Xperia Tipo

HTC Desire C, Sony Xperia Tipo, Samsung Galaxy Ace part of new entry-level line-up

We tend to focus on the high-end stuff here on Android Central, but there's a lot of decent smartphone hardware at the entry level too. Today UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced 'Super Value,' a new range of entry-level handsets offered on contract (and PAYG, if you're after a dumbphone). Starting at £7.50 per month on contract, Carphone offers devices like the Sony Xperia Tipo (above), HTC Desire C and Samsung Galaxy Ace with no up-front charge.

At the slightly higher end, the Sony Xperia U is available for £11 per month with a humble 100MB of data on O2. £12.50 per month gets you a more substantial 500MB on TalkMobile, Carphone's own MVNO.

We've got reviews of many of the phones in this new line, check 'em out below.


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Carphone Warehouse 'Super Value' line offers free smartphones for £7.50 p.m.

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Announced today? That's weird considering Carphone Warehouse has been offering this deal for over six months now. It's really not a bad deal, and has kept the Galaxy Ace as one of the top selling phones throughout the company, but it's still a little strange that they're only now mentioning it.