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A couple people have told me about Swipe Home Button, a new app that brings gesture controls to your Android home screen, and I had to take a look. I'm not a big fan of having a whole slew of gestures to try and remember to do things like open notifications or open apps, but Swipe Home Button doesn't have some huge list of gestures that I won't remember.

There are five actions — swipe up, swipe far up (about two-thirds of the screen height), swipe up then down, swipe up and to the right, swipe up and to the left — that you can set up to perform five actions — go back to the "home" home screen, show recent apps, show notifications, play the next track in a playlist and open an app.

The program was designed for phones with "real" buttons (read physical and/or capacitive), and can cause issues on phones with on-screen buttons. I'm not sure what issues — the developer doesn't say. We'll just trust him on that one. But so far, on the Galaxy S4, I'm kinda feeling it.

I'll play with it for a while before I can give any recommendations, but I wanted to pass it along for folks who ae always on the lookout for new apps. Grab the free trial (seven days) from the Google Play link above and jump through the break to see some images and a demo video.

Thanks, onthecouchagain and doobie for the heads-up!


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Check out Swipe Home Button for gesture-based home screen control


Except, you know, this does it without:

  • Camera freezes
  • Bluetooth not entirely working 
  • MMS receives, can not send
  • Toggle Airplane mode three times to connect to 4G
  • If you experience a bootloop, go into recovery wipe data twice and clear battery stats and fix permissions and reflash (no dirty flash)

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I root and flash ROMs and I just have to say that none of those things has ever happened to me. This is still nice for people that don't wanna root tho. I might try this on my nook HD+ because I won't be rooting it because cyanogenmod cause GTA vice city to crash on it and I need my GTA!

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It only crashes on the nook. Never had an issue on any other device.

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If you do it right the first time, and pick a mature ROM, you wouldn't have these issues

Posted via anything but a Nexus phone.

I have ALWAYS had issues. Even on Stock Sense ROMs (forget about ASOP builds, they are terrible with stability).

Mind you they're typically small issues but when they're big and the sole Dev just had a kid or is on vacation you have to live with the bugs for a while (especially with HTC handsets as you can't downgrade radios).

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Yeah AOSP on anything but a Nexus is pointless.

I honestly can say that I have had few issues with ROMs. Maybe it is me, maybe I have gotten lucky. Heck for a long time I used a HTC One X ROM on my Rezound and didnt have issues.

I run a Verizon Galaxy S4 with a AOSP Play Edition ROM port, and it is absolutely flawless. It even has the software nav bar enabled with the hardware keys disabled. Everything on the phone works perfect with the exception of all those useless features Samsung incorporated into Touchwiz.

Made my day too! *implied quote* "Don't know what your talking about, I don't have any of those problems.... This is my problem..."

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That hasn't been the case in a long time. I can't believe you made such bold claims. That said, Nova gestures work much better, no custom ROM or running service needed.

Haha, these things don't happen if you install a stable ROM; I've never had any of those issues, ever. That was a bit of a catty response to his good humored albeit superlative comment. Regardless, aside from custom ROMs, I've been doing this with Nova Launcher for a long time, no root needed. Does this do anything different than that? Slightly different features I suppose ie the up and right/left motions.

Replying drunk? I have never had one of those bugs before and I have had Custom Roms for the past 4 years. They can be a bit buggy at times, the most I have had is random reboots.

developer needs to copy zephyr for iOS. Way smoother, and the gestures are infinitely better. That being said, this is far better than GMD root gestures... which is a joke.

Dude, I'm not that avid a fan of the blog (not because it's not good but because I can find everything in one place at /r/android) but this was great. I wish I could high-five you so hard.

No need for root/rom. Nova Launch Prime includes this functionality without root...and is one of my favorite features. This app would be redundant.

Honestly, if you're using a stock launcher you really owe it to yourself to try a 3rd party one like Nova...for gestures and 100 other awesome features that you won't be able to live without. IMO

I'm using Nova Prime myself, I completely dumped the standard dock and just have gestures for the apps I would have had in it.

I've been a long time user of nova prime and love the gestures and shortcuts but with I still use this app too as nova only allows gestures on the home screen where as this app allows gestures and shortcuts within anywhere even in full screen apps.. The 2 together makes using my phone awesome.

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Been using the paid version for few months now.. Definitely worth it if you want a bb10 like gestures to access notification, recent apps and google nkw

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Does anyone know if it disables the Google Now voice shortcut?
I'm so used to my BlackBerry and find myself accidentally opening it.
It brings back the familiarity that I'm used to. Not in full but at least it's something. :D

I don't think this works well on devices with onscreen buttons as the gesture on onscreen buttoned phones actually start from above the onscreen buttons where as on other devices like my s4 it starts from the bezel like the bb10..and no it wouldn't disable the swipe up to Google now..Don't think you can unless your rooted maybe.

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Thanks. I guess I'll skip the app for now. Just remembered, my phone's missing touch sensitivity or a digitizer on the bezel, so it wouldn't actually be a true swipe from bezel.

I much prefer LMT pie over this and it has back button. I use the bottom of my screen for swipepad.

This app adds a, what should we call it... "gesture area"? Swiping up from the bottom of the screen, swiping left and right across the bottom button. This seems so familiar somehow.

Don't get me wrong, I miss this feature and will be installing this app momentarily. It's just always amusing to see webOS features show up again and again.

Except that, as previously mentioned, gestures on Nova Prime only work on the home screen. With this app, they work everywhere.

This app is Awesome with my HTC One since there's no middle button and offers tons of productivity.

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Consider Wave Launcher. You can use it with your favorite launcher because despite the name it is not a launcher replacement. It replicates the WebOS wave bar with favorite apps, access to the app list, and can show the last couple of apps so you can easily swap between apps. You can even add contacts to the launcher for speed dialing.

WebOS already done swipe thing since 2009, and now others copy and develop it more. It is a good thing but also hurt me when I remembered my beloved webOS killed by a big and dirty company.

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I have a BlackBerry Z10 and I love the swipe from bottom up to go to the main screen. I ordered a Nexus 7. It would be great to have that feature on the Nexus 7!

Installed the trial on my GS3..the only gesture that worked was the task manager swipe (angle up left or right)..the up/down swipe would not return to home page or any of the other gestures.. too bad since the task manager swipe worked well, but I don't see the value if the other gestures won't work :)

I didn't see a play store link in the article. Almost strained a finger finding it myself...

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