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Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Chameleon Launcher made public release into the Google Play Store priced at $10. It's predominantly widget based UI is a different take on how a tablet homescreen should look and feel, but make no mistake, $10 is a lot to pay for any app. As such, download numbers -- at least on Play Store figures anyway -- remain quite low. 

However, anyone who ever wanted to try it out but couldn't justify the price now has an opportunity. The price of the application has been reduced to just $3.99, still a premium price, but a lot more reasonable than previously. It's unclear as to whether this is a limited time sale or a new, more permanent price point. And, if you're still undecided, be sure to check out our review first, before parting with any cash. 


Reader comments

Chameleon Launcher gets a significant price reduction to $3.99


10$ was totally out of this world, but 4$?

Aww.. why not? Lets support them. They are quite reactive and at least its an original new type of home luncher.

Lowering the price below what their backers paid feels like a slap in the face. I understand prices change, but this early and it's already cheaper than it was for backers. It just pushes people away from wanting to support a project by being an early adopter.

came out earlier than the release of the Nexus 7 16gb and that has already had a price reduction...this is common place now.

Actually, Nexus 7 came out first. But, the Kickstarter was before the Nexus 7 was released. Your point is valid. However, my point was they're now selling it for less than the 1/2 price the backers paid. $6 isn't the end of the world, but it does affect the public's opinion of any potential future products.

I paid over £6 for Chameleon... Still not 100% sold on it either. When it works, it's great but when it doesn't it makes me want to throw my phone (Note running at 160dpi) at a wall.

As a backer to this I am ecstatic that they have lowered the price. This means that more people will be willing to try it out. I mean how many have complained about the cost of TFS shell but still havent tried it. At least they are well to rethink their pricing strategies.

Thing is, I would have gladly paid the $10 for it. But reviews, and experiences like Nathaniel's, made it seem like it wasn't worth it. And frankly, unless they've improved it since this site's review, I don't think I want to pay even $4.

I think 2.99 is the right price, that's impulse buy. I know developers need to eat and make a living but you have also look at what the ecosystem will handle from a pricing standpoint.

Is Sage going to update his review if the price becomes permanent considering at the bottom of his article he listed price as one of the only two bad things?

Well, now I really do feel ripped off. I paid my $10 for this piece of crap months ago. It should have never been released. Bad UI, widgets not working, a real horrible experience. After emailing the developers three times and not getting any response- being ignored- I accepted that I just threw my money away and decided to watch the updates and watch the development. It is still a Hot Mess. Now they drop the price? Screw supporting them. They ripped off alot of people and probably gave them the same treatment they gave me. They are crooks.

I also got in on the Kickstarter backing, so I kind of feel cheated on this as well, but that doesn't change my opinion of the launcher. Conceptually this is an awesome piece of software, and it makes for a nice alternative to the stock ui. I switch back and forth between them, usually when Chameleon freaks out on me. While I would love to blame the software, I can't be sure that my Acer A200 may not be up to snuff to run this to full potential. The are good with updates, and additions. Like being able to use any normal android widget on their UI, which was not an option at the start. If I get a newer, more powerful device I'll give it a shot. For now, it's just something to play with.