Casio G'zOne Commando

I kind of want to throw the Casio G'zOne Commando. Or at least just drop it. Maybe kick it down the street a little. Can't decide if that's because it's rugged to the point where it's trying to pick a fight, or if it's because of the ridiculous name.

Anyhoo, it's got a 3.6-inch display at 800x480, 1GB of ROM (though we're only showing 309MB available) and 512MB of RAM, powered by an 800MHz processor running Android 2.2.1. there's a 5MP camera and all the other usual features, including a notification light.

It's got a custom UI which is for the most part unremarkable, though the main home screen has a compass on it. How useful that will be depends on how often you actually need a compass, but it's an interesting novelty.

But, really, it's the outside of the Commando that's important. There's a pretty serious rubber frame around the thing. The microUSB and 3.5mm ports are covered by rubber flaps, and the volume, power, camera and G'zGear buttons (we'll explain that last one later) are all very industrial. The screws that hold it all together are exposed for the world to see. In other words, it's very in-your-face.

The entire phone is "water resistant," and to that end there's a stick on the battery cover that instructs you how to properly reattach it to maintain a complete lack of moisture infiltration. (That's our phrase. You can borrow it, free of charge.) The battery door has a sliding lock.

In short, this thing means business, and by business we mean not the sort you do with a coat and tie.

Oh, and we just found one more reason we want to go a couple rounds in a ring with the G'zOne Commando -- It's all Bing'd up. So, yeah. There's that. Full review is forthcoming. For now, find more pics after the break.

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Casio G'zOne CommandoCasio G'zOne Commando

Casio G'zOne CommandoCasio G'zOne Commando

Casio G'zOne CommandoCasio G'zOne Commando

Casio G'zOne CommandoCasio G'zOne Commando

Casio G'zOne CommandoCasio G'zOne Commando

Casio G'zOne CommandoCasio G'zOne Commando

There are 29 comments

dchawk81 says:

Why can't these phones be tough without looking so obnoxious?

Darkshneider says:

For some reason, I like the way this phone looks, like it could kick your ass.

I actually have one these in my hands right now (I work for Verizon)and I honestly like the overall look of it. It's nowhere near as bulky as I thought it would be and the feel of the phone isn't too intrusive.

Also, I EFFING love your user name sir. Bastard; the most underrated anime of all time? You bet your ass it is.

Darkshneider says:

Yessir! Too bad the anime never got finished and I dont do manga :(.

mjneid says:

I have a feeling if Chuck Norris used an Android phone, This would be it.

TechStack says:

Chuck Norris doesn't use phones, whenever he wants to talk to someone he just yells and they hear him no matter how far away :P

mjneid says:

Double post.... no clue why.

FreudSlipped says:

A phone is only as strong as it's weakest point. That tends to be the screen. Is the screen glass or plastic.

Was the "Initial Review" shot at a winery or are you letting us know you need an intervention? :-)

jinxygrrl says:

Droid-Life has a link to the Commando native applications. I installed them on my Tbolt and they work just fine. Very cool looking!

(and the widgets and live wallpapers)

moosc says:

will any of the stock apps work on other Android phones

dacp283 says:

I was looking forward to this but the price, and freaking bing blows it for me. If it gets rooted and the price drops I'll consider it.

Crispy says:

The words 'ugliest phone ever' were meant for this monstrosity. I don't even know who the target market could be.

shmutt1980 says:

Probably roofers, construction workers, loggers, etc. I would definitely not go with ppl who sit on android central forums all day.

This phone should come with a free "Oakley" t-shirt.

revwill says:

This would be the perfect droid for a teenage boy.

Dr.G says:

Function over fashion, I love it. Although they could have put a little more function in it.

c0ldburn3r says:

This has been the phone my dad has been waiting for. The both of us hunt and the guy can make a phone cry by how he abuses it. With latitude we will be able to tell where each other is at while in the field.

va2azerik says:

I like the look of it, if it had Nexus S guts I would buy one in a heartbeat.

CalumD says:

I wonder how this compares to the Moto Defy...

UncleMike says:

I was really psyched to see a truly rugged Android phone coming to Verizon. The fact that they f'ed it up with Bing is a deal breaker for me. If and when that can be remedied I might consider it. But then again, my OG Droid has been naked 18 months without any problems other than when I rolled over on it in the belt holster - I don't think any protective case would have helped.

Unfortunately, the target users for this phone are less likely to be techies, so I don't foresee much becoming available in the way of 3rd party ROMs.

fwdixon says:

I'm actually trying to decide if I want to dump my fascinate for this. My NookColor does most of my heavy lifting these days, and the situations I'm scared to take that out in are the same ones I don't want to have my Fascinate exposed to. Plus, Casio has already made all of the source available on their website for dev use, so hopefully a few enterprising folks will be willing to work on it over on xda.

As for bing, anyone notice and option to switch everything to google services (like verizon offers with the 2.2 upgrade for the fascinate)? If not, I'm not afraid to try a bit of hackery.

Telperion says:

The old Casio phones could be submerged and frozen in ice, and still take calls, hopefully this one is as rugged as those.

Ricom1 says:

[quote]The words 'ugliest phone ever' were meant for this monstrosity. I don't even know who the target market could be. [/quote]

It's marketed to ME. I am oneowner of an engineering/surveying company and this phone would be ideal for the field crews. The guys that climb up/down manholes, spend a lot of time on construction sites with a lot of we can send data file to the collector straight now with this connection. Before this, I would never have thought of giving the field crews a smart phone.

tailsthecat3 says:

vid review please

Why do you say 1GB of ROM (Read-Only Memory)? It sounds like you just mean internal storage, which is most definitely not ROM.

1linuxfreak says:

Handled one at a VZ store , UI was crazy , did not respond to swipes , apps would launch without pushing , would not scroll from screen to screen , asked VZ employee if something was wrong they played with trying to get it to work , gave up said they would have tech look into it , JUNK !
If I go to look at new phone it had better work or I lose enthusiasm quickly with the Casio Commando , all other demo phones around it worked flawlessly next to the Casio , I expect the Casio to have worked as well . JUNK !
Was interested but not now !

Ron Alden says:

someone prob screwed it up, I have had one for six mo and no probs. dropped it, washed it, no prob.

scottsquared says:

Commando tide app SUCKS!!! OK for surfers, all other ocean users FORGOTTEN.

tbeardly says:

I own the commando and have had it for over a year now and I've put this thing through some shit. I've used it as a hammer and drop it in water or beer daily. the screen holds up against scratches in the dirt like no other and still works Great after throwing it at a wall or running over it. I've had comments that it's not the fastest phone out there but it's great in my opinion. It's definitely rugged. I'm writing this post on it now.Every phone should be built like this one!