Real time communication without plugins now available on Chrome for Android

Chrome for Android has been updated today, and along with improved scrolling and startup performance, there's also a pretty cool new feature — support for WebRTC.

WebRTC is a free, open project that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications capabilities via some simple Javascript APIs. It's been supported on the desktop in Chrome for a few versions, and is a joint project between Google, Mozilla and Opera.

That's what it is, but what it does is the cool part. It allows you to use the camera and microphone on your Android to video chat without installing any pesky plugins. A website using WebRTC will request permission, and if you grant it you'll have a persistent notification reminding you that video and voice is being transmitted. Things can get interesting if web developers integrate it into their site design.

The update is "rolling out" starting today. You can check for updates from the Google Play app on your Android, or by clicking the Google Play link above.

Source: Google Chrome Blog


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Chrome for Android update brings WebRTC to stable channel


Does this mean chromecast tab casting is coming soon for android? I believe it uses WebRTC.

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

chromecast tab casting use extension to cast tab which is still not supported in chrome for Android but this is a good start

Well Tab casting uses the extension in conjunction with WebRTC. The extension could go native into Chrome for Android's code, then use a similar method to cast the tab. Probable would be still a couple of months away.

Full screen is a show stopper for you? The one line notification bar is a deal breaker? Really?

But even googling "stsbility", I get nothing. What are you talking about?

I now call you out as a troll. Every single time Chrome for Android gets updated you pop in with that same pathetic line. If it was such a deal breaker for you, you would have given up all hope a long time ago.

They still can't fix the scrolling and pinch-zooming lag.
It's faster than it was many months ago sure, but nowhere as smooth as the "discontinued" AOSP browser. The only area where it's faster is benchmarks.
Also it's extremely heavy on old devices like the 2012 Nexus 7.

Doesn't Google notice all reviewers criticizing the chrome lag and comparing it to safari on iOS ?
I think the people who made the AOSP browser should work on chrome, they do a much better job.

Yeah, I am sure they are totally ignoring performance improvements, and ignoring complaints. They are just going to keep Chrome right where it is and never improve it. /s

It doesn't seem to work with my Note 2. All my Nexus devices are compatible.

Anyone know where (what website) I can actually use web RTC?

It still uses unnecessary data. You can't define a Homepage or a start page. It ONLY loads with the last page visited. That's usually not the page you want but it downloads it anyway. You can create a link that will open Chrome to a specified page but it will still load the last page visited in the first tab and the desired page in a new tab. You simply cant avoid loading chrome on a blank page or even the root of your Bookmarks. You HAVE to download the last page you visited - and it's a Mobile Browser.