using webkit so it does not matter much at the end, thru you could miss V8 JS Engine :p Btw, isn't beloved Dophin browser using standard system WebViews with custom UI making it a pimp-up stock browser?

It does matter. If it was the current version of Safari with a skin, it'd be my go-to browser on iOS, but it's not. It's an old version that's much slower than Safari in iOS 6.

They can't just use old version of safari, there only one safari in iOS that other apps use as WebView, same as android apps use stack browser as WebView (since stack browser it self use WebView). If it slow then Google messed up something

Version numbers are arbitrary. Google could make Chrome on Android match the desktop version tomorrow and it wouldn't matter. Same with Chrome catching up to the desktop version number in the next year, that doesn't mean it's actually going to be on par with it in performance.

News flash: There is no real Chrome for iOS. It's safari with a skin. Now, don't you feel silly?!

Which makes the fact that chrome for iOS has some chrome-specific features chrome for android is missing that much sadder.

Google are playing the numbers game. (the same was Apple calls everything iOS6, but it's different between devices).

They have only said they will bring the numbers into line, not the functionality.

Anyway, who cares, Opera Mobile is WAY faster and renders the page better on Android (and on the desktop IMHO).

It sucks that Chrome still doesn't run on Gingerbread. It also sucks that I can't (officially) upgrade my phone OS as it's controlled by the phone company. PC makers don't decide if/when you can upgrade Windows, do they?

That's why you should install Linux on them. Then you get the initial install for free and all the updates for free; along with hundreds of easily installed apps for free.

...and all of your new head-scratching is free also.

Every time I use Linux (I keep returning to it about once per year) I really just end up recognizing the accomplishments of Windows that much more.

Service Packs. They get them all the time, never mind the multiple, intermittent security and functionality updates. Windows Update, Apple Update and such constantly chatter at me to update this, that or the other.

Imagine if the Android 4.2 "No December" bug made it onto non-Nexus devices. It might be December _2013_ before your OEM and/or carrier might deign to deliver an update to you, if they did so at all.

Now, think about security vulnerabilities: this is a potentially huge issue for Android devices because there will be phones that will never, ever get patches not for technical reasons, but for carrier or OEM reticence.

Could be a placebo effect or wishful thinking, but my browser seems a tad bit snappier since the update.

Now is a bit more fluid, you can scrool and pinch-to-zoom faster than before (Tested on the verge full website)

Nope. Version 23 fixes the lag issues with pinch and zoom as well as scrolling. Or its supposed to. And that is not the version we got here today. I tested on numerous sites. The browser is still laggy and unresponsive to touch most of the time. This really is sad.

Much smoother for me on pages that would lag previously, not perfect but then again my PC lags worse in chrome sometimes and its an i7 6gb ram etc...

Thank god! Chrome still flys on my GNex, but has been slow as hell lately on my N7. It's been constantly freezing and asking if I want to close the program, so hopefully this update fixes it.

getting better. Still use Boat as my primary browser. If Google would give us an Exit option, it probably would be my primary. Sorry, I prefer to have the program close on exit, not have to put it in the background and then clear. I would like an option for a start page, not last visited. Or am I missing it in the settings?

I'm beginning to realize that a lot of the perceived lag in chrome could be fixed if they just changed the scrolling physics to how it used to be in the aosp browser. It just takes too long to scroll up and down a page.

Yup, that's why I disabled Chrome and installed the AOSP browser on my Nexus 7. It runs circles around Chrome IMO. What I really find annoying though is now Google is constantly trying to get me to update to Chrome on my PC when I sign into GMail. STOP! I don't want your crappy Chrome browser!

Still not nearly as smooth as stock. Even on ESPN. It is better though. I did see a lot of image tearing or redraws on image heavy websites. Absolutely none of that on stock. Why isn't Chrome as smooth as Stock?? It's not like they don't have the source code. So silly that Chrome is still very far from the best browser on Android. I think it is still the only real tablet browserfor Android. No othere browsers on my Nexus 7 will bring up the cool tablet version of ESPN.

I was using Boat before my last wipe - upgrade to new phone. I did like the speed and options. I may have reinstall right now.

I know Google is pushing Chrome to be the default browser, but why? What's the motivation beyond tab/bookmark sync (which I haven't found useful yet if there's something on my desktop I want on my phone I Chrome to phone it).

lol, so Chrome updated, and the biggest part of the story is that the version number increased, not what the updates actually do. The version number race is seriously out of hand.

I'm still having issues with the tabs suddenly being inaccessible on my AT&T HTC One X. I was really hoping it would be fixed this time. :( Oh well, I'll stick with ICS Browser+.

Update is extremely fast(at least much faster than before, in my opinion). Scrolling speed is what has kept me away from it for awhile, but there is quite a drastic improvement now. I could make the switch eventually, if I had to. I'll still use the AOSP browser for awhile longer though.